What to do when client decline job proposal on Upwork?

What to do when client decline job proposal on Upwork?

We can do many things because we are serious to work on Upwork. We want to be a freelancer. We want flexibility, freedom and wealth in life. We want to work from home. We want to earn money. We want to live a meaningful life. And we want to explore the talent that we have e.g. coding, designing, writing, management, marketing. And for all these, we have to do whatever it is important to do.

And the most important thing is an experiment. Without experiments nothing is possible. Think about your job proposal as a part of your experiments to get a job on Upwork. You can take the suggestion, pieces of advice, tips, and knowledge from other successful freelancers. Learn and experiment. If you are doing experiments by copying and pasting your job proposal and searching for tricks on Google and calling people to write behalf of you then you’re doing it wrong.

You can trick the client one time but not all the time. I suggest that do everything on your own. Because you’re serious to work on Upwork and you want to be a successful freelancer.

There are so many obstacles to your success path. But you can solve those all problems one by one and day by day.


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What to do when client decline your job proposal on Upwork?

There are so many reasons why clients not hiring you on Upwork. The simple reasons behind your decline that they choose another freelancer. And the “other freelancer” is the right candidate for their job. It doesn’t mean that we are not the right candidate for that job. Write job proposal creatively and keep submitting for new jobs. Take rest if you’re tired but do not quit.

But we have to find out the reasons why the client did not hire one of us. So, what I do after client decline my job proposal?

  • I read the job description and job proposal once again.
  • I check spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • I see how many candidates are applied for the job before me.
  • I see what skills recommend by clients and what I have.
  • I compare my profile title and descriptions, test and portfolio with other successful freelancers in my niche. Title e.g. Website Designer, Logo Designer, writer, consultant etc. And I learn what the changes and upgrades required in my profile. Whatever it is to learn a new skill or to add a new sample, or to give skill test. I do it.
  • I often write on paper what I missed in job proposals. What are things important that I missed writing in the job proposal?
  • I take rest or sleep for an hour. And I imagine what kind of job is best for me, which one I can do better than anyone else.
  • I am changing or updating strategies, profile title, description, job proposal writing style, price, photo, title, skills after more than 7 declines. But I never quit.


Do your experiments. Learn from mistakes and every small single mistake can be a reason for job proposal decline.

You can also do the above things if you think so. I am a learner and I love to do experiments. And I know, I can do it in my whole life.

So, you can too after analysis of all the above things. Now apply for the new job with new hopes, style, commitments, creativity, and dedication.

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Note: It is not written by Upwork authority. This post is written by me and on behalf of my personal experiences and knowledge.


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