Financial tips that can make a big positive difference in your career


Financial advice for young professionals. Time is important for everyone but more for dreamers, innovators and for those working hard for their family and kids. This type of people has more responsibilities. Many of them handling job pressure and also managing family responsibilities. But to do that successfully they need money.

Not all are able to get that higher salary and income from a job to fulfill dreams and desires. Not all have income-generating skills and creativity.

So if you’re one of them, and really serious to improve your financial, personal and professional life then I am sharing with you the financial tips that can make a big positive difference in your career. I am not writing the theory, it’s totally practical to follow.  I hope it will work for you.  

So let’s get started:

1. Re-Define your goals and dreams then think what is the way to achieve it:

A.)  Your dreams, duties, and responsibilities can be anything. It can be own house, car, kids education, savings, passive income, investment on assets, etc. But you have to be clear about it to achieve those goals. Once you have decided and defined your goals you have to take the next step to just get that.

B) The next step is to learn and think about how you can get that and how much time it will take.

Now you can think or plan the following things:

  • I have to get a promotion. But for that, I have to work hard and need to produce great results in the company.
  • I have to start passive income or online business part-time to improve my income. But for that, I have to learn technical skills.
  • I have to start a business but for that, I have to invest my savings.
  • I have to left the job and start freelancing. But for that, I have to be skilled and enough money back up in the bank account.
  • I have to save money wisely. For that, I will discipline myself to save each month 10% for kids education, 10% for travel, 10% for investment, 10% for dreams and 10% for daily needs. And the use of remaining money will be on the development of my current living standard.

It means in this way once the saved amounts reach the actual amount that I need, then I will invest that or use that. Your financial management plan can be anything but you have to commit for that.

Now if you’re doing the job then I can suggest you few things:

  • Don’t leave your job right now, instead, try to work hard more for the company and try to achieve the goals that are expected from you. In this way, not only you will get incentives and appreciation but you will create chances to get promoted and salary increments.  
  • Start savings the money like it’s urgent to save. Save 5% or 50%, but save for dreams.
  • Start learning and building your skills. If you’re working as a marketer, then learn marketing skills. If you’re a manager then learn management skills. If you’re a programmer then update your programming skills etc. Don’t think you know everything.
  • Start your online business with little investment or not investment. It can be anything. it can be a blog, freelancing, affiliate marketing, youtube channel, application, product, and services. You can be youtube, blogger, freelancer, writer, and anything that is important to be.

Remember, it’s not important to think, what others think about you. It’s more important to think that it’s a great and wise step that you’re thinking and acting to improve your conditions.

Savings, investments, business, and learning will take times. It can be for 1 year. But don’t worry, 1 year is not that much big as it looks. You don’t have to think about 12 months or 365 days. You just have to think to perform each day to achieve your goals. That’s it.

But think, investing 3 hours extra after the job for learning and development each day, what will happen?

You will have savings, you will have new skills, you will have promotion and many other things, that get by hard-working people.

But you have to be consistent with your efforts. If got tired, then get relax, take rest and then start again. But don’t quit. You have to work hard with stamina, you have to run the marathon, not a 100-meter race. So you don’t have to pressurize yourself instead you just have to take 1 step at 1 time.

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2. Learn what you want to learn and then build your skills:

Now don’t think, you know about everything. Instead think, I will learn each time from my mistakes and success. Now think, how best you can learn and what I have to learn? As per the goals and desires.

For guidance and direction, you can learn on this blog. And you can also talk to me. But for skills development it’s important that you follow the proper course of actions:

Following research, learning and online courses can be helpful for you:

  • Web developer and design online course
  • Personal Financial Management online course
  • Online course about Online Businesses
  • Online course on time management
  • Online course on goal setting
  • Online course on self-improvement and motivation etc.
  • Content writing online course
  • Digital marketing online course

For example, if you have decided to start web development part-time then it’s best to start doing an online course in a specific technology. There are many YouTube channels too, that you can subscribe to the learning.

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Similarly, if you want to start a blog, then do an online course, learn from the experts and understand and create your plan to make that successful and profitable.

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3. Manage your time:

Once you know what are your goals and dreams. And once you know how you can achieve them. then it becomes easier to work. So whatever you have decided, you have to manage and save your time and energy. Only then you can able to learn and earn more.

For example:

  • You can get up early to do an online course. And daily two hours in the morning from 4 am or 5 am to 7 am is enough for skills development and learning.
  • In your office, you have to work hard for the company. And don’t start doing your personal work. Instead, just try to save your time as much as possible from office gossips, and debates. So that you can keep calm and relaxed once you reached home. And you don’t have to discuss anything that you have planned with anyone until you haven’t done that or achieved.
  • In the evening just start investing your 2-3 hours. You can discuss that with your spouse. So that they know what you’re up to and why you’re busy.

I know that you’re a wise and confident person. And you will be able to manage your time wisely. I have written many tips on time management. And if you’re getting a problem, then you can read them once, following are the tips:

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4. Use your skills for various reasons:

If already have the skills, time and you know what you want but unsure about, what I can do? Then please find the following tips:

  1. If you’re working as a web developer/designer in the web development company then the part-time you can start your own business. You can develop apps and website for own ideas. And you can also create websites for small businesses and friends. You can also start working with friends.
  2. If you’re working as a content writer for the digital marketing company then you can start your own personal blog. And start writing and connecting with the people.
  3. If you’re working as a private school teacher, then start tuition class offline or online from home. You can start your own youtube channel, you can launch your own tuition classes online. And you can also blog about it.

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Don’t think, it will work or not? Think, how I can make it possible.

So the above suggestions and tips are based on my personal experiences. And it’s for educational purposes. Make sure you use your powers, knowledge, and intuition when taking any decision.

Bonus tip: There are thousands of mentors and coaches online. And they are great. But even after their greatness, people are unable to get succeed. Why?

It’s because it’s important to follow the one strategy to become successful one time. And if you keep changing the strategies and methods, then it’s tough to achieve anything in life. So you have to guide yourself. You have to lead yourself.

So start with whatever and however you’re. When start walking towards your dreams, you will get all the tools and sources on the way.

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