Top 6 types of online business with examples that you can start


There are various types of online businesses that you can start from home. Even today, you can start a business with a mobile phone. Starting a business is easier with web technologies and tools than growing a business or making the business profitable.
That’s why it’s important to consider various online business models before you start the business. That’s why today, we’re sharing 6 types of online business models along with examples.

This post is very useful for those looking for business ideas, who want to consider the online business revenue model and looking to start part or full-time business on their own.
This guide is easy to read and understand about the various types of online business revenue models and methods to start.
So let’s begin and find the best online business that you can start:

Internet business models and methods:  Online business, eCommerce, Digital Content, and internet-based demands of people increasing the business opportunities and self-employment options for the people. And that’s why more and more people started using the Internet.

And those already using in daily life and business are now buying higher speed, secure, leased line internet connection and larger data packs. It’s because everyone these days from a kid to an aged wants to use and take the advantage of the internet. More than half of the population using it as a consumer. But along with that, it provides a great opportunity for you to start your online business. And that’s the reason you’re seeing innovative and creative business models these days.

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The things you need to start your online business is highly depending on what type of online business you want to start. So, the following are the common or popular types of online business models and methods:

1. Take your existed business online:

If you’re already doing a small or home-based business then you can also start the same business online with your most popular and demanding product and specific service. Even if that’s not possible, then you can use the internet to accelerate your business growth.

Taking the already existed business online doesn’t mean you can close offline business operations. Instead, you can do the things online that can expand, grow your business and revenue.

For example, if you’re selling door-to-door products then now you can start your own eCommerce store website to sell those products online.

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2. Digital Service or product-based businesses:

You can do digital services business. In which you can include daily needs online services to people in your local area.

It can be the following:

  • GST and income tax return submission service.
  • Mobile, DTH recharge services
  • Photo state and document writing services such as resume writing.
  • Electricity, water, and many other bill payments services
  • Money transfer services
  • Bus, Plane, Hotel, Taxi and various other booking services
  • One-hour mobile internet training services
  • Typing and document editing services
  • Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving license and many other governments or non-government related services.

It looks that anyone can do the above works these days. But not all have the time and knowledge about doing the above works. Many governments and private services are online. But not all people are literate and have basic computer and internet skills. Many don’t have the time. And in many rural areas, people even don’t know about the internet at all.

To do this business, you need to have a computer or laptop and internet connection with good basic computer skills.

You can do it from home and by opening any small shop in your village or small cities where you can get a minimum of 30 to 50 people per day.

You can also do it online and telephonically. And for that, you have to promote your services online.

Even if you do it offline. You still have to promote it online. And your target should be around 50 to 100 people or calls or customers per day. And you can charge a very low or little amount per customer or as per the service.

3. eCommerce Business or Online Store:

Electronic commerce is the online selling and purchasing of services and goods. And if you follow this definition, then everything that you see and use on the Internet is a business. How eCommerce has changed business

For example, technically Google is a search engine website, but practically it’s a business. Similarly, Facebook is a social networking website but practically it’s a business. And everything that we use on the internet can be categorized as eCommerce. But eCommerce is not just limited to the Products website.

So, you can start your own online store and you can sell goods directly to customers, retailers, wholesalers, and other online stores websites. Your online store website strategy or business strategy can be different and have to be different.

Despite having too many eCommerce brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, JIO Store, Jabong, Alibaba, Shopclues, and many other small or bigger brands, still there are great business opportunities.

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But you also need business and marketing strategies to grow, compete, reduce the cost and maintain your business expenses.

For example, you don’t have to create an online store like any other big brand. You can start selling only one item or one type of product in 1st 6 months. You can target specific keywords related to the products that people are searching for on Google or search engines.

And you can also use influence, YouTubers, boggers to promote your eCommerce business.

There are hundreds of strategies that you can create or take help from the business or marketing consultant if you don’t know how to do it. You can contact us.

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4. Service-Based Online Business:

There are millions of people and businesses running online and offline. Each business needs various kinds of services for daily, weekly and monthly small and bigger tasks. It can be accounts, graphic design, marketing, web development, consultancy, and many others. There are thousands of services that a business needs in its lifetime.

And some are essential business services and works. Such as Internet connection service, marketing, content creation, sales, product development, planning, team building, training and skills development, data analysis, distribution, product delivery and many others.

If you’re skilled or interested or passionate about something then you can provide that specific service to business owners and companies.

You can do a services-based business as a freelancer. There are various freelancing websites and methods to get clients.

You can try or use the strategies in which people will identify you as the best service provider. You can also promote your services in your local area as well.

And to expand your freelance or service-based business you need to build a system that helps you to deliver the services to more businesses online.

If you think you don’t have any particular skill right now, then you can build that by learning and getting trained from experts online or offline in the next 6 months or 1 year.

For example, if you want to provide python programming services but you don’t know much about programming yet, then you can learn python programming online through online python courses.

And if you invest 2 hours daily for learning and building your programming skills, then within six months you will be able to work as an assistant or junior programmer.

There are various types of services businesses, and you can choose anyone that suits you best and will be in more demand in the future. For that, you also have to do some research and need to follow a unique or suitable strategy to start your online business.

Following is the example:

Online advertising and marketing services:

No business can survive or grow without advertising, marketing, and consistent promotion of products and services. Marketing is the most essential work in the business. And it was in demand, it is in demand and it will be in demand in the future.  Advertising and Marketing are very competitive, creative, and challenging but those who find it interesting can do it with joy and make a profit.

  • To start your own online advertising and marketing business, you can categorize your services or you can choose any one service to provide online.
  • For example, you can start an online advertising agency. But if you want to start from one service from a small level then you can choose copywriting service. And once you established yourself in copywriting service, then you can start providing social media marketing, search engine advertising, and SEO Services.
  • And in the beginning, you can select eCommerce website owners or online store websites or offline store owners as your target customer.
  • This is just an example, how you can differentiate your business service and target customers. But it’s not enough, you also need to think about marketing and the process of delivering the service.

Following are the most in-demand business services that you can choose for research or your online startup or online service-based business:

  • Search Engine marketing such as Google Ads
  • Social Media advertising and copywriting
  • Content creation services
  • Computer repairing services
  • Logo and brochure design service
  • Business automation service
  • Training and skill development through Online Courses, YouTube, Website and live classes.
  • Insurance consultancy
  • Financial planning and advising
  • Team building and hiring services
  • Remote team management
  • Animation services
  • Content writing services
  • Video editing services
  • WordPress website creation services
  • Software Development services
  • App development services
  • Travel and transportation booking services
  • Land monetization services

and many others.

There are thousands of businesses that you can start online.  But you also have to figure out your interest and skills for that business. And you also need to target the right customer or group of people.

For example, you can target and categorize your services to the following people:

  • Blog setup and management services for writers
  • Monetization services for bloggers
  • Software development services for musicians
  • Social media marketing services for motivational speakers

It’s not mandatory that you can only provide the above services manually or just as a freelancer. You can also research various business models and you can also create your own.

You can provide insurance advising services through software as a service. For example, you can build a portal where you can list all the insurance companies and their plans.

And to generate revenue or pricing model, you can also choose any of the suitable methods:

  • You can monetize your services or websites or portal through display advertising. You can get an affiliate commission on selling or promoting specific products.
  • You can charge fixed monthly, hourly or fixed prices from clients or as per the service.
  • And you can also sell or promote it as subscriptions.


5. Website and app Based Business:

You can create a Website, Mobile App, and Web application and convert that into a full-time online business. These are the most successful businesses on the web.

Your app or website or web application will work as a service or product for the people.

For example,

  • Search Engine is a website and application. is a website where business owners or companies can hire talented workforce and manage teams.
  • is an eCommerce platform that helps small and home-based business owners or companies to sell online.
  • is a website or application that you can use to check and analyze the traffic of any website.

It means you have created a tool or app and software. Now through the software, you are providing solutions to the people. In this case, you have to build and maintain software or app codebase to run and grow your online business. And all the business operations, services, marketing, and distribution process will be automatic. You can use a cross-platform development kit for your application to launch for android and ios users.

Your website, app or software will work as a service. It means the software as a service. It’s a new and trending cloud computing business model. It will take time to build software or app or any web application.

But 1st thing you need an Idea for the app or web application.

After that, you need to research on required technologies for that. For example, you can use python programming technologies for web applications.

And you can use Xamarin open-source cross-platform and C# to build an Android and iOS application.

When you research on Idea. You have to define the features, functionality, and process. You also need to research competitors and revenue models.

You have to follow the complete software and app development process to create a mobile app or web application as a business. It’s complex and critical work, that requires a team of experts.

But you can also do it on your own by learning and practice.

Software or app or any website in which has the features and that is in the demand can be converted into millions dollar business. Even you can get funding from bigger companies if your business idea is practical, possible, and easy to create 1st minimum viable product or service.

6. Digital Content Creation, Publishing, and Distribution Business:

Digital content creation is very popular these days. There is no barrier to start the YouTube channels and Blogs and monetization through advertisements and affiliate products are common.

But it’s challenging to get more traffic, views, and subscribers. Those who are able to think and create unique, entertaining, information, and useful content win the race.

But to do that it’s required some initial things:

  • For example, subject selection for blogs and YouTube channels is very important.
  • After that, you have to create and upload the content regularly.
  • You also need to have good quality camera phone or camera for recording. And you also need video editing tools.
  • Similarly, to start a blog you need domain and hosting.

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So, starting cost for a digital content creation business is very low. Anyone can start it online. But it’s not easy to expand and make it profitable. It also required business skills and as well as creative skills. And most important time.

Yes, to start and make any business profitable will take time. Product or content creation will take time. For example, it will take 5 days to write a good-quality blog post. Similarly, it will take 2 to 3 days to upload and publish a video. And if you’re the only one in your team, then it will also create challenges to remain positive and enthusiastic.

But if you defeat these challenges, still you will not be sure your content will be liked and appreciated by people or you will get traffic and views.

But doing these things is not impossible. It just requires your will and skill. Everything else will come to you at the right time. You just have to keep moving forward.

And to move forward with your online business. You not only need to have the ideas, but you also have to create a minimum of 6 months to 1-year plan for any digital content creation-related service. And after that, you have to execute that as per the plan.

Starting an online business has many advantages such as passive income and flexibility and freedom. And that’s why many people want to do it. But not all invest their time in learning technical, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills to do that effectively and make it profitable. Even many do it just for testing. If run well, great, if not no problem.

If you like Entrepreneurship and you’re prepared to face or defeat the challenges that will come in this online or any new business journey then you will succeed. And you have to prepare and build yourself every day.


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