How to create internet marketing plan for your business


An Internet marketing plan for the business is important to use the fastest and cost-effective methods to grow business by using digital tools and platforms. The Internet is for all and but it will be helpful when someone uses it intentionally and through proper planning and marketing strategies.

Before creating internet, marketing plans it’s important to define business goals. Business goals help to create an internet marketing strategy. And with the right marketing strategy, there are many opportunities for small businesses on the internet.

So, in this post, I am trying to share with you the ideas and tips that I know so far and that will help you to create and follow a strategic internet marketing plan to grow your business.

Define your business goals:

Without business goals, it’s tough to get the benefits of the search engine, social media platforms for your business. So, clarity about what do you want to achieve will help to invest your time, money, efforts and resources on the right platforms.

The following can be your business goals:

  • It can be that you want to build an online presence on a search engine, social media for your business. So that people will be aware that you provide certain products and services.
  • You have a business website, and now want to get more people to your website from search engine.
  • You want to help customers to find your shop, business, and location.
  • You want to appear in a google search engine when someone searches for products and services in your city, villages and community or localities.
  • etc.

Divide your internet marketing strategy into two parts. In the first part don’t try to sell products/services immediately, instead, try to learn, connect and communicate with people. And focus on achieving small goals through internet marketing for your business.

Let’s take an example, you want to build an online presence for your business without spending any money or little amount.

So, you can do the following things:

1. Create social media pages for your business:

There are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In and Twitter that you can use to build the online presence for your business. But you don’t need to use all of them. Think about what your customers can use most. For example, professionals can use LinkedIn and also Facebook. While Facebook and WhatsApp are used by almost everyone.

Now you have to create a business page on Facebook and invite your friends and relatives to like this page. And try to create interest related to your business. For example, shared customers’ images, store images, product photos, and many other things.

Here you can learn more:

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2. List your business to appear in the search engine:

There are many listings websites on the web that provide free listing for your business on the web. And google my business is one of the most popular platforms to list your business online. When you list your business on Google my business website then your business will appear in the search result.

Such as a shop, taxi service, factory, tour agency, coaching center, etc. will appear in front of the user when someone searches for these services/products/businesses on mobile/computer.

People can find your location of the business on Google Maps so that they can visit your store/shop/business easily. And your business will appear in search results when someone searches for specific products and services that you’re selling in the area or localities.

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3. Build your business website:

The 3rd thing that you should do is create a website for your business. Even create a one-page website with just an introduction about your business, but create it by using WordPress or hire someone to do it. It’s not that costly, but in the long term, it will be most beneficial. You need your own platforms and method to connect with customers for a longer time. So that your customers can connect with you for the long term.

You can use the blog, testimonials, videos, email newsletter on your website. You can connect your website with social media pages and google my listing so that people can visit your website.

Learn more here: Importance of having a website for small business

The above 3 are essential things to do for small businesses to promote the business online and get more customers to shop.

Now the 2nd part internet marketing plan is to grow sales.

1. Advertise your products/services on the search engine:

It is the way to get people from the search engines to your website landing page or the product page. For example, if someone is searching for Apartments for Rent in Chicago | Apartments Within Your Budget‎

For example, if someone is searching for apartments for rent in Chicago then your ad will appear on google. In that ad, you share the facilities such as washer, dryer, parking, pets, friendly neighbor and luxury apartments and also add the contact number, link of your website or that particular page. Now the interested people will click on the link and visit our website or even they can call you as quickly as they see that ad. It will cost you when someone clicks. And it’s the best and quickest formula to grow sales.

Now the similar ad campaign you can use for each product that you’re selling in your city. And connect that advertisement to the product/services page on the website.

2. Optimize your business website content to the demands and desires of your customers:

Due to the competition, it’s very important to differentiate your business website or present your product creatively and in a unique way. So that it attracts the customers and also helps them to find out the solution.

Through search engine optimization your website content will become able to connect and communicate with your target customers on search engine results.

For example, “best places to travel in Paris 3 days ” is searched by the user on google. Now if you’re providing this service or this information then the page/post title can be like this “Wonderful places to visit in Paris 3 days 2 nights”. It’s called optimization. There are many other things in SEO that you can learn here.

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3. Communicate with customers through content

Content marketing is the use of content such as text, video, images, podcasts, newsletters, eBooks to connect with the target customers online. Content attracts people such as YouTube videos. It engages people when they watch it.

Similar to videos, information and knowledge blog posts can also build the connection between your target customers. For example, the company selling antivirus will write about how to protect your pc from spam and malware. Customers come to read it from social media, search engines and in the end, they think, they need to buy that antivirus. This is content marketing that changes people’s minds for the best results.

Learn moreOnline courses to learn digital content creation skills

Now, these are the strategies that you can use to create an internet marketing plan for your business.

Internet, Digital Marketing, Online marketing are the same words. Just don’t focus on these words, terms. Instead, focus on the customers. How to get customers to your business from YouTube. How to get customers from a search engine or Facebook or Pinterest to your business website, eCommerce store, blog and shop.

I hope the above methods will be easy to understand and will help to learn to create an internet marketing plan.

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