What is computer programming language


A Computer programming language is a method of communication with computer hardware, operating system, server, browser to achieve specific goals of one or multiple users.

Operating system, application software, web application, browser, server application, games, virus and antivirus, and various other software and apps are created with the use of programming languages.

Software is a group of programs and each program contains a specific function, classes, and methods that make it easy to process specific user input and machine output.

Programming language is used to create software that performs complex, automated, difficult, repetitive and time-consuming tasks in computers and various other machines. There are various types of programming languages such as machine language, assembly language and a high-level language such as Java, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Dart, PHP, Python, Swift, Go and many others.

There are individuals, companies such as apple, google and Microsoft, open-source organization or non-profit organization, communities of programmers and computer scientists behind the creation and consistent development of programming languages, tools, libraries, frameworks and editors.

The goal of each language is to build a communication channel between data and information with computers.

For example, instead of finding a particular file on a computer manually, you can use the search function. In that search function, you can type the file name and hit enter or click on search. After that code runs and find that file automatically in less time and more effectively.

In the code, file finding instructions are written through the syntax of the programming language. While computers use input and output devices they receive input from the user and show output. But a code itself create instruction as an input to the process and also understand output and use that again as input for specific results such as loop condition.

While With similar methods, all of the functions and menus in the software are created and after that, all of the files will be bundled and executed with a .exe file.

The use of programming languages, skills, frameworks, libraries are reasons behind the revolutions in software, web applications, websites, and mobile apps user interface and user experiences. And due to that, there are thousands of software, web applications and mobile apps for each specific work, field, and industry.

And people expect that. And behind the apps, web applications, and technologies there are various business models such as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Programming is a very competitive field. The salary in a programming job is more than in any other IT job. Programmers are categorized based on their programming expertise and job roles. Such as Java Programmer, Python Expert, C# .Net Core web Developer, Dart and Flutter Expert for Cross-Platform application development, Database Expert, Full Stack Developer and many others. The common and main thing is that all of these roles and jobs need programming skills. 

Computer programming languages are also categorized based on projects. Such as C, C++, Java programming languages for Operating System, Python for Data Science, JavaScript HTML CSS for Web Development, Php and C# for backend Development, Dart+ Flutter for cross-platform apps development and various others.

But programming is not just used to build productive software but it’s also used for fraud and hacking.

Companies, groups of people, and individuals create various types of software, web applications, programs, malware and virus to hack the computer, web application and steal financial, business, and personal details and data.

While many are using programming to build antivirus and create specific programs to fight bad bots and crawlers and secure the network and business data.

While many used programming languages and programming workforce to create commercial computer and web products, tools and methods such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, macOS, Adobe Photoshop and various other SaaS services.

While some others are created and working on open-source projects such as Linux operating system, WordPress and many others.

The uses of programming languages and their libraries are unlimited. And it’s highly dependent on the thinking of the user or developer or creator what computer program they want to create or what they want to build. Almost anyone can learn to program. The best way to learn to program is to pick one language as per your goals and start building.

For example, if you want to build a web application then you can use JavaScript for the Front end, PHP or C# or Python for the backend, SQL Server or My SQL for the database, and for structure/layout you can use HTML and CSS.

There are various benefits of learning programming skills and that’s why students should learn to code.

So, inclusion we can say that programming is a language that is used to build software, web apps, games, and programs to improve decision making, solve daily life or business and career problems and innovate or invent as per needs. In other words, we can also say that it’s a language of technology creators.

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