Why learn the computer basics before joining the Degree Course?


Why having basic computer skills and knowledge is important before doing computer science, computer engineering, computer programming, digital marketing, and any other diploma or degree courses?

Learning computer basics will help you to build strong foundations and clear your basic technology concepts. If your basic computer education is good, practical, and creative then you will not get any problem in learning advanced computer skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

That’s why start learning the basics of computers and information Technology before investing or while doing computer science, computer engineering, computer programming-related online or offline degree courses.

You know that many people struggle to learn to program or are not able to use many software and tools such as WordPress or Squarespace website builder. Do you know why?

Not because programming is complicated or website builders are tough to use, but because they lack basic computer skills. I know there might be many other reasons. But to build anything big such as a mobile app or algorithm and a small such as printable application form you must need strong basic computer knowledge.

I saw that not only in technical degrees but those who are doing non-technology degrees such as hotel management needs to learn basics of computer in their 1st semester.

I don’t like to say or show off, that those who started learning with us 8 to 10 years ago, now running their own IT companies and startups. Many are working abroad. Not just because of us, but because they saw the vision and potential of Information technology and computer through learning the basics of computers.

You can imagine that the 1st-day class goes like this:

  • Why you’re learning computers?
  • Why do we use computers?
  • What is the use of a computer?

Everything is discussed and explained for 1 to 2 hours on these topics. Due to this, I have written few articles on these topics for other students who were not able to join us.

Such as:


These articles got more than 10000000+ views so far from the last 5 to 7 years and ranking in the top 5 of Google and Bing search engines. Why, because of uses and the curiosity of students and learners around the world?

Why have I written these?

It’s because students were not able to explain much or more than 30 words. That’s why I wrote those articles and since then they are helping so far millions of people worldwide.

When students know about the uses of certain technology, they can think big and they get excited to learn that things. If students don’t know why they’re using certain things or why they are learning something or what the uses of certain technologies and platforms are, then they will not be interested and they will not be able to learn and become skilled quickly and effectively.

That’s why I start the 1st day by elaborating on the uses of Technology and computer. And I also suggest these to others. And this method is worked successfully in teaching and learning basic computer skills worldwide. So not only learning basic computer skills is important to do anything big or small on computers but it’s also very important that you learn that effectively.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, doctor or shopkeeper, farmers or traders, technical or non-technical, young or old, women or men almost everyone human on this planet needs to have at least basic computer knowledge. Almost everything that you see around yourself is highly influenced or used with information technology.
If you have the basic computer knowledge you can take the advantage of the internet, computer, technology, eCommerce, and various job and business opportunities. And it all starts with basic computer knowledge. That’s why it’s important to learn basic computer skills.

We already have written a post on this, you can read that too:

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Online Basic Computer Courses & Learn essential Computer Skills

But following are the examples of essential basic computer skills required to do almost all kinds of daily workplace, business operations, and in jobs:

We have listed basic computer skills below in systematic and step-wise manners, that will help you to understand and become skilled in the basics of computers.

Please visit this link: Online Computer Courses: Learn Basic and Advanced Computer Skills

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