Want to Create Website? Benefits and Drawbacks of Going It Alone


Website is an important and essential part of internet marketing. Whether it is to build trust, the online presence of your business, get local or international customers and maintain a long-term relationship website plays a crucial role to achieve these business goals.

Achieving short-term and long-term business goals with the use of a website, internet marketing, social media marketing platforms, and search engines are also challenging and consumes time, effort, and money.

Even if you starting a website business or starting a website to earn money online through affiliate marketing, advertising still has to invest some money, time, and effort.

While you can find and hire freelance experts to build a website, increase traffic to a website through content marketing and SEO, generate quick leads through paid advertising campaigns, etc. and manage your online business and promotional works.

But to hire website-building experts you have to invest time and money. And you also need to communicate effectively to get work done. Sometimes the cost of hiring and managing experts goes out of the budget. And if many works are still pending on the website and it’s not what you planned then you’re losing money, opportunities, and business.

Some of the top reasons for failure in website building projects that I found are below:

  1. Not having a clear purpose and marketing strategy before building a website.
  2. Select the website-building platform and method that is not suitable for the business.
  3. Hired the wrong website designer and development agency.
  4. Lack of communication and misunderstanding between a website developer and a business owner.
  5. The website development agency asked for more money (hidden price) than the decided price.
  6. The business owner or client is not clear about the website goals, design, and features and asks for unplanned changes many times.
  7. The client and website designer do not understand the website building, and goals and do not have the right website building and marketing strategy. Lack of website-building knowledge.
  8. Many website design and internet marketing agencies are just scamming business owners.

Due to such and so many other reasons website building projects failed. Sometimes due to a lack of knowledge, ego, money, and greed. Thousands of business owners plan and build websites for business or try to use online marketing, but I can guess that only 50%projects out of 100% of projects get completed and only 10% to 20% get continued success.

Pros and Cons of building a website on your own:

That’s one of the top reasons why many choose to build websites on their own for business. But obviously, there are some pros and cons of building a website on your own, and in the below point you will learn all of that, so you can plan website-building projects effectively and strategically.

1. Build Your Own Website and Save Money:

Having money at hand each month is important when you start a business with small capital whether it’s a coaching institute, photo studio, or video editing service and direct selling or product-based business.

When you decide to build a website on your own you will be able to save money that you have to pay for branding, website designer, website builder subscription, and content creators initially. This amount can be enough to pay your next 3 months’ rent or other official expenses.

Even it can become an emergency fund for your business. For example, if you saved $500 to $1000 from website building then you can invest that amount in purchasing an important electronic or revenue-generating item in your business.

If you use WordPress to build a website on your own then you just have to pay for domain and hosting fees. There are various cheap website hosting services such as Bluehost which is specifically created for WordPress business websites and starters. And you only have to renew that after a year.

Other than that WordPress and many of its website-building elements such as plugins, and themes are free. So, you save a good amount of money if use WordPress to build your own website.

Yes, if you do not know about WordPress yet then you have to learn it. Learning WordPress will not make more time if you’re focused and follow good learning strategies. And building a website is not that difficult for you even if you follow free WordPress video tutorials on YouTube.

Please read the below guide for more details:

Top 10 Benefits of learning WordPress

Building a small business website with WordPress online courses

Cons of saving money from expert website building services:

  • It might take you more time 3 to 6 months to build a website if do it on your own from zero. And due to that, you can miss the business growth and revenue opportunities that are currently on-trend. It means in the pursuit of saving $500 from hiring an expert website developer you lost your opportunity to earn $2000.
  • Building a website for the business is not enough. You also need to build it with purpose, objectives, and according to the marketing strategy. It’s highly possible that to execute an online marketing strategy you’re not the best fit for the job. I mean you’re good at thinking and building plans to make money. But when it’s about execution, you have to struggle to execute the ideas that an expert can do for you.
  • Saving money is good but if try to do it from the things that can help you to grow your business and generate revenue then how you can earn more and make your business successful? It means also that you will not have a plan for the next 6 months how can you double the revenue? So, you’re saving such as initial profit as an emergency fund. But if someone else will build the website then yes you have to pay but you can make a profit or generate revenue or customers through the website quickly with the help of a website designer and marketers. Read More: How to hire someone who is an expert to build a business Website


2. Freedom to experiment with different design and marketing strategies:

Building a website on your own will help you to experiment with various designs, layouts, content, and marketing strategy to build and make your business successful the website.

Technology that is responsible to build, run and maintain a website continuously evolving. And in that technological evolution, you have to update and maintain your website as well for growth.

So, when you run and manage a website on your own you stay up to date with technological changes. You can come up with better business strategies in times of uncertainty.

When a website is the engine of your business, then why not you can become a master of this and control input and output?

If you use a website builder to build a website then you can build a website very quickly. But the goal should not be to build a website quickly as a business owner. The goal is to connect with customers and start increasing sales and revenue.

But if you are not alone in the market who is trying to do just that? So building something quickly is an emergency situation. But you’re building a website as a foundation and not building it just to run it for 1 or 2 years. You’re making it with the vision of 10 years so that you can build it right and grow organically.

So, if you’re choosing a website builder just to build a website quickly then you can do it. But still, you will get limited options and features for the website to grow and expand the business. You have to rely on a website builder service provider for updates and support. And they charge a yearly pricing package in advance. Read MoreTop 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Website Builders

That’s why many business and project managers are trying to hire experts who can migrate their websites from website builders to custom development or WordPress.

This happens because you try to execute your business strategy too quickly, and selected a website building platform without the basic knowledge of website and internet marketing.

That’s why when you 1st learn the basics of website building and internet marketing strategy you put yourself in a far better position to build a website on your own even through website builder or WordPress. Now you have identified various website building platforms and different ways to build a website.

Now you can choose the platform and best method to build a website so that you can experiment and implement your ideas frequently without spending time convincing a designer or marketer and spending time in meetings. Instead, when you do it on your own, you can test in real-time, and experiment at the right time as per the content strategy and marketing trend.

Cons of doing too many website-building experiments:

It’s great to have freedom for experiments and lots of features and opportunities to try and capture. But when you have too many options, you are never able to stay focused for a long time with one. When your experiment is successful then it’s a great moment, but when you start getting errors on your website, then you will start spending days searching to solve just a single error.

Learning is great, why not. But even after learning, you know what you know. You don’t know what an expert knows and is experienced with various websites. Reading a book or doing an online website building course value is different than talking to an expert website developer. Which one is suitable for the business as per the expert advice matter the most?

For example, most people learn and know the basic medicine and treatment of basic headaches or body pain. So, they actually experiment with their existed knowledge. Sometimes successful, and many times the pain becomes larger or more problematic and they have to consult a doctor.

This is the same in website building. You can buy a domain hosting and install WordPress just with a few clicks. And started building a website. But sooner you will start comparing your website functionality, design, responsiveness, image alignment, text size, and speed with other websites. And then other searching on Bing and Google, and going through so much information and implementing the right one, not only consume your time but disturb your business sense as well. You start becoming and behaving like a website designer and developer, and start forgetting why actually you build or build the website? You start caring more about technologies than customers. And then things start getting wrong.

So, building a website on your is a great decision but when you find difficulties, or errors that you don’t under or need some advanced customization then it’s better to find an expert. Read More: 10 things you should do when hiring someone to build a Website


The pros of building a website on its own are more beneficial for those who are just starting a business with little funds and a lack of team. When you’re small and do not have funds and knowledge then you have to do most of the things on your own. It’s because you have to survive in the market before you start generating enough revenue.

But when you’re already making a profit in a business and have few people working under you then building a website on your own is not a good approach. At this time, you have to hire experts for each work whether it’s for website building and content creation or social media marketing. In the beginning, if you do everything from website building to content creation, social media marketing, and SEO then it looks ok and good. Because you don’t have any other option than not building a website on your own.

But now when you’re able to survive and able to make and save money in your business, then you have to delegate the website-building work. In this stage, you don’t have to learn how to build a website on your own, or how to get traffic to your website, instead, you have to learn how to hire a good website designer, how to hire an SEO agency to increase website traffic and leads.

So, make a decision in this way, to grow yourself and automate your business so that your business runs on its own.

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