What is information in computer with examples?


Scientifically computer contains only two things’ data and information. Data and Information are the basic concepts of computer science.

In practice, computers are created and programmed to process or receive data from users or Artificial Intelligence (on their own) and then convert it into Information as per the user’s demands and expectations.

We can also say that we input the raw data into a computer to see or make it informational. Or we can say that we use computers because we want information quickly and accurately. Manually it’s difficult or we can’t go through the millions of data to find the right information that we need.

How does data become information?

Level 1: 

  • Fact: It’s raining.
  • Raw Data: Today raining heavily.
  • Information: Today in this location (XYZ) raining heavily at 203mm (8 inches).

Level 2:

  • Facts: Level 1 Information (Level 1 info is the source)
  • Raw Data: It means the rainy season is starting. Last year it was 200 around this DATE.
  • Information: For farmers: Farmers need to be prepared to get crops, For MC: Roadside drains have to be cleaned, For Agriculture Department: Notify the farmers about seeds and crops.

Level 3, Level 4, and so on.

I expect that I have explained it effectively.

What you can see is that each user who went through facts, and data will get information. Now when he/she further forward than the information it becomes raw facts or facts.

Everyone’s use of data and information is different. Many are satisfied just with facts, many needs details. And you can see that it makes a difference in the use and decision. And the conversion of data into information is also based on someone’s thinking ability. But that’s why logic and technology come into play. Software and tools are programmed through the best logic so that each data can be measured to make further decisions.

In the journey of computer science so far, we developed such computers and software that go through millions or billions of data tables and tales, and then they show us meaningful information within a second. Read More: Top 3 basic uses of data

We create programs or software, algorithms, and bots that automatically scrap, input, index, process, and structure the data in the background (backend), and display the results on the screen.

Search engines are examples of that how in today’s time we’re getting information. We just input in the search bar through, text, voice or blank click (instant results through cookies or search history) and we see results (output) related to that input within milliseconds.

In real life, we mainly need information to make decisions. When we found it difficult to do it through our own brains. Then we have taken the help of others whom we call advice or suggestion. That was not as accurate, available, and looked biased.

In ancient times we depended on gurus, books, teachers, and famous kings to help us to make decisions or make behalf of our knowledge, data, thinking, and mindset for us. We believed in that in the beginning but when new generations came after the years of that information, then things changed.

The information we use and process today in our brains is also going through or integrated within our kids. When they reach the level of age we’re today their priorities, thinking, and patterns change to make decisions.

Someone used books for decisions, others used teachers, some made it through their own experience, and some through awakening. It’s a very big topic to study and research how that information is born inside humans and how that impact happiness, success, wealth, and failure in their life.

Later new generations come and thought they need to make decisions quickly. So, they created machines such as computers to get information as quickly, and accurately. But before the Internet it was limited. But after that new generation of humans, and technologies come and we created and programmed software, tools and search engines, and now artificial intelligence to help us to make decisions.

Now we have search engines and social media which are full of advice and suggestions but controlled by a few companies and organizations. And you cannot ignore the data and facts as well that they can be biased or sell the data for money.

Algorithms and artificial intelligence programs can be biased and can only mean to increase the sales of a specific product, service, or technology. These artificial bots are programmed to fetch millions and billions of structured and unstructured data (big data) and create information to notify the users.

But we have to learn to believe in others, not just because of the facts or data. But logically and critically not just with the facts or data. And we need to judge and analyze the information that we get through social media and search engines. We have to go through multiple resources to find the truth. And one is not final these days.

The other way to make decisions is through creativity and imagination. And do not expect that people will accept it easily.

When you do something different than facts, data, and information actually that is science. And you have to prepare for results, it can be successful or failure. In both cases whether it’s processed by a computer or your own brain.

Today, we have lots of data analytics tools and information to make decisions such as:

  • Business data analytics – To make the next product, marketing, and funding decision.
  • Website data analytics – To see the performance of content marketing, SEO, and advertising performance.
  • Ratings, Reviews and feedback of previous customers – To make buying decisions.
  • Cookies and Session variables – To personalize the user experience.
  • Browsing History – Revision
  • Likes, dislikes, and views – To see the impact of social campaigns.
  • Posts sharing details – To understand the importance of sharing information.
  • Trust Seals – To help customers to identify the genuine company.
  • Certifications – Proof that someone has completed the course syllabus and passed.

All of these terms and business practices are used in the representation of data so that computer users or mobile users can make decisions about what to see or use and what not?

Actually, we’re at the stage where data and information are already analyzed by machines the only thing you have to do is just click on OK or YES or BUY.

The use of technology and computers in business or Information technology use in business transformed the lives of people. Humans want new experiences and businesses want to sell products and services.

These days humans are not free they are busy. They are busy consuming content that looks like information but actually, he/she does not need that at this time.

The only and biggest challenge for our new generation is to save and build their own intellectual power. It’s because even if the top 10 results are the best results on the web for certain things, you still have to choose one. That needs awareness and knowledge as well. Read More: Why is internet safety important

So now computer users have to learn and practice how to filter the information, analyze the information and think logically or critically about the notification, popups, WhatsApp messages, Facebook timelines, and top Google search results. At least before they decide to make a decision.

In simple words, many decisions are already made for you by others you only have to click on OK or FORWARD or REPLY or SUBSCRIBE or BUY or SHARE. It’s because they have the data and information about you.

But what I suggested, even I am also using such technologies and tools. No one is outside the computer, data structure, and tables. And we even do not need to get out. Computers and Technologies are Great and helpful tools for humans if they are regulated or have certain control. It looks lack of technical ability when any IT company says that they can’t control the spam or remove the fake data. Actually, the production and distribution of fake data is also a business these days. Read more: 14 most effective methods to get rid of the top 10 types of Internet Scams

When you make a decision do not only use data and information but also use your creativity, imagination, and emotions as well. And manage the consumption of data and information by taking meaningful actions for the development of your family, career, business, environment, and nation.

Internet and Technologies are the same for everyone. If you can learn it you can use it but always stay with good practice and ethics.

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