Boost your Computer Performance : Primary cleaning options to follow


Welcome friends to the Klient Solutech YouTube Channel – In this basic computer course, the topic of today is “How to clean and boost your computer performance.
This tutorial is in Hindi.
To boost the performance of your computer it’s important and 1st step to clean and remove extra or temporary or unnecessary files and data from the computer. Also if your google chrome browser is running slow or you’re facing a problem while using google chrome or any other browser then it’s also important to clear browser history.

To do this we can use Disk Clean up in windows 10 and windows 11 computers. In chrome we can use the “Clear Browsing History option” and we can also use the open (use this command in search button or run button: %temp%) folder to delete and clean our computer.
It’s not a very advanced method to increase your computer speed but a very basic step that you can use to clean your computer, boost its performance, delete temporary files and prevent your computer or window from spreading the virus if it exists. But junk files have also become the cause of viruses in computers.
Note: Before you make any changes or delete files from disk clean up or temporary files folder and also from downloads folder then please backup the important files or save the important files in D drive or E drive.

So let’s start:

Boost your Computer Performance | Increase Internet browsing speed in Google Chrome | Clean your PC

If you want to know more then read and follow these: Top 20 methods to boost your computer performance incredibly

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