Discover 10+ creative product ideas to unlock online selling


If you’re unable to think creatively about what to sell online or what you can sell online then discover in this post 10+ create and popular digital and physical product ideas.

While you can sell online any physical, creative, and digital products, services and tools through your eCommerce website. It can be daily use items, kitchen, fashion, workplace, business, construction, automobile, marketing, writing, products, tools, and services.

In this post, we explore less the traditional e-Commerce website model for online selling and more about modern eCommerce. We’re talking about the modem eCommerce business in which you can sell almost anything online through your eCommerce website.

For example, the eCommerce we’re talking about is a little innovative in which you can sell your voice, and own created background music, video clips and content. Not only is it about digital but we also mean physical products.

eCommerce has changed the business. And eCommerce is now an important part of our life. Before you think to sell online, also understand what is an eCommerce website. If you already know then it’s great but for introduction please read: eCommerce Website Introduction with easy examples

What you can sell online also highly depends on your website design and development or website builder. If you have a website where you can sell only physical products like a traditional eCommerce product, but not like music or photographs then you have limited options to sell a variety of products online on your eCommerce website.

What you can sell online, also depends on the marketplaces, supplier, cost, margins, your own interest, hobbies, passion, experiences, creativity, customer demands, needs, and desires. That’s why it’s great to explore modern eCommerce websites and discover the items that you can sell online through your eCommerce website.

So, before you sign up for an eCommerce website builder or hire someone to build your eCommerce website, it’s very important that 1st you know what you can sell online. What are the things or items that you sell on your eCommerce website? And in the below points, you will discover all of this and more:

1. Digital products that you can sell online:

While you can sell more than thousands of digital products as per your creativity and the list is unlimited. So, we will show some creative, interesting, and innovative examples of digital products that you can sell online:

(I) Create and Sell background music:

If you like music or you can create sound or music on your own then you can sell that online. You can start by creating background music as a product. It can be 1-minute or 10-minute background music. Creators, YouTubers, companies, studios, and music companies always looking for new and unique music for various things such as commercials.

(II) Sell Voice-Over Service as a product or service:

The use of your voice can be in advertising, video and audio clips, caller tunes, animation, books, movies, and presentations. You can sell it as a product or service in mp3 or wave file.

(III) Record, Edit, and Sell video clips:

The demand for video content is growing day by day. But there are too many needs for native video clip content. For example, if you want to explain a story of a person living in the jungle and working to invent the flying circle machine then you will not find that easily. It means unique and native video story clips make the final video content more useful.

You can create video clips related to science, business, lifestyle, fashion, and education and they can be used in educational, advertising, marketing and branding content.

Monetization or running a video channel is not the only way to use your video editing or content creation skill. Sell talent where it’s valued highest. And with the internet, anything can be possible. For this, you can also learn and improve your computer and internet skills. For this here can explore Online Computer Courses: Learn Basic and Advanced Computer Skills that will help you to understand the business side of technology.

(IV) Sell software/web/apps extensions:

Sell your web or computer app code. While you can sell it better as a product or extension, selling a small piece of code that can help in something quickly will be a product in itself.

You can sell functions or code to static website owners or those who don’t know how to code or customize the plugins, extensions, landing pages etc. Mostly related to front-end or client-side functionality.

For example, you can create a popup in JavaScript that can display related products or new offers, while the visitor is leaving the website without buying anything. You can also sell it as a tutorial for those who need to build or implement it on their own.

Now you can also provide support or a manual to configure that code in already-built web apps. I am not talking about plugins or complete software that customers have to pay for certain functionality again and again.

I mean to sell the small piece of code that can be configured in a specific type of website to do specific work without the installation.

Obviously, you can sell complete web applications, websites, blogs, directory websites, and software. But even if you sell a code that can do specific things then it’s a creative and innovative product idea to sell online.

(V) Sell digital web assets or your artistic work online:

You can sell ready-to-use graphics or web design products such as logos, brochures, eBook cover pages, document templates, envelopes, product design, web design, email templates, productivity templates, and various types of digital templates and artistic work.

Here is an exampleHow to start an online business applying Microsoft Word Expertise

2. Physical products that you can sell online:

You can sell anything that is used in daily life. It can be clothes, kitchen products, shoes, accessories, beauty, home décor, yoga, sports, stationery, fashion, wedding, event items, fancy and various types of products and categories. But you can also sell custom products as a package. That will also help you to build a niche-specific online store.

(I) Custom Wedding Dress Package:

You can sell complete custom-designed or pre-designed wedding items. It can be a complete package for both the bridal and groom. Which include dress, makeup style, shoes, and accessories. In which products and accessories are designed in a way that matched the specific personalities, wedding styles and cultures.

Generally, but not in many cases both bridal and groom do shop together, even if they do there are higher chances that both of their purchased products don’t match with each other when they wear them. So, then it might be a good idea to provide a complete package or complete dress for both bridal and groom. For a variety, it can be customized as per the culture and wedding style.

(II) Office Stationery Package:

You can sell a group of items or each item one by one. But selling in groups will reduce the shipping cost and increase the profit.

You can sell a group of office stationery items such as ball pens, calculators, desk organizers, highlighters, notebooks, notepads, staplers, a paper punch, desk cleaners, sticky notes etc. You can sell these stationary packages to schools, colleges, educational institutions, small businesses, students, and teachers.

 (III) Home Office Furniture:

Remote work or home office is a growing trend. People are already running businesses, doing jobs or working from home. And there are many doing 9 to 5 jobs but want a clean and minimal small office at home. You can target this audience to sell custom or pre-designed furniture specifically designed for the home office and remote staff.

This can include portable or foldable or fixed computer or laptop tables, chairs, bookshelves, tables for printers or ups or invertors, wallpapers stickers, footrests, lumbar support etc. items. And you can sell all of this in a variety of colors, technology, styles and prices in a single or complete package.

 (IV) Sell YouTube Channel Accessories or Equipment:

In this package, you can include audio and video recording items to sell such as a camera, mic, tripod, green screen background, light and various, soundproofing foam panels, background decorations etc.

You can provide a variety of microphones, cameras, light, and soundproofing systems for various types of recording requirements such as outdoor and indoor shoots.

 (V) Home Décor items for specific Events:

Decoration of a home for special events is very important. People want to decorate their homes, and rooms for special events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Diwali, new year, and for various others. Especially kids love it more on their birthdays.

So, you can target such events to sell home décor items. You can sell it single or as a package.

The range of items in this category or niche is unlimited. Such as you can include wall décor items, fancy money plants, wall stickers such as butterflies, religious and funny statues, paintings, indoor plants, led lights, custom-designed birthday cards, antiques, and various other items.

 3. Sell your services:

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or freelancer or if you provide or want to provide then you can build your eCommerce website in a way that can help you to sell or accept an online booking in advance. So that you can schedule all of the week or days of the month in advance. You can show the schedule on your eCommerce website and let customers know when you’re available. Those who want you more quickly can pay higher or you can combine your services as a package as well.

  • You can sell freelance consultancy services
  • You can sell live online coaching or training services
  • You can sell travel or tour guide services
  • Sell online courses
  • Sell live classes
  • Sell webinars/event tickets.
  • And a membership for your services or website.


So, the list of products, services, and tools that you can sell online or on your own eCommerce website is unlimited. I hope the above list or creativity helps you to think more and better regarding the selection of products.

Selection of the right product, category, and target audience plays a very important role in the success of online selling and eCommerce website.

The success also depends on the type of website or website builder and hosting you’re using. And what options do you have at less price to expand and grow your eCommerce store?  And the most important is your marketing and selling strategy.

While all of the items shared in this post can be promoted and marketed through digital marketing methods, content marketing, and social media.  To sell these items you can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and online marketplaces.

But the most effective, useful, and profitable in the long run even initially is your own eCommerce website. If you don’t have a website you can use eCommerce website builders to build your own eCommerce website. Where you can get unlimited freedom to sell. And you will also get complete control over your business and brand. While there are different ways to build a website.

But if you want to know about the cost of building your own store then please read this post: How much does it cost to hire someone to build an eCommerce website?

Having an eCommerce website is not enough, you need a good and professional eCommerce website that is attractive, user-friendly and opens fast in web browsers when someone clicks on your product or website link on social media or in search results.

There are various methods that you can use to build an eCommerce website. If you want to build an eCommerce website on your own then you can learn to build an eCommerce website. There are various free and paid online courses where you can learn and improve your basic website design skills or learn to build an eCommerce website and business.

You can find it in the following posts:

Free and Paid: Online Courses to Build an eCommerce website with Squarespace

Free and Paid: Online Courses to build WordPress Woo Commerce eCommerce Website

But if don’t want to build the eCommerce website on your own then you can also hire someone else. If you think you can hire and manage the eCommerce specialist then you can hire them online offline. If you want to build an eCommerce website by WordPress Woo Commerce then here you can find: Build WordPress Woo-commerce eCommerce Website: Take the Help of Experts

But if you don’t want to use woo Commerce or using or want to use a website builder subscription for all-in-one eCommerce options such as Squarespace eCommerce website builder then here you can find Build eCommerce website: Squarespace experts are ready to help you

But again, just having a good eCommerce website is not just enough. You also need to be creative and strategic in your marketing and selling. It’s because you will also get competition. If you want to use SEO or organic traffic to get more customers then you have to use and implement SEO effectively in your website. Here you can find a complete guide on eCommerce Website SEO: How to do SEO that will Increase Traffic of your website

Also, how you package or display the products, shipping, and product price also need considerations. There are various all-in-one eCommerce website solutions that provide domain, hosting, shipping, cart, and marketing or promotion options just from one dashboard.

So, friend, I hope and am sure that this guide and list of products and creativity will help you start, build and promote or market your eCommerce business.

If you want to know more and please let us know!

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