What is computer software? Basics of computer software


Computer software or software is a group of programs, functions, procedures, objects, and classes that are developed to receive input from the user and that are processed by a computer (CPU) to generate output.

Through software, users can give input to computers and process billions of data and inputs through software.  The software performs or works in systematic, object-oriented, and procedures-based operations.

That’s why a computer is so a powerful tool and it is used by almost every business, profession, and job. It’s fast, accurate, and can store and process thousands or billions of operations in 1 second.

Types of Software:

You can define software in various ways and in types based on their work. But you can start with understanding two main types of software:

  • System Software:

System software is the main software of computers that makes it possible to access physical components of a computer (storage, input/output), create a platform to install or run applications and become instructional for the user. We are also called system software and operating system. 

Compilers, Windows 11, Mac OS, Android, etc. are some commonly used operating systems or software.

  •  Application Software or Apps:

Application software is software that is used to perform specific operations or work. Such as computer typing software to learn and practice typing skills, Windows media player to play songs, Microsoft Word to create and edit documents, for photo editing adobe photoshop, to use or access or surf the internet then internet browsers such as google chrome, Microsoft edge, and safari.  And what runs inside a browser is also software that we also called web applications or websites.

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Importance of Software:

Software is important to use a computer. The operating system is important to make computer hardware functional or live. After operating the system, you can perform basic operations on computers such as document writing, playing songs, surfing the internet, and many other programs. In the upcoming version of Windows 11, you will be also able to run mobile apps on a computer.

Without an operating system, there is no use of a computer for the user or common people. Like without a soul human body is not functional. That’s why the operating system is very important. Even to build or develop software you also have to use an Operating system.

Similarly, application software is equally important to make a computer useful. Application Software is important to make computers useful, productive, and powerful. If the computer is functional but not useful then no one uses it. It’s because operating systems such as windows 11 it becomes functional but not useful or powerful. To make it powerful, useful, and easy for the user and organizations to operate or purchase then application software is important.

That’s why software is important.

How software is developed?

The idea of developing software is to start to solve a problem, to do innovation, and make money by selling.

After that target customers or users (Such as students, eCommerce, and email marketers) are defined by the developer or software development company or owner.

Once that’s done, then development or launching platforms are defined and selected such as Windows applications. It means you can install it on a computer to use.

Similarly, some software runs on all the platforms such as windows, android, and macOS operating systems. We call it a cross-platform application. This means you can run it on multiple platforms or operating systems and devices.

While there are also native applications that only run on a particular platform or device. For example, many applications run only on macOS.

It’s decided by the research on the target audience. For example, if 90% of target users use the android operating system then the app will be developed for android users. And it’s also called a native android app.

Once that is done, now the programming or coding language is decided. Programming language is used to create procedures, functions, methods, and classes. For example, you can use the Dart programming language and Flutter framework for cross-platform applications. and C# programming language and .net Core framework to create windows native applications.

Programming or coding is very important to create and develop software. Without programming, you can’t create software.

What is the use of software for you?

If you’re a student then you can learn to program (coding) to build a career in software development. Learn moreWhy is Programming Important

If you’re a business owner then you can use computer software to operate and automate your business. Read more: Common computer programs to use in your business

If you’re an entrepreneur then you can hire a software development company or developer to build software and run BaaS (Business as a Software) startup or business.

If you’re a common man then you can use software to do your daily life work.

The use and benefits will depend on you and your business goals.


So that’s it all about the basics of software that I think important for the students or basic computer course students or computer science students to learn and know.

If you liked it, don’t hesitate the share it.

What is Software – Essentials things about Software – Basic Computer Course | Hindi Tutorial

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