Beginner’s guide to craft a professional website that boosts business


You can learn website building stepwise once you know the ways of website building. But not all have 6 months to learn website building and take all the steps.

A business owner who wants to learn to build a website for his business can’t wait or follow the steps that will take 6 months. There are options that they can use such as CMS, and Website Builder. Why do business owners have to learn various technologies for 6 months to have a simple business website?

But if they need a custom build website or if someone wants to work as a website designer or developer then they must learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and all of that stuff. And must invest 6 months to 1 year in learning practical web development or website building concepts.

That’s why before you follow website building learning steps, learn to know ways to website building. So that you will learn what needs to be learned in order to build a website.

Now read everything about the best website-building learning methods.

There are different ways to build a website. Some of them are easy and fast and others require programming skills. The cost and time consumption using specific website building methods are also different. It’s important to know which method is best for you to learn and use.

If you are new or know nothing about website building then you can do website development or web development courses online. In which you will get a complete guide and step-by-step exercises and concepts to practice.

You can also learn website building by watching free video tutorials on YouTube. There are many videos better than online courses.
But if you want to learn website building in detail then you can join one-to-one online or offline training classes.

But you will learn website building much faster and more accurately when you try to build a website on your own. 1st build a basic portfolio website. After that build a blog website. Then build a more functional or dynamic website such as a web portal.

These days there are various website builders, cms, and technologies to build a website. It’s always good to 1st learn about the different ways to build a website and then start with the easiest.

How to learn website building?

You can start with 1 out of three or 3 or learn all three website building methods. And after completing the basics of website building become the expert in one method.

1. Learn to build a website using Website Builder:

Learn to use a website builder to build a website such as Squarespace and Wix. The best method for those who just want to build a website without learning too many technical things. And those who can pay a yearly subscription. No need to pay extra for a domain, hosting, templates, and payment gateway integration. You can build one page, landing page website, blog website, portfolio and eCommerce website by using Website Builders.

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2. Learn WordPress Website Building Methods:

Learn to use WordPress open-source (Free) software and plugin integration to build a website. Those who want to pay only for domain and hosting and want to build a website using free themes and plugins.

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3. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and My SQL Server:

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, My SQL Server, and Python. Best for those who want to build a website from zero. And want to learn every technical detail along with that. HTML, and CSS is a must, and javascript is for dynamic functionality. Database (Microsoft SQL, My SQL or Mongo DB) to store data. And C# or Python for the backend.

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Which one method out of three is best for learning website building? 

While all three methods are good and thousands of people are already using them. But what is good for you have to be decided by you. That one decision makes a big difference.

Here you can find learning sources: Website building courses online – Learn to create any type of website

Following are the suggestion to learn website building by considering all the above 3 methods.

The 1st thing you have to remember is that the Website is not a one-time project. New technologies come and go. You have to be dynamic in your learning approach. So that you can take the advantage of web technologies in your career and business. And when you are done with that try to learn something new.

So if you want to work as a Website developer or web developer or want to provide website building services as a freelancer or agency then learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Once you’re able to build a static business, portfolio, and landing page website then you can start learning backend technologies such as python or C# or database.

The benefit of learning web development skills is that you will be able to create any type of website. If you learn Web development skills then you no longer need to use a website builder or CMS software to build clients’ websites.

You can create your own web application that you can use to build thousands of websites. WordPress and Website builders are also created after using Web development technologies or programming languages.

Learning web development requires time and dedication.

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But if you want to build a simple business website with a blog then learn to use WordPress. And along with that, you can learn custom plugin development. So that if you don’t find a plugin then you can code that yourself.

When you will be familiar with web development technologies you will take 1 or 2 hours to understand WordPress and Website builder.

While you can also provide website building services just after learning website builder and WordPress. But the problem arises when clients need something that is not in the plugin and theme repository. In that time, if you don’t do that work, then the client will left you.

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WordPress and Website builders are good for small size websites or small businesses. But to create a new and unique website with a great user interface and experience you have to learn programming or web development skills. Where you are independent to use any type of API, Payment gateway. And there is no limit to development.

But if you only know about CMS and website builders then each time you want to expand you have to pay money. And still, after that, you have limits to implementing your business or logical creativity. But if clients or you need a cheap and quick solution then website builder and WordPress are enough.

How do decide which one is best to learn about website building?

Consider your goals, budget, and time.

Think what is your idea behind the project what do you want to accomplish? If you just want to learn website building to sell your products then you can also do that in the website that is created by using WordPress or website builder. Else if you want to reduce the cost of developer and website builder then learn web development and build and manage the website on your own.

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