Top things that prevent your personal and career growth


Consistent career growth is important for every student, professional, and business owner. Consistent progress in our career enables us to enhance and utilize our creativity, skills, and thinking.

Career growth is contained various elements such as technical skills, risk management skills, creativity, learning skills, and income-generating skills. In simple terms, when your value, skills, knowledge, respect, income, and your importance in your company, job, society increase consistently, it can be called career growth.
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Following are the examples of career growth:

  • 5 Years ago, someone started a job as a computer operator but today, he/she is running his own IT services company.
  • 10 years someone started a small business just with $1000 investment, but he/she getting yearly turnover of $100000
  • 5 years ago, someone knows only basic computer skills, but today he/she is programming or creating mobile or web applications and earning more than 300% more than ever.
  • 5 years ago, someone have one office with 10 employees in a city, but today that person has 20 branches in various cities with more than 500 employees.

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What is this? This is called career growth.

But what is not career growth, what is just survival or below-average performance?

  • Someone has acquired basic computer skills 5 years ago and started earning $500 per month. Today, the person is now more experienced with those skills but earning only $700 monthly.
  • Someone started working in the company with a $1000 monthly salary, but after 5 years, he/she is just working in that company and earning $1400 dollars.

It’s the duty of an individual to grow in life, career, and business. Your family, country, friends, society expects from you.  When you started a career, you promised a lot to yourself. You promised a lot to your spouse, kids, and parents. If they are still struggling to achieve those expectations, then it means you haven’t grown in your career, job, and profession.

The work you do and the growth you get in your career helps in your national development. A prime minister of any country only motivates and guide people for national development, but he/she can’t take action for you. They can’t put the money in your pocket. You have to earn it. And you can do it.

But if you don’t do it, then you will not get growth in your career. When a small plant can become a tree. A job seeker today, can become a million dollars entrepreneur tomorrow. A normal person raising a flag of a political party can become the chief minister of tomorrow.

We saw this in past and now we will also see such examples in the future.

Growth is important to even to survive in the job and career these days. Even you don’t achieve big goals, but at least you have to achieve small goals daily.

No matter you’re a data analyst, cybersecurity expert, web developer, writer, YouTuber, trainer, business owner, and even a leader. Each of us has to make it mandatory law for ourselves to grow in a career. If you ask me, what are the most important skills for career growth, then my simple answer is leadership and technical skill.

Even many of us have these skills. But still, not all are able to achieve consistent career and income growth in life.

Our dreams, goals, skills, our personal network, learning abilities, situation, and desire to become successful impact your career growth negatively and positively.

Most people see dreams, create goals for career, and personal development, but only a few are able to achieve them.

Technological changes, political changes, natural disasters, pandemics, competition for jobs, and business are the signals of why career growth is important. These changes, not only make us confused but also impact our earning and creative abilities.

But what are the things that prevent us from growing in our career? What we can do to get consistent growth in career as per above examples?

1. Try to do new things that you like to do:

It’s important to do those things that make you happy and passionate. You have to try new things that attract you but you ignore them. You have to do those things that you know are important for your career growth.

But most of us don’t do it. Why? There are thousands of reasons.

But is there a single good reason to do it? Do you believe in good things? Do you believe in doing good not only for yourself and also for others?

For example, your goal is to build a mobile app? But are you dedicating 1 or 2 hours to learn C# and Xamarin, or dart + flutter?

Your goal is to get 10000 visitors to your blog daily? Have you written the 1 article today?

You want to get customer from internet? But have you promoted your business online today?

It means most of us who want to grow in our career, set goals but haven’t done those things that are important.

It means a lack of action and execution. And without execution or actions, any type of education, experiment, talent, and learning is a wastage.

Might be you don’t’ take actions due to the following reasons:

  • What do people will think, if I start YouTube channels?
  • I don’t have a camera?
  • I don’t have resources?
  • I don’t have money?
  • I don’t know what to do?
  • I don’t have a guide?
  • My English is not good for blogging?
  • Blogging is not profitable?
  • Apps are easy to create but too tough to market?
  • Apps are easy to market but tough to create?
  • I am single or I am alone, how can I do it?


Excuses, problems, difficulties are always there. You will never get a time when everything looks easy. A lamp has to burn to show lights to those who need it. Similarly, you have to face these difficulties, then you become successful in your career.

If you’re committed and willing to do it, then just start with imperfection. And be willing to learn and improve each time.

Don’t try to copy others. Don’t try to become like them. Instead, try to become your own version. No one is ever become perfect without starting with imperfection.

That’s why the lack of action and perfection in actions is the biggest hurdles behind the growth in a career.

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2. Lack of dedication and time management:

Learning and action need time. But most of us don’t have it and we never become free to invest time in our career growth activities. It’s because we don’t healthy and productive habits. We’re slaves to our small thinking, money, fame, and experience. We’re slaves to our failures and negativity.

And the situation of a slave is always a dangerous and risky.

Not only we’re busy because of our own works, but we’re also busy watching others, gossiping about others.

We’re busy because we have to watch the news, we have to use social media and we have lots of things in our daily life. So, we don’t have time for learning and career growth activities.

If you’re busy with things that impact or help in your career growth then it’s great. But if it’s impacting the career growth negatively then you have to stop doing it.

You also have to prioritize your most important works. You have to focus on your goals and daily actions. Everything else is secondary.

If you want to grow in your career then you have to manage your time, you have to create healthy habits online, you have to update your skills and mindset. And you have to think and believe that, you can do more that you haven’t done yet. You can get a promotion, you can more salary or income.

Everything is possible if you dedicate the time and focus on doing the things that matter more for the development of your career, family, village, and country.

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3. Fear of failure and rejection:

Fear of failure is another biggest hurdle in career development. And it’s the reality that plans fail, product fails, marketing fails, the team fails and even the expert also fails.

But tell me what is that never failed?

Only those people who failed, tried to become successful in their career. They tried to do new things, they tried to do good, they tried to change their mindset and they tried to learn new skills. But after this trial and errors, they become successful.

Those never fail, who don’t try.

Failure is nothing, but just over expectations. We expect a lot from ourselves because of the competition and demand. But we have to think practically.

Think and accept that without taking action, without improving skills, without doing the things that are important to do, how do we will get results?

We expect that if we do this or that, we will become successful? But that’ doesn’t happen. It happens with time. In a cricket match, it takes time, mindset, practice for batsmen to hit a six in 1st ball. But it will not happen always. But if you aim to do it, and you have the skills to do it, then you will do it again and again.

Those who think, they can become successful and they can remain focused on progress and productivity even in uncertain situations then they will become successful.

So, if you want to remove the fear of failure from your mind, then expect less and do more or take action to become a deserving candidate for success and in the competition.

It’s highly possible and it happens that when you try to become successful in your career or when you try to do the things that are important, you will fail. But don’t stop there. Instead, accept it, learn from it, and then take action again. Keep repeating this process for a life.

While there are many other things that prevent career growth, personal and professional development. But if you work on the above guide then other things automatically resolved.

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