What you can do after acquiring basic computer knowledge and skills?


As you know that basic computer skills are very important these days to get a job, to grow a career, and to run an online and offline business. If you have basic computer knowledge, or just at the end of the course completion then this post is going to be very helpful and important for you.

The goal of this post is to show you income, career growth, job, business, and the next things that you can learn to advance your knowledge. So, with this goal in mind, I will try my best to explain and share with you what you can do online and offline after learning basic computer skills online or offline or after basic computer courses.

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So, Let’s get started:

To Earn Money:

It’s all about focus on the possibilities of earning along with risk-taking abilities. When you have computer skills or education the possibility is higher. So, at this point, I am sharing with you a few tips about how you can utilize just your basic computer skills to earn money.

1. Set the income goal, how much income you want to earn per month? And why?

Money is important to achieve personal, family and social goals. You need to have a small or big plan to earn money. And you can create the plan effectively if you know how much money you need in the current scenario. I mean how much you want to earn per month within 2 years. It can be 30000, 100000, 300000 and more than that. You can use Microsoft Word and Excel to create a monthly and yearly income plan.

But remember, money is something that can’t satisfy you. You always want more. But for a satisfying life, you have to follow your dreams and values. And if the dream is to become rich, then make sure that money will not control your mind in the future. And you will humble and don’t show off. And mostly it’s your choice.

So, once you have financial goals, make sure you know why you need money. For example:  

  • It can be to earn for investing.
  • It can be for savings.
  • It can be for parents’ dreams or family.
  • It can be for your own education.
  • It can be to start a business.
  • and it can be to hire or build a team.

When you know, why I need money then you will be able to earn it and control it.

2. To earn money after basic computer skills:

One thing you should remember, that earning lots of money is not an easy thing. And especially online. It takes lots of hard work and dedication along with money and manpower to earn online.

Basic computer skills are enough to start earning. But you always need to learn each day to grow.

You can start small. First, start earning 10,000 then next month 15000 and after that 25000 and so on. Don’t think to earn 100000+ rupees in the first month after basic computer skills.

Following are the ways and ideas:

1. Freelancing, Become Freelancer:

I have already written a lot about freelancing. But if you are new then let’s understand.

Freelancing is a contract-based work method. In which you work for 1 or 10 contracts and more than this. You’re hired based on your skills and knowledge. Once you’re unable to provide quality services then you will get no work.

As a freelancer, you have to work on contract goals. Once the goal is achieved, the client will end the contract.

The contract can be for 3 years, 1 year or 1-time work. It really depends on many things.

But as a freelancer, you have more chances to grow your income. In which you trade your time for money. The more you work the more you earn. And it’s the fastest method to earn income from technical and even without technical skills.

You can do freelancing online and offline.

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You can do the following things:

  • Do small jobs and earn money and after that invest 50% of income in learning new skills in a computer such as programming, digital content creation. Small jobs can be related to Microsoft Office + internet research.
  • You can provide technical support services in your city cyber cafe.
  • You can do typing/editing related works in private or government libraries as a freelancer.
  • You can provide Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet and Online Marketing related services in your city, villages.

Learn the following articles, to understand the uses of these above things, so that you can create unique services or get new ideas for business after finishing the computer course:

Now it depends on you, what you will do with the available technology.

For example: 

  • You can run your own cybershop or cybercafe in the village, in which you can provide various government/non-government services to citizens.
  • There are many accounts/digital marketing companies/IT companies that need contract basis team members for digital content creation and marketing.
  • If you’re good at writing, you can provide content writing services as a freelancer.
  • If you’re good at photography you can provide photography services for digital marketing companies and small businesses.
  • You can provide digital content creation services for clients such as writing/images/audio/video creation and editing.
  • You can create your own small website in WordPress that can help you to market your services in social groups, meetings, and events.
  • You can provide computer software/hardware related services to any kind of small business.
  • You can bid for projects online.
  • You can use the career and contact page of the business websites to market your services and to get clients.

And many more.

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What things will help you to take the above initiative to grow your income.

  • You must know what you are good at such as if you’re good in document writing/typing, editing/ printing and related works in Microsoft Word or you’re good in PowerPoint or you’re good in hardware, you’re good in adobe photoshop or you’re good in Internet-related uses.
  • Even you’re good in all those and more, but define the practical works that you can do for small businesses online and offline.
  • You must be willing to grow your income so that you don’t feel shame or hesitation to communicate about your services and earning money.
  • Don’t give up before trying 100 times.
  • And never stop learning.

Why work just after computer skills

I don’t know your situation and mindset. But when I was in your situation, I knew I need work experience. So, I worked even 800 rupees monthly in my first computer-related job. And along with that, I kept improving my practical knowledge.

When you work practically you will learn more. It’s just that simple. Once you start earning, you will start learning more to earn more.

2. Start an Online Business:

It’s not easy nor it’s difficult to start an online business. My goal is to improve your learning power and skills. But it won’t be through my article and tutorials, at a bigger level. Nor by others. It’s because when you do things on your own and when you try new things you learn a lot and more than any course and degree. That’s why I think every skilled or unskilled person can do or run any kind of business online.

Yes, it can take time.

But you learn one of the biggest skills. That is about “How to start from ZERO”.

That’s why I want you to start an online business. Even start selling other people’s products, start promoting other businesses. Create a blog, run a YouTube channel, create directory websites for your city and do many other good things, that can also be good in the long run.

Do this as quickly as possible, so that you get to know faster, can it be beneficial for you or not. And also, when you do such things, it will improve your knowledge. You have to do lots of things such as:

  • You have to learn about domains and after that, you will buy a domain. Now, this is knowledge.
  • After that, you buy hosting and host the domain on the server.
  • Now you install software/script/WordPress on the server.
  • You build and design the website by using page builders.
  • After that, you submit to index the website,
  • You promote it on social media.
  • You learn and understand data analytics.

Now in all this process, you learn some of the advanced skills and also it will perfect your basic computer skills.

For example, you know about HARD Disk in a basic computer course. But when you host a website or run a website, you get practical idea about the server.

In basic computer education, you know about the folder name. But now on the server, the folder name is your website domain.

That’s the difference that you will experience when you utilize small details of computer and internet knowledge in your daily life and career.  And these experiences, practical skills and knowledge will help you to become confident and you will be able to start and run any kind of online business.

What you can do online to earn money?

  • You can provide document writing and editing services and all kind of services related to Microsoft Word.
  • You can provide data entry, data management, data analysis, form creation, chart creation and many other services related to Microsoft Excel.
  • In PowerPoint, you can create a presentation for small businesses, students and get paid for creating a presentation.
  • You can provide photo editing/logo designing services if you have learned graphics design software in your basic computer course.
  • You can run a review website on software and gadgets.
  • You can build and run the directory website of your own city.
  • You can build an online selling site for your city.
  • You can run a blog and share your experiences.
  • You can start a blog on the environment, health, solar power, and related products and services.
  • You can run a YouTube channel and educate people through stories.
  • You can do freelancing, or you can get projects online.
  • and many other things.

But you can say, how to compete? If it’s a problem, then the following are the tips?

  • Don’t follow the crowd. Let them go. Follow the way and your goals.
  • Don’t try to chase people or make them happy and they won’t be beneficial for you.
  • Be in the company of people, who want to grow. And don’t follow them who just want to get everything in free.
  • Be unique and aggressive in marketing your services, no matter they are less valuable than others. You will learn and add values on the way. No product/service is perfect on the first day.
  • Don’t follow the habits of similar people like you that do similar businesses like you. Follow the habits of the more effective leader and people who are best and better than you.
  • Always remember, what kind of business you’re doing. What are your end goals?
  • Follow the customer’s advice or feedback, more than advisors.
  • Be your own guide and plan your own profit and business on your own. Don’t follow what worked for others in the long run. Change business models.
  • Focus on the work that matters most to your business. If you’re good at content creation, then create more content. The people who are hungry automatically will find you.
  • Don’t follow the people who are hungry on their own, and teaching you how to get food. Until it’s not a partnership.
  • Don’t try to become the clone or duplicate of others.
  • Be natural.
  • Focus more on creativity.
  • Provide a unique and creative experience for your target customers. No matter, if it looks uncommon.

Other thoughts:

You can do online business along with a college degree. But then manage your time effectively.

You can do online business along with offline but in this case, you not only have to manage time, but you also have to manage or grow your physical stamina and mental powers.

So, whatever you plan to do, just execute faster. And if you want to grow then I know you can do it.

3. Things to Learn, to earn more money and faster and that helps you to do the above things:

Basic computer skills are not the end of your technical and professional knowledge. Instead, it’s a start to becoming a million-dollar entrepreneur. But to succeed one by one in this digital era. You have to learn how to learn and it’s the main skill.

Recently I found that the main skill is digital content creation and it’s more important than digital marketing. You can market anything to anyone and you will get more leads and customers when you have unique content, ideas, experiences, prices, and services.  But if your content is not good, then people will not return to you for more business.

So, to do the above works, you have to be good at digital content creation.

Digital content is itself a product/service and but when you combine it with non-information Technology business such as retail or product selling then the business grows faster.

Almost all kinds of businesses relying today more on content than marketing. In the future, those who can create better content at high speed and accuracy will get more business, money, growth.

So, to grow your income just after basic computer knowledge and to run any kind of small and big online business of your own or others. Learn digital content creation skills.

Following are the ideas:

  • Learn to communicate in written content, videos, through images and animations.
  • Learn to write landing page content.
  • Learn to write social media post headings.
  • Learn to write offers
  • and just learn to write everything that needs to be written for the customers.
  • Learn to create and design small promotional images and banners.
  • Learn to record/edit videos.
  • and learn to sell through digital content.
  • and many other things.

Here are the full details: Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

So, if you want to grow your income online and you’re really serious to start an online business then you must learn and understand digital content and create it.

4. Build a Network with the right people:

 Good people or clients are those who don’t hesitate to pay you money for your service and work. Who respects you, values your time and experience?

And always careful of those, who just befriend you when you have money, power, and position.

While everyone looks right and good person when you are small in business and knowledge. You can get influenced quickly and faster just with a small income from others.

Things to remember: Never get impressed by the following things, if you want to become successful in business and life.

  1. Don’t get influenced by anyone’s money, status, car, home, and clothes.
  2.  Don’t talk much with people about your small or big knowledge, they will get benefits from you for free. Become something, that people pay to speak.
  3. Don’t compare your dreams with others.
  4. If someone is earning 100000000 monthly then don’t think to become like him. Instead, think to become 100 times better than that.
  5. If your goal is to earn 100000+ income monthly, then follow the lessons of those who already earning100000 rupees.
  6. Remember, if someone is telling you that that they are earning 500000 rupees online in a month and in the end selling you something, it means they are earning that much money from the people like you. And it’s your choice, what way to choose.
  7. Remember, things and time change. The person who paid 100 rupees for small work, can pay you 1000000 rupees for the next work. So, don’t underestimate the people who actually pay you money.
  8. And also remember the difference between Investment and Expenses.
  9. Always believe in yourself, and it comes with consistent learning and taking the risk in business.
  10. And always help those who want to grow.

So, in the end, I can say that you can start computer-related or other business by learning basic computer and digital content creation skills. There are lots of ideas/guides based on my personal experiences and learnings in the above points to start an online business. I hope you will get them.

If you want to know more then please let me know.

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