How to learn computer hardware repair – Tips and Skills


Learning computer hardware and laptop repair are very good skills for personal use, getting a job, and starting a business. Almost everyone in this new generation everyone uses a computer for education, daily life management, entertainment, games, and business.

According to, approximately 275.15 million pcs were shipped around the world in 2020, and in 2021, 277 million laptops are forecast to be shipped. And in 2022 laptop sales and the increase in computer and accessories demands for repairing works will grow even more.  That’s a big number. And there are billions of computers that are already running. And even in the future, more and more people will increase the use of computers at home.

There are unlimited uses for computers and laptops. You can learn the uses of computers in more detail in the following posts:

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Importance of computer in business

But with the increased use of computers, there will increase in the repair works as well. Not all computer consumers do basic computer courses before using the computer. While many have good knowledge but not all can solve major or even minor faults on their computer.

Many computer companies provide home-based or on-site computer repair support and services.

You will also find one or 2 small computer repair and spare parts shops in your city.

Many people do not contact directly to computer manufacturing companies for repair work. Before that, they contact the seller. And many contacts or ask for help from their friends, nearby repair and relatives to repair their computer.

While those working from home or running online businesses, also post computer repair jobs on the freelance website.

And those who have good knowledge of computers use blogs, forums, and videos to find and research the fault to repair them on their own.

While repairing computers on their own, they often make it more difficult to troubleshoot the fault.  They try different tricks or methods to repair computers but many are not successful.

The average charges for computer repair can be around $20 to $200 or 500 to 10000 rupees. It also depends on the faults and consumption of time.  Also, each type of technician charges as per their business goals and needs.

Computer or laptop repair technicians have to do various works based on the faults and goals of clients such as

  • Application and operating system installation
  • Motherboard power failures
  • CPU heat up problems
  • Virus removal and antivirus installation
  • Data storage and backup
  • Faulty Components replacement
  • and many others

After learning computer repairing students can filter various career options. Following are some of the best and latest options:

Computer Repairing jobs and business ideas: 

  • Freelance Computer Technician/ Repair computer remotely. Learn more: 
  • Computer Technician YouTube Channel and blog website.
  • eCommerce business to sell computer and laptop spare parts.
  • Starting computer repairing and maintenance services firm or company.
  • Motherboard or chipset repairing specialist services for other computer repairing service providers
  • Affiliate marketing – Computer spare parts reviews and feedback.
  • Starting computer repairing portal to promote other computer repairing businesses.
  • Starting a job in a computer repair shop or in the company.
  • Starting a job in a computer manufacturing company or service center.
  • Working as a computer repairing business consultant and mentor.
  • Write about the latest computer hardware and spare parts and then work as a content writer. Learn more: What is Content Writing? Why & How do start content writing?
  • Computer hardware scrap business.
  • Technical support in the Software development company.
  • 1st hand or 2nd hand Computer selling or reselling business.

So, there are unlimited opportunities for income and a career in computer laptop software and hardware repair work. And you can select the best and easiest as per your current career or income goals and situation to start working in the computer repair and maintenance field.

This will also help you to learn computer repair more effectively and fast. Having clear goals and expectations from your computer repairing learning will impact the progress positively.

To learn computer repair the best method is to start with the basics of computer and computer repairing. Following is the list of basic or primary computer repairing skills:

Top 10 Basic Computer Repairing Skills

In basic computer repairing 1st, you have to learn the basics of computer. In this, you must learn to operate and use a computer. At least you know how it starts, and what are the things that contribute inside the computer to boot or run an operating system such as motherboard, CPU, ram, and operating system.

Also learn the theory behind power supply (SMPS), Motherboard, Ram, Operating system, and how a computer works.

How the computers work here is the easiest way to understand

What is an input device? Creative explanation of Input in computer

What is Output Device in Computer? Creative explanations of Output

And practically you have to learn to do the following things:

1. Computer assembling:

In this, you have to learn to connect various components into the computer cabinet such as motherboard, hard disk, SMPS, and DVD drive. You have to screw all of these physical components of the computer.

2. Operating system installation:

HDD or SSD formatting, windows or Mac OS installation is common in computer repair. It’s required in the brand-new assembled machine and also when the operating system gets corrupted. The next thing to do after assembling the computer is to install the operating system.

So having good knowledge of Microsoft Windows 10, 11, and Mac OS installations is very important to learn.

Explore: What is an operating system in computer with creative examples

3. Application Software installation and environment configuration:

After installation of the operating system, you have to learn to install various computer application software such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office, Tally, Photoshop, Antivirus, and various others.

It’s also great if you learn to set up the various environments for users on computers.

For example, you can learn to set up web development, app, or software development, graphic designing, and video editing environment on a computer.

This work is mostly required in software development companies or when you’re in a technical support role.

Where you have to set up a computer or laptop for employees. You have to install various software and have to configure the computer such as VS studio, Android development, photoshop or creative cloud administration, etc.

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4. Printer and other external device driver installation in computer:

In this section or module, you can learn about internal components and external device driver installation. For example, you can learn to install a graphics driver, printer driver, plotter driver, multimedia keyboard driver, music system installation, TV tuner driver, CCTV, and various other machines, etc.

While most of the drivers are these days automatically installed. You just need to follow the proper process or wizard for the installation. But it’s also good that you invest a good amount of time to learn to configure various other machines that need to be connected and configured with the computer.

5. PC and Laptop Cleaning:

This is another most demanding work. Which includes hardware components cleaning such as SMPS, Motherboard, Cabinet, Ram, etc., and also hard disk or data storage cleaning, and computer management. It’s like a car service. Where you have to clean and maintain computer or laptop hardware as well as software. So that PC or laptop runs smoother and faster.

Learn more: 

Boost your Computer Performance: Primary cleaning options to follow

6. Virus removal and antivirus software installation

This looks very easy to install antivirus software. But when the important data gets corrupted or deleted by a virus then it becomes more stressful or interesting work to get that data back.

But these days in the operating system you can find firewalls that also prevent third-party or unknown software installation and viruses. But even after that viruses can spread to the computer. So it’s a very important skill to learn to configure the antivirus software properly on the computer.

Learn more: 

Why is it important to install antivirus software on a computer?

7. Data Security and Backup:

Data is gold for individuals and organizations. You need to learn various operating system software settings that can help the customer to secure their data such as antivirus installation, data storage lock, or the use of BitLocker and password protection of files.

Along with that, it’s very important that you learn to back up computer data on the cloud or external hard drive or pen drive. And also, to restore that data whenever it’s needed.

It’s the most important and highly-priced work in computer technician work.

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8. Parts Replacement and Composition:

In this part, you must learn to compose various physical components to increase the computer’s performance. It also means learning to create a customized machine for a particular purpose such as for video editing, DJ or sound mixing, gaming pc, and various other types of computers.

The main point is that learn to configure and balance HDD, SSD, Ram, graphics, and displays. Such as 2 GB Ram with a 500 GB hard disk. 8 GB Ram with 1 TB.

Also learn to replace or change laptop screen, Ram, SSD, CPU, etc.

9. Basics of printer troubleshooting and fault finding:

While printer repair is a separate field or a niche in computer repair work. Even after that, you can also learn to specialize in specific companies’ printer repairing as well. But that’s something that you can do after completing the basics of computer repair.

In basics, you must learn to install and run various types of printing machines. Also, learn refilling, cartridge replacement, and head cleaning work.  These are some basic works in printer repair and maintenance.

10. Fault finding and troubleshooting:

Fault finding and troubleshooting is the type of work that never ends for computer technicians. You learn each day with new errors and faults.

For example, there might be an error or fault in a computer that you have never encountered before such as a blue screen, storage device not found, Wi-Fi connectivity problem, screen flashing problem, restart problems, mouse and keyboard and various other input and output devices problems, etc. There are more than hundreds of errors and faults that you have to solve in computer repair works.

But the most important skill that I think in computer repair work is fault finding and troubleshooting.

With experience, you learn to solve various computer faults. You need good knowledge of using the internet for research and solutions. Even when you do not find it you have to use your mind and creativity to solve a particular fault.

So, these are the most important basic computer repairing skill and works that you should learn.

Once you learn all of the above computer repairing skills and works you will be ready for the more advanced works and skills to learn such as chip-level computer repairing. In chip-level computer repairing, you have to learn about motherboard circuits, IC replacement, rebelling, and troubleshooting.

The main goal here is to repair the motherboard card, sound card, ram, and various other cards. If there is a fault or problem in cards integrated chips, capacitors, resistances, transistors, and various other micro components then replace or repair them.

How much time does it take to learn computer repairing?

An average student can take 6 months to 1 year to learn all the above computer repairing skills. But it also depends on the source of learning and methods.

You can’t learn all at once. You just have to start and become a master in one thing 1st and then move to the next skill. Such as 1st learning to assemble machines correctly. Then learn to install the operating system. After that learn to open and close the laptop, then replace the CPU, ram, SSD, etc.

After learning all of the above or even just 50% of the above-shared skill you will be eligible to get a job as a technical assistant or assistant technician or to start a computer repair business. The more you learn to solve computer faults and problems the faster you will grow in your computer technician career.

How and where to learn basics or even advanced computer repairing skills?

1. Join Computer repairing Course and institute:

If you’re just new to computers it’s very important that learn the basics of computers and repairing by joining a computer hardware repair course.

You can also find various free and paid computer hardware repair courses online. But the best method, especially for those who want a high-paying job in the company, can do diploma or degree courses.

Following are some of the popular computer repairing courses that you can find to do offline through institutes in your city or nearby market: 

  • 3 to 6 months Certificate Course in Computer Hardware and Networking
  • 1 to 2-year diploma course in Computer hardware and networking
  • PG diploma in computer hardware and networking
  • Short term PC hardware Support Course
  • Server Technology Expert
  • IOT Specialists

The name and duration of the course also depend on the institute. But you can research your local computer hardware training institutes and their syllabus. If you find that interesting and you think the people are qualified and have a good reputation in teaching computer hardware skills then you can make a choice to a course with them.

2. Online Computer Hardware Courses:

But if you don’t have the option to learn offline or through a hardware training center or if you don’t want to invest too much money in the degree or certificate courses and want to learn faster then you can also learn computer hardware repairing online courses. Even you can do more advanced courses online while learning offline or on your own at home:

The following are the best online computer repair courses.

3. Learn on your own at home:

If you already have a computer at home, then I expect that you have already tried to repair various things. But it’s highly possible that learning is limited to one type of pc or specific problem.

To learn more and fast it’s important that you try to solve various types of computer problems.

To learn the above computer repairing skills you can buy 2nd hand computers or faulty laptops and computer scraps for practice.

After that, you can try to search for each problem on the web and try to solve that by following video tutorials and instructional articles.

Make sure that you will not practice on the new computer until you’re not fully confident about what you’re going to do or what you can solve.

4. Work as an assistant or helper in a computer repair shop or in a company:

Working as an assistant with an experienced technician or in a computer repair shop or support services company as an assistant or helper is one of the best ways to learn computer repair. Along with that, you can also do the above online courses to grow faster.

The reason is that here you will learn a lot of things related to computer repair. It’s because an experienced technician or computer repair shop or service center gets and works on a variety of computer repair jobs.

This will provide the opportunity to learn. But learning repairing will depend on your observation, your own learning power, and your capacity.

They don’t run a computer repair center or education services, instead, they provide repair services to their clients or customers or companies. So you need to ask whenever in doubt.

And it’s also not easy to get work there until you’re not beneficial for them. You have to prove yourself in some ways.

You have to make deal with them. Such as you will work for free with them for a few months and once you will be able to repair the computers or able contribute you will get paid.

If you don’t want to work with them, you can offer fees for investing 2 to 3 hours with them.

The goal here is to gain real computer repair experience.

In the beginning, you have to start with cleaning the computer and removing dust from the components.

Later, you might have to visit seniors on-site for repair. You might have to carry a computer and spare parts from one place to another.

There are a variety of jobs and works in the service centers so you have to be mentally prepared to take each challenge for learning.

I know it’s not easy to work as a helper or support staff. But those who don’t have enough money to pay for the computer hardware course fees and those who want to start a similar business can start learning with this method.

Even those who completed their computer repair course or degree can also work with service centers or experienced technicians to gain experience. So that later you attach your experience certificate with a resume when you apply for a job in a bigger company.

Additional skills that you need to perform best in computer repair works, jobs, and business: 

Communication skills:

You have to work on improving your communication skills. You have to be good at communicating with customers. You have to learn to listen to clients’ or customers’ problems. When you listen and communicate effectively in all types of challenging situations then you will win the trust of customers, boss, and team members. And that will contribute to your computer repairing career success.

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Stress and Anger management:

You have to be mentally strong and good in your emotional management. You will not be able to resolve all types of computer faults. Some days you will work on a machine for more than 10 hours still will not work. Many times customers can communicate with anger or disrespectfully for your faults or something else, but still, you have to be patient.

Your patience and emotional management will make things easy for you. But if you start getting frustrated from the work then it’s tough for you to continue in the computer repair field. Some days are tough and most days are easy and successful.

Be ready for loss and failures:

Sometimes you change the components in the client computers such as ram or SMPS but it will burn. On another day, when you got a computer, it was working a little bit but when you started to repair it then it turned off or will not work. There might be something wrong happened.

And when you find it, you see that you lost $100 or 10 hours in this work still it’s not working.

So, such challenges, failures, and losses are part of this computer repair work.

Do your best – But don’t try to make everyone happy:

You have to deal in computer repair work professionally. You don’t have to take the stress and problems home.

Not all of your clients will be happy with your work. You will get many of those who think computer technicians or your job was easy, and you charged them too much money.

You have to charge for your knowledge and time. If you solved a fault in 1 minute it’s because of your skills and expertise. And you have invested years to learn that.

But the client will not understand that. They will think you charged too much for 5 minutes or 1 minute of work. In such times you have to be professional and have to deal with clients tactically.

Be genuine and always try to expand your knowledge and client base:

Charge a genuine price for your services and don’t charge extra. Be honest with yourself and work.

For example, the data recovery work is more valuable than the installation of Microsoft office. So vary your prices as per the services but not based on the client.

Other than that, try to expand and build your own market. Let people will call you when they get a problem. If you don’t get the price then don’t try to solve the problem on the phone. Instead, listen to the details and then pitch the solution with a price.

Some clients will go away. But those who respect your job and profession will stay with you.

But for this, you have to be a master in your trade. You have to be the best in the city, state, and country in computer repair. And always try to improve your skills and knowledge.

So, friends, I believe and think that if you follow and execute the above ideas and learning strategy you will be able to learn and build a career in the computer repairing field.

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