22 Most Powerful ways to drive organic traffic to your blog


In this post, you will learn ways to drive more traffic to your blog.  Driving more than 100000+ monthly traffic to the blog website is a big, creative, critical, and technical work. And I think driving quality traffic to the blog is one of the main goals behind its success.

So, if you’re new to blogging or you’re just getting 100 to 1000 visitors per month from search engines and social media then in this post, you will get methods and tips to get more than 150000 readers per month on your blog. This post is not about making money from more traffic. It’s about getting more people around the world to read your blog and make a positive impact on their life.

I am sharing these tips, after getting 150000+ visitors per on my own blog. So, I think it’s one of the most qualified posts on the internet to read to increase blog traffic.  I am doing blogging for 7+ years on this website, and in that, I have learned many hard lessons, I have done lots of mistakes but I was able to achieve many milestones in my professional life due to blogging. And I am thankful to my readers on this blog.

But it’s not the end, there are blogs with 1000000+ monthly traffic or readership. So, to get to 1000000+ monthly traffic to your blog, it’s important that you first focus on getting 100000+ monthly readers.

While many say, that having less but quality traffic can also help you to earn a good income from a blog. It’s not important that more traffic means more income and leads. That’s true.

But it’s important for each blog owner to get and achieve the maximum market share for a keyword on the internet. For example, if 100000+ people searching for the “Computer” keyword on the web, then it’s important as a business to get 70% to 80% of market share. You’re not running a blog to survive. You want to thrive in the community and want to transform the lives of millions of people per month.

So, there are 3 simple rules:

  • Become a leader in the industry in which you’re working. It means to lead the internet and web.
  • Become a follower and implement as quickly as the market change. Due to industry leaders.
  • Remain average.

The most challenging is to become a follower in the industry. And most comfortable is to remain average. But followers can survive in the business. But leaders win most of the market share and profit. And there is nothing much left for average. So, think about your blog like this. And think your blog like a complete business. Especially if you’re blogging professionally and want to make it an impactful resource on the web. For that, you have to make your mind to make your blog successful, get more traffic, and fight with the challenges.

If you think like this, then this post and the ideas shared in this post will work for you. But if you’re thinking to get minimum traffic and decent income or average tips, then there are many other posts, who can teach you about how to get 100 visitors per day and make thousands of dollars. This post is not about thousands of dollars, it’s about a billion dollars. And those who can think it will read and learn it. And I am 100% sure that it will be becoming the manual for the bloggers to grow their blog traffic.

1. Try to Write publish 1 blog post daily:

Make yourself committed to writing 3 to 4 and more hours daily. You can write in the morning, in the afternoon or after 10 pm at night. Write when you’re most focused, positive, creative, and passionate to write an engaging and productive post for your readers. When you start writing daily for 10 to 15 days, it will become your habit. And it’s a productive habit that will help you to write most posts for your blog.

I found that most existed successful blogs have 1 or 2 posts per week posting schedules. That’s good and depends on the industry and blog niche category. But the publishing strategy used in the news blog will be different in the review blog. So, it varies as per the blog and blog goals.

If you have a multi-niche blog and you have lots of things to share then you can publish daily. And those who need them will read it. You have to be a leader, not a follower. You can’t follow your readers, but you have to lead your readers or follower. Your readers expect from you. They will become like you. If you’re average in your field, they will become the average by reading you. If you’re great, then you have to transform greatness into the life of your blog readers.

So, I suggest that if you write daily for 3 to 4 hours, then it’s enough to write a minimum of 1 article. You don’t write too many points or you don’t have to focus on various things in a single post. But focus on the 1 thing and then write about that.

When you publish daily it will make your blog up to date and also notify the google search engine crawl to visit and check the new content. And when google search engines found it useful, they will test it on search engines or list the article for readers to read on the search results. And it will help you to get more traffic.

The 2nd reason for writing and publish daily that you will able to capture the market share for those keywords as early as possible. Also, when you write a new post, it will help readers to learn new content. It’s because those who want to achieve something in their life, career, and business need your guidance and tutorials fast. They have their goals. And if you’re producing the content as per your mood, then they will follow someone else or visit another blog.

So, to get more traffic try to commit yourself to the mission of your blog and write helpful and productive content daily.

2. Optimize the post with relevant keywords:

Don’t’ use too many keywords in the post. Use 1 keyword over 200 words of the paragraph. And also, don’t waste more time on keyword research. Just be natural and think like your readers. Think, what you will type on google to find certain information. And when using keywords, always try to make them relevant to the sentence or topic. They don’t have to look forcefully used. Use when they matter to clarify your point in the paragraph.

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3. Use a small paragraph and short sentences:

In the beginning, when I started blogging, I used to write very long paragraphs and points. I was using 3 to 4 paragraphs to explain my single point. But that makes the search engine and reader uncomfortable to read your points.

If you use 2 to 3 lines to explain your 1 point in a paragraph then it’s the best way to make your article searchable by people and it will improve the readability and increase the average that each reader spends on your blog.

This practice will rank your articles higher on a search engine, due to it’s increased average time per user to read your post.

4. Write on those keywords first, in which you’re experienced and passionate about:

You can write very competitive keywords or low competitive keywords. They can be high CPC or low CPC. You don’t have to think about it in the beginning especially if your goal is to only get traffic. Obviously, everyone suggests writing high CPC articles. And I agree that if you’re using display advertising then it’s important to write High CPC keywords. But high CPC keywords posts don’t mean they will be get ranked by google. And high CPC posts also get more competition from other bloggers. That’s good to write 1 post per week on high CPC.

But if you write an article on a low CPC keyword and it ranked or got 50 to 100 visitors per day then you will earn a good amount per article per month.

But more than this, I suggest that, try to write those articles or articles on those keywords, that you think you can write best. In which you have something to share that is unique and only your point of view. And they will become a unique and helpful post for the readers. No matter they are very competitive or not.

And later when your website gets enough traffic or starts getting good traffic then start writing those topics, in which you have to do research and have to learn many things to write a post.

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5. Improve your subject vocabulary:

If you’re writing about real estate then it’s important that you use the language and words in your article that are familiar or more often used in the real estate business or dealings.

Each field or industry has a different vocabulary that they use to communicate in business, with partners and customers. A doctor doesn’t use the vocabulary of a mechanical engineer when to treat or treating a patient. Nor a CEO use the words of political leaders while motivating the employees.

The stronger the vocabulary you have related to the subject and objects that you write in your blog post will make a great impact on the reader and search engine. And your post becomes a different, high quality, and knowledgeable source on the internet for people. And definitely, it will get more traffic than those articles, which have less focused words on the subject.

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6. Focus more on writing honestly than SEO tricks:

The use of the basics of SEO is important in blogging to get more traffic. But it’s not everything or the main thing. It’s secondary. SEO is like product packaging. Your article is a real product. People don’t buy products to get good packets or packages. They are interested in the product.

So, the main thing is your communication with the reader. If you’re not communicating the topic that you have mentioned in the blog post title then it will not be an engaging, interesting, and valuable post to read. And in reaction, you will get a high bounce rate, low time spending by the reader on the post. And sooner, it will stop getting the traffic from the search engine. Not matter how smartly you have written the heading.

So, try to focus on clarifying the heading, subheadings in your post with full focus. And when you do it, it will automatically make your blog post search engine optimized.

People will like and feel proud to share it. And this type of unique post will get most of the traffic or High CTR and Impressions from search engines.

7. Do not scam with readers in the headings:

Blog post title, heading, and subheadings are very important to get the attention of the reader and to get a higher CTR from search engines and social media. So, it’s important to write engaging, attractive, and meaningful headlines.

It is also very important that you use a minimum of 1 post subject keyword in the blog post title. Your title has to be different if there are many articles already written on the subject that you have written.

You can also use heading analyzer, google trends, YouTube videos comments, your reader’s comments to make title readers and search engine friendly.

But don’t try to make readers fools by using over promised headings. Especially when there is nothing in the article as per the title. This kind of practice can get you more traffic on 1 or 2 posts, but you will lose the trust of your readers and your post will also get a high bounce rate.

And in the end, your ranking for other articles will go down as well.

So be honest and truthful. If it’s a good post, it will be ranked and shared by people, and don’t scan or over-promised headings because of the desperation of getting more traffic.

8. Focus more on the search engine users than social media:

It’s good if you’re good at marketing for promoting your post on social media. But if you are a beginner then try to focus on the search engine users than social media. When a post is good it will be automatically shared by the people on social media.

And also, in the beginning when you share your blog post on social media especially in our own Facebook, Twitter groups, people don’t like or visit it.

You have to share each post on social media. But don’t focus too much on getting your friends and neighbors to read your post.

You have to share your post on those channels in which your target audience exists. If they are your friends then it’s ok to share.

And also, don’t feel bad, if someone is not liking your post on the Facebook page and timeline. It can be because they don’t know what you’re writing and what it means.  And also, links get fewer visibilities than images and videos on social media.

The best target user is the user those are using a search engine to find a specific solution.

9. Improve the content quality or effectiveness in the posts in which users are spending less time:

If there are 1000 people searching per month for a keyword and you’re only getting 100 readers on that post then it means you have to improve the quality of that post.

You can use images, you can use links to other posts, you can use some other relevant keywords and you can make corrections in a certain paragraph and sentences.

When users start spending more time on your post, then it will be ranked higher and you will start getting 500 to 700 readers per month on the same post.

You have to use google analytics to analyze or understand the user data. You can understand their behaviors, age, source of traffic, and then you can make certain changes in the post.

10. Add the links of old posts in high bounce rate posts:

Adding links in the post related to other posts will reduce the bounce rate and increase per-user time spent on your blog. You can also work on the headings in which you’re getting a high bounce rate. You can also correct the beginning sentences of the post.

Your post has to get the attention of the user. And to do that if you have to focus on the reader and their expectation from the post.

For example, if you’re writing about small business growth strategies then you can also link a post in which you have written about productive tips for small business owners.

Using such practices will improve the quality and reduce the bounce rate. And when you get less bounce rate then blog posts automatically get ranked higher on the search engine, and your blog will get more traffic.

11. Write more on those keywords, that are driving more traffic:

Once you start getting 10 to 20 readers to your blog then start writing more on those keywords. Get keyword ideas from web tools such as keyword planner, google trends, news, YouTube videos, and daily life activities as per your blog niche.

And write more on those keywords. For example, if you’re getting traffic to your 1 blog post such as “How to plan a budget trip to Paris”, then you can write the next post on “top 10 ten things that you can do on the weekend in Paris”.

So, it will become a series of posts on certain keywords. And it will also help you to link and optimize your post and will improve the quality and value of the post.

And when you have more posts related to 1 keyword or 1 specific cause then it will drive more traffic and maximum search engine traffic share to your blog.

12. Write more deeply and creatively:

You don’t have to copy others’ writing styles and methods. You have to improve your own style. Copying the writing style of others is like copying communication. And you can’t communicate well by copying others. And if you copy others, you will be identified by the readers as well by the search engine.

So, make your writing style as best as you can without copying others. You can learn, but the learning doesn’t mean copy.

You can take the reader as deep as you want if it’s important to communicate a specific point or information. Don’t write a blog post when you think you have to write. If writing is Burdon then don’t write. Instead write a post because you want to educate, inform, and want to share your knowledge, research, and point of view.

You don’t have to write to impress others that you’re writing. Nor you have to write a post because it’s a burden or its work.

Before writing just think to educate people on the things that you know and that’s it.

When you write with vision, you will be able to write deeply, meaningfully and it will become valuable to read. And this type of blog post will become unique, high quality, and productive.

High-quality content means that write deeply and creatively. A high-quality post doesn’t mean that you’re using links, images, videos, slogans, and many other attributes. They matter, but after writing the post. Nor you can write a post by using those. The real heart of the post is its point of view and vision.

13. Share posts on social media more than 3 times a day:

You can do this while you’re traveling in waiting for someone. Even you can schedule your old blog post to publish or share on social media. But try to share a minimum of 3 times a day. It’s because each time it will be visible to someone else. And it also encourages those to read who are ignoring it from the 1st visibility.

No matter they read or not. You just have to play your role. And be creative each time when you share.

Write a few words along with a shared link about the post. So, it will educate and inform the readers what’s it about. But don’t try to become a news channel website, be a writer or blogger or educator or whatever you’re. Use your own methods and always think that people on the web are real humans they are not robots.

14. Write separate posts on comments and organic keywords:

Many times, you will get comments or search keywords that you never thought is there. But people are visiting your blog post from those keywords it’s because no one on the internet has written about that other than you. In that case, you can write separate posts or use those related keywords points in the post.

It will increase the search engine impression on the post and you will get higher CTR or more traffic to your post. Not only that when you have covered the things that reader has expected or even not expected then it becomes very useful for them.

And when someone becomes useful for people, they will get to it. It means your blog and posts will get more traffic by using such practices.

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 15. Make your website speed faster:

Slow-loading websites get a higher bounce rate and less traffic from search engines. If you’re using Google Analytics to track your blog website then you will be notified by the Google Analytics AI about those post those are loading slowly.

It means you have to improve the speed of those blog posts. You can change image size, you can shorter the paragraph, you can reduce the ads if there are so many if you can reduce the using another plugin on that specific post to increase its loading speed.

So, it’s very important to increase the speed of those post those start getting 5 to 10 people per day. So that they will keep getting more readers from search engines.

You can also use wp fastest cache, speed booster WordPress plugins. And it’s also important that you identify the reasons why your specific blog post is loading slower or the website is loading slower.

You can use Google page speed insights, gt matrix, and many others to test the blog and posts loading speed and the reason behind the slow loading speed.

Here you can learn more: Basics to increase your WordPress website loading speed

16. Write on uncapped topics:

Write on the topic that is common or even you think everyone knows about them. It can be related to your blog niche. The very common or basic thing about the topic can be related to technology, lifestyle, activity. Such as you think that everyone knows how to search on google. But then you find that there are 1000+ people searching only this thing and reading about it.

Not only that, think before your readers. What they want to read next.

What they need in next month. What kind of problem they will face? So, write on those posts, technologies, methods that you think will be searched by people in the future. So, go as deep as you can to write about targeted blogs or niche keywords.

17. Don’t follow too many SEO practices:

The biggest reason why most of the blogs are not getting the traffic as per their expectations is that they are following too many SEO gurus and practices.

It’s important to try certain SEO practices for 3 to 4 months before you start using other techniques.

And you also have to care by learning these SEO tips. You have to check the traffic of those blogs that are writing and informing you about the SEO techniques.

If they are getting good traffic on their own website for their own keywords then following their advice makes sense. But if you’re following the SEO tips from those who even don’t have the traffic on their own blog but teaching you to get 100000+ monthly visitors then I don’t think that will work.

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18. Make your blog error-free:

It’s little technical but important to do so that your blog load correctly and don’t annoy your visitors and readers. You can check your blog post, advertising, links loading on different devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.

You have to make sure that each content on your blog is responsive, load appropriately, and easily identified by the readers.

When your blog is error-free and loading smoothly it will increase the user experience on your blog and you will get more shares and traffic.


Importance of responsive website design

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 19. Focus on the vision of your blog and write:

It’s easy to start a blog. But very difficult to make it successful without a clear vision and plan. You have to make sure that you’re working on the vision or going to solve a specific problem.

For example, your blog will inspire people to become productive. or it will help people to buy a good domain name or it will help people to solve related problems. Whatever it is, but it should have a bigger vision.

When you have a vision and reason to blog, then you will automatically get more keywords ideas. You never run out of blog post ideas.

And it’s very important to write daily and make your blog helpful. And when you keep doing it, then it will be noticed by people and you will get lots of traffic from search engines and also from social media and your blog will also get media attention.

But it’s important that you always focus on the reason and vision of your blog. And when you do it, you will be able to make it successful.

20. Read more books related to your blog niche:

Reading books is a hobby and a traditional method to become knowledgeable, creative, and skilled. Most of the books are written on a single subject and vision. It can be related to biography, finance, marketing, business, and wisdom. When you read books related to your interest and blog niche, it will give you a chance to understand more about the subject.

Books provide different angles and thinking to your existed knowledge. It’s because there are other people who also have knowledge and experiences.

The things you read and learn from the books improve your subject vocabulary and that will generate more ideas for a blog post and when you write the next post on the subject then it will be much more valuable than ever. People will find it useful. It will be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your post or blog will also get backlinks from high authority bloggers and blog websites.

It’s because you’re not only writing, but you’re writing information-rich articles. And it’s the indication to search engine to rank such posts higher and send more traffic to them.

Here you can read more about the importance of reading books.

21. Be strategic when hosting your blog:

When you plan to buy hosting for your blog then also consider the country of your target audience. Each hosting company has its data centers or server in various countries. So, buy the hosting plan from those companies where your target audience existed.

You will get more traffic from that country where your website is hosted and get a higher rank on the search engines.

For example, if you want to get more traffic from the USA then host your website on a USA-based server. But if you target to get more traffic from Asian countries or India then host your website India based hosting company and servers.

It’s possible then the content you’re writing is not demanding in India but higher demand in the UK. But because you have hosted in India, then you get a higher rank in India but less in the UK.

That’s why host your blog where your target audience is located.

So, you can research keywords based on the countries. And then select the hosting server or hosting company where those keywords are searched more.

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22. Learn, Create, and Follow your own success plan:

In the first 6 months or year of blogging, you will get lots of negative thoughts and challenges. You can feel that you’re wasting your time blogging. You will compare your blog with thousands of others. You will read everything that is negative about blogging. And it’s highly possible that you will quit blogging and start working on something else.

Most of the people failed in blogging like this. And it’s good. If you think you can then you can.

But you have to remember that it will take time to get thousands or millions of visitors to your blog. But you can change things. And you can change by learning and executing the plans fast.

If someone is not able to make a blog a good part-time or full-time income source is not because it’s not possible. It’s because that person doesn’t know that yet.

But it doesn’t mean you also don’t know about it. Everyone is teaching or writing about how to make your blog successful in terms of traffic and revenue. You learn that you follow that. Still, you will not get big results?


It’s because each blog, blog niche, the blogger is different. Also, in terms of server location, country, target audience, writing style, passion, vision, knowledge, and background.

You have to create your own plan to make your blog successful as per your condition and knowledge. You can research everything then create the plan.

Each plan will have goals.

To get more traffic you have to create and follow your plan.

To make money from a blog you can create and follow your own plan.

To reduce bounce rate, you have to create your plan.

For writing effective and search engine-friendly content daily, you have to create your own plan and schedule.

You can’t follow other blogging success plan. The only thing that you can learn from others is their blogging strategies and plans. You can also learn thousands of things related to blogging from others.

But in the end, you have to create and follow the plan.

The faster you learn the blogging strategies, methods, and skills the better your plan will become. And the faster you execute your plan the sooner you will get success.

But it will take people 3 to 4 years to understand and create that success plan. Many are able to do it quicker. Many create 4 to 5 blogs to find that right plan. Everyone’s thinking and skill level are different.

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But learning from the right sources make a big difference in the success of your blog. If you learn from the right source your chances of success will become higher.

So, follow the above guide. Be serious and proud of your blogging and blog. Prepare yourself to become successful in Blogging. Accept the challenge and produce results. Think like a leader in blogging, not a follower. Accept and allow yourself to fail until success. Do whatever that can create value for the user in your blog. Don’t’ become confused in blog niches, just focus on the topic, if you’re passionate and interest then write that.

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