How do computer programmers put their skills into practice?


Computer programmers do a variety of tasks related to software development and technologies. Mainly as professional programmers, the job of a programmer is to design and develop software for desktop computers, servers, mobile and many other electronics or digital devices.

Computer programmers write, test, and debug code, and update the code as per the changes in technologies, user behavior, and business or organizational needs.

Computer programmers are aware, knowledgeable, skilled, and experts in learning and using programming languages as per the project requirement such as Mojo, Python, Java, C, C++, etc.

Computer programmers must align their thinking and skills mainly to solve problems or innovate. It means solving the existing problem through code or building a completely new solution.

In a job computer programmers have to work with a team. In the beginning as a junior, project leader, and later can be Chief Technical Officer or CEO.

Computer programmers have to go through various processes and cycles to build innovative solutions or to solve a particular problem in existing code.

But the commonly used software development process and the cycle are following:

  • Planning: In the planning design, requirements, goals, budget, scope, technologies, tools, team, and time are decided and strategized.
  • Implementing: Writing Code as per the design and plan.
  • Testing: Testing the written code, performance, reporting, and recommendations.
  • Deployment and maintenance: Environment setup for public access such as hosting, configuration and live or access to a team or end users as a demo version or test.

In a team, a computer programmer is trained or skilled and can be assigned or involved in one specific task or all these stages and steps. It can be to write documents, software testing, design, coding, maintenance, and code optimization.

A complete working software, game, app, and web application is built through the efforts of the whole team or more than 1 person. Each technology and step is wide and big in software development. So the creation of large and enterprise software many people are involved who are experts in that particular thing.

While as a programming student or professional, you must be aware of and learn the basics of software development. Not just a programming language. You need to have knowledge of why software is created, how software is designed, how software is commercialized etc.

Now programmers are defined and hired based on their expertise and demand in the companies. For that, we can categorize computer programmers into the following categories:

  • Application Software developer
  • System Software Developer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Cybersecurity Expert
  • Web Developer – 3 Best Online Courses to start your web development journey
    • Front End Developer
    • Backend Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Game Developer
  • AI Developer
  • Blockchain Developer

These types of terms even more than 100 are in use and can be used in the future to define and categorize developers.

Actually, these terms have reasons. Computer programmers are mainly trained and skilled in software development. But there is a wide variety of work and processes involved in this. A single computer programmer can take 1 or 10 years or more to create a large or fully functional software. The business value and need of that solution are mostly in the current stage. If I need software today, but I will get it after 10 years, do you think that will useful or as important as it is today?

That’s why a team of experts and developers is built to create software for businesses or for startups. So that MVP can be launched within 3 months.

The act of building software or creating new software or a website is like building a house. A different person is needed for each job. To make a designer and architecture house plan. To prepare the mason structure. Similarly, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, painters, etc.

This is similarly required in software development.

So computer programmers can be software developers, and software developers can be web developers. And a web developer can be defined as a programmer as well.

All are involved in building software and web application. But their job and role is different. So you don’t have to get confused about this.

For example, if you only know Python or you’re a Python developer. This also means that you’re a computer programmer who is an expert in Python development.

Now the role you will get in any company can be based on your knowledge and experience. You can be hired only for testing Python code, or back-end work.

If you know programming, and you can write code then you’re a programmer. Now whether you work as a data analyst or web developer is depend on your interest, job roles, scopes, and project requirements.

What do programmers do to earn money?

It depends on the interest, needs, and visions of an individual. We can’t force or define that a person has to do only that or this. But what I saw is that is following:

  • The majority of students pursuing programming, computer science, or engineering enjoy working in their field.
  • A significant number of programmers choose to establish their own online businesses.
  • Some programmers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and teaching programming skills in computer institutes and colleges.
  • Freelancing is a popular choice among many programmers, allowing them to work remotely and travel the world.
  • Some programmers showcase their skills and expertise through YouTube channels and blogs while also maintaining their regular jobs.
  • Some programmers channel their creativity into developing their own web applications and tools websites.
  • Many programmers contribute to open-source projects, working collaboratively to create free and accessible software.
  • Launching a startup is a common goal for some programmers who aim to turn their ideas into successful businesses.
  • A few ambitious programmers even create their own programming languages, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Senior programmers who have gained extensive experience and expertise may choose to write and publish books, sharing their insights with others.

Some of the top inspiring programmers are following that you can follow and get inspired to align your vision and career scope:

Found more here.

We learn from the above popular computer programmers that it is not necessary that if you know coding then you should spend your life only doing programming jobs. Even if you have basic knowledge of computer programming, you can still do great things.

Nature and God have given thousands of opportunities to every person according to his deeds, needs and abilities. No matter what profession a person is in.

It is not that only programming comes then only you can earn a big job or a lot of money. You will get money for the work done by you. Your worth and income growth will be determined by how you take advantage of the opportunities and resources in front of you today, right now.

The 1st step: Ways to learn to program and become a computer programmer.

1. Computer science and engineering degree course:

If you’re a student or just completing basic schooling then the best method is it join a computer science and engineering degree program. A 3 to 5 years degree course from a good college can help you to learn computer and technology in detail. College and a computer science degree can help you to get a job faster. But this is a costly process.

Along with this for more practical experience and computer programming knowledge you also have to do online courses, need work on your own side project, join boot camps, etc.

Still, your success in the computer programming field will depend on you. Everyone including college can help you to get a good technology education. But until then you do not implement and experiment with your ideas, you will not get success. The point is that in the technology field, your success depends on you. You have to prepare yourself to go through failure, and obstacles to enjoy success.

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2. Online programming CoursesNot a problem if you do not have time, or budget or do not like to do a computer science degree. It is not mandatory that you can be a successful programmer only if you join the degree program. As I told above your success depends on you. Your dreams are yours, and no one will care about that, even if you will be rejected hundreds of times, still you have to believe. That I can do it.

So if you have I can do it. And you can go through an undefined path then you can also do online programming courses to start your journey.

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3. Start creation and experiment: Whatever you learn in any quantity try to use that practically. Start writing code and creating small programs that perform specific actions. This will give you confidence and ideas to keep going. And one day, you will be expert enough to think and able to write and imagine the code, and syntax on your own.

More Tips:

How to learn computer skills at home

How to learn any type of IT skills online

Other things to do:

  • Watch programming and new software launching events by visiting or virtually. This will help you think about what’s going on in the Tech world, and what can be the need in the future. When you are able today, to identify the need and problems people will face after 5 years or 10 years, then you can be able to get great ideas for your own startup or software. Tech events and learning can help with that.
  • Join online or offline programming boot camps and forums. This will help you to learn to compete.
  • Read programming books especially those written by famous programmers these books will help you to gain experience.


So, friends, what I knew, I shared with you. I hope this answers all the programming questions arising in you.

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