Uses of Cloud Storage in our Daily Life

Cloud Storage is the method to save data on the internet like your computer’s hard disk drive. Cloud Storage is everywhere in mobiles/computers through the internet and it’s because of its useful advantages. Some of the top benefits of using Cloud storage in our daily life are the following:

  • You can store your application data directly which you can provide access to the public or clients or team members as per your permissions.
  • You can use it for clients’ project files and share them for reading only.
  • You can control and manage data that you share with just a link and at a higher speed.
  • You can scale up the storage area as per the demand. For example, when a 15 GB trial or free is full, you buy premium plans.
  • Store your music files and download or play them whenever you need them. You can upload it at home and access it later in your car.
  • You can upload and store your mobile data and that will free up space in the mobile without buying an extra memory card.
  • You can back up your family photographs on cloud storage and prevent from deletion of the memories in times of hard disk/memory card crashes.
  • Back up your client’s data so that if your device is theft or damaged or you need instant access but unfortunately you will not be able to access your laptop or computer then it will help you to access the files by using another computer or mobile.

Top 7 Uses of Cloud Storage in our daily life:

Let’s understand in more detail the uses of cloud storage in various fields:

1. Uses of Cloud Storage for Students:

Students can upload their class notes directly from their tablet /laptop into the cloud storage and it will be helpful to access these files by classmates, teachers, and parents anytime.

Students can also use cloud storage to back up their assignments and class history. It means they can use cloud storage to back up each class’s data and that will be helpful in higher classes or later in their career.

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2. Uses of Cloud Storage for Teachers:

Similar to students, teachers can create a class folder in cloud storage, and in that, they can save or upload their class notes, subject materials, videos, and slides. And in class, meetings, and seminars they can present, and share the data with students.

The best benefit is that they don’t need to use paper and notebooks that provide less durability. Instead, they can store them in clouds for many years and if they need class notes on paper, then they can just print them out before the class. And after that students can write in class or make photocopies from a printout or just access the same files with read-only permission.

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3. Uses of Cloud Storage for Writers/Bloggers:

In cloud storage solutions many provide document writing, editing, publishing, and add-on features inside the cloud storage application such as google docs in Google Drive and Microsoft Word in Microsoft OneDrive. The uses of these features are very effective for writers and bloggers.

Bloggers can write and edit articles anytime and anywhere on any device whenever they get an idea or want to write. It can be in a bus, or car and even they can write while sitting in the trees.

Not only that if you want to share your article with clients, and editors for editing and proofreading then it’s just the cloud storage and inside an application that makes it possible with higher speed and effectiveness.

Clients can correct or suggest changes and it can be visible on both screens. The screen on one side can be mobile and another side can be a laptop.

Bloggers can also share their articles with friends and mentors for more views and comments on the topic. And it’s best possible by the use of cloud storage methods and applications.

4. Uses of Cloud Storage for Photo-Studio:

The uses of cloud storage are one of the game changers and world-class solutions for photographers, editors, freelancers, and photo studios.

By using cloud storage photos can be saved on the internet. The images can be accessed anytime for print and no need to need to carry or manage a pen drive and external hard drive.

If photographers want to showcase clients’ marriage images or for selection, then cloud storage is the best method. And they can share the files through links and clients can access or view the images on mobile or tablet.

Clients’ photographs are very important, and there are many cases in which photo studio owners face difficulty to recover photographs from the hard disk. That’s why I think every photo -studio is looking for the best cloud storage solutions these days due to its extraordinary benefits, flexibility, speed, and safety. And it cost less than using a traditional method for clients’ photographs storage.

5. Uses of Cloud Storage for Freelancer Web Developers/Designers:

If I want to share the completed work with overseas clients for checking/testing then what I will use? Definitely, almost 90% of freelancers use cloud storage technologies.

Not only that clients share their project files through cloud storage and that becomes easy to view, edit, and download images, and website files. Similar to other ends, before making final changes, at least clients can see what’s the progress of the project.

Flexibility, freedom, and speed is the most demanding process in freelancing, and in that cloud storage is the go-to solution. And freelancers can also use the read-only feature so that clients can’t copy or download before payments or in any other situations.

6. Uses of Cloud Storage for Governments:

Government officials can use cloud storage for notifications, notices, applications, and investigations by sharing the link of the file through email with the citizen.

Not only that by using cloud storage they can save lots of papers, time, and government money that help to foster the citizen services process. They can also collaborate with each other in real-time. So the pending files/signs/checking etc. words no longer you will hear in the government offices and citizens do not need to visit the office. It saves, time, paper, money, and natural resources.

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7. Uses of Cloud Storage for Small Business Owners:

It’s very tough to manage and secure papers, and bills in the shop. Even many times tax officers can ask for 5 years old sales bills for assessments or comparison. The best solution is that scan the copy of the bills and just upload that in the cloud storage folder. They can also take photographs of bills and all kinds of official documents and then they can upload them to the cloud storage solution.

The benefit is that they don’t need to visit government officials to deposit files/documents instead they can just share their sales/income/credit/debit details through a link.


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Cloud Storage is part of cloud computing. Google Drive, pCloud, Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, MediaFire, etc. are popular brands in the cloud storage space. Cloud computing is doing a change in our professional life and economics. It contains lots of financial and business disadvantages too for us but still, it’s very effective and useful.

The best method to reduce cost, save time, and prevent or defeat difficulties in business during the consistent changes in technologies, we need to learn and calculate the changes as per the benefits and usefulness in our business. It means we need to become adaptive and need to change our process as per the demand to lead in the market. And we need to make it profitable no matter how difficult it becomes to change in beginning from traditional sources to cloud-based storage solutions.

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