Top 12 website building features that you will get in WordPress


If you’re looking to build a website in WordPress but are not sure about the options and features in WordPress to build a website then please read this post till the end.
In this post, I am sharing with you the top 12 practical features that you will get if you choose WordPress to build a website.

Let’s get started:

WordPress is a great open-source software to create almost any type of blog and business website. Websites created with WordPress are easy to optimize to get traffic from search engines. WordPress features are easy to use and powerful to create a blog and business website.

How does WordPress work:

  • To use the WordPress application, you have to install it on the server or hosting space.
  • After that, you select and install the pre-designed templates or themes. For example, if you want to build a travel agency website on your own, then you have to research and install a WordPress theme. There are paid and free themes that you can use. Similarly, to create a personal finance blog, you can use a free blog theme. If you want to use a paid theme for a specific and more premium user experience and user interface then you can use a premium or paid theme and it can cost around $20 to $300.
  • After installing the theme. You customize the design and set features as per your needs. Such as a navigation bar, logo position, single-page layout, sidebar, and website layout. These features also vary as per the theme.
  • Once you do the above things, now you can add your own content or replace the demo content of a theme.
  • To improve the functionality or to use dynamic features you can use plugins. For example, social media plugins, contact forms, and SEO plugins.

Top 12 Powerful Features for website builders in WordPress:

The use of any web and computer application depends on what function and features it provides for creators. And in that case, WordPress has almost everything that is important to create, manage, and make any type of website successful.

Following are top WordPress Features that make it a great website building tool or application and that’s why millions of websites and blogs running on the web using WordPress:

1. You can create and customize any type of website design and theme:

You can create and customize the website design and functionality from the theme customization option. It’s totally dynamic and you only have to click and change. You don’t need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. But the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful. There are plugins for almost everything. You can change design parts, colors, layouts, fonts, text size, widgets, and almost everything.

Theme updates, WordPress, plugins, publishing, and social media sharing are automatic. You can customize the automation. It means it’s less costly to maintain a WordPress website.

2. Search Engine Optimization of the website content is easy and powerful:

There are lots of SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO Plugin and All in One SEO, which provide and guide you to make and optimize your content for search engine traffic. SEO plugins help you in selecting the right keywords, indicate important links or errors in the content, and provide the option to optimize the pages and post effectively.

And it’s very important and more beneficial for someone who is just learning to create a website or just wants a website but can’t learn or do everything on their own. But WordPress provides the option for everyone to create a website. Just the basic knowledge of computers and the internet is important to use WordPress.

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3. WordPress Themes are mobile responsive:

The theme is the main part of the WordPress website. For a fast and good website, it has to be coded cleanly, responsive, user-friendly, and feature-rich. And in that case, WordPress themes make it possible. These days almost all the themes are mobile responsive so that it provides a great user interface and experiences on all types of devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Even there are lots of free themes that provide great functionality and features for the users. You just have to search on Google, The best free theme for …. website, and you will get plenty of options and suggestions to research and select the best theme.

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4. You can manage and access the website from mobile:

You can use the WordPress App and tools to use and manage your website dashboard from a mobile phone. And it’s not that easy in any WordPress alternatives especially if it’s created through PHP, HTML, and CSS pages.

While behind WordPress there are also existing codes such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. But because it’s a complete application then you never need to look behind WordPress. You just use it from the front end.

5. Use of plugins makes it feature-rich and powerful:

While most of the plugins are free to use. But still, for payment gateway, WooCommerce store, email subscription form, tracking apps, and monetization of the website, you have to pay to use premium or feature-rich plugins and functionality. And to build a business website that aims to sell online or to scale up or grow the business, then it’s not that costly to use.

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6. You can create any type of business website, blog, and eCommerce store:

There are millions of free and paid WordPress themes to create a specific website. For example, to create an online store, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. And to create a membership blog, you just have to use a membership plugin. To create a directory or listing website, you just have to install the directory website theme or plugin.

To create a photography website, you have to install a photography website theme. It means by the use of Theme and Plugins you can create any type of dynamic and fully functional website.

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7. Easy to learn and use:

Easy to learn and use is the main reason for the popularity of WordPress. Because not all are able to learn to code in quick time to build a website. Also, not all have the time to learn to code. And learning code is not as easy, as learning to use WordPress.

So, it becomes an alternative. But today, it’s not only powering millions of websites, but it’s revolutions around the internet and online business. It helped thousands of people to start their own blogs, and websites and many of them achieved great financial and professional successes, just after starting through WordPress.

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8. Almost all hosting companies, provide 1 click installation:

WordPress has a big community and user base. That’s why it’s become an essential feature for the hosting company, to provide quick WordPress installation so that people can install it from the cPanel. And many hosting companies have special and managed WordPress hosting plans.

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9. User management is very easy and secure:

Giving access to the website dashboard or to inside functionary to users or team members or the guest author is easier than ever through WordPress. In alternative methods it takes lots of time to code, to build a dashboard or user management panel in an application. But in WordPress, it’s super easy.

You can create accounts for the users as per their job role, and you can add or remove them very easily. Not only that you can also track and block their activities.

10. You can build and install your own theme and plugins for more dynamic functionality:

Especially developers and web design companies can build their own plugins and theme to install on the client’s websites. Not only that if you want to use certain functionality on your website, then you can hire a WordPress plugin developer. Building a plugin not only solves your website problem or makes the website feature-rich, but you can also sell that to those who need the same functionality on their website.

11. You can transfer or migrate the website to another server very easily:

You can use the PHP MyAdmin panel to edit, replace, manage, export, and import the database of your WordPress websites. It means managing databases is so much easier than anyone can learn, without having the knowledge of a MySQL server.

Not only that there are plugins and hosting features available to migrate or transfer the website from one server to another and one domain to another domain without much work.

12. Taking the backup and restoration of the website is easy:

It looks like plugins are every solution behind the WordPress website. And it’s almost true. Without theme and plugins, it’s not possible to build and run a WordPress website. It means you always have to depend on the theme and plugin companies and their features. But for a small business website and blogs, it’s not a problem. But yes, if you want a custom design and functional website then it’s important to use code or hire a coder to build a website.

But in technology, you have to depend on another technology. For example, if a chat application relies on a third-party API, it’s because you don’t have time to build your own chat API when there is already a solution in the market.

It’s because one company or one individual can’t do everything. And even the Internet is also a group of connected computers. So it’s ok to use WordPress Themes and Plugins to build a website.

Types of the website you can create by using WordPress:

Through the use of WordPress themes and plugins, you can create almost any type of business website and blog such as:

  • Business listing portal and directory website
  • Photography website
  • Online Course Platforms
  • Blog websites
  • Review websites
  • Travel Agency websites
  • Ecommerce stores or online product-selling websites
  • Networking and community website or forum.

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