Why the use of software is important in business?

Importance of software in Business

Business software is the backbone of today’s business and organizations. From small businesses to large businesses almost all the business functions, production, operations, distribution are fully dependent on business software. You can see that if the server is down for a few minutes in banks, you will find long lines of people. Similarly, business software … Read more

What is web hosting and how does it work? : Hosting for beginners

what is web hosting and how does it works

Web hosting is a service and method to upload, host, run, and access a website or web application on the physical server (computer) that is connected to the internet. A server is a dedicated 24/7 internet-connected computer with more data storage capacity, processing power, and with Linux or windows server applications or operating system. In … Read more

Build a business website on your own or hire someone: Detailed Guide

building website on your own or hiring someone

A website is an essential communication tool and technology to use in business. There are various ways to build a business website. You can build a website for the business on your own. And you can also hire a website designer/developer to create it. To find out which option is good to go with to … Read more

Essential Things you need to know about website builders

Website builder: A website builder is an internet application or software or website that is used to create static websites. You can create personal, business, blog, portfolio, and all kinds of static websites by using website builders. In website building software the drag and drop functionality is used. You don’t need to have knowledge of coding … Read more

Difference Between Website Builder And Web Hosting

difference between website builder and web hosting

A website builder is an Automatic Method or Artificial Intelligence used to create and design websites and web hosting is the way to run a website online. Let’s understand the difference between website builder and web hosting point wise. Website builder is used to building or creating a website. Web hosting is used to host website. … Read more