How to learn any type of IT skills online


You can learn almost all types of Information Technology, Computer Science, digital marketing, management skills online. Online learning is rising more than ever and it’s on the highest level than ever. Especially after worldwide covid-19 pandemic.

There are various types of niche specific IT courses, degree programs and platforms online. Anyone can learn IT skills with the comfort of home.

Online education and online classes have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here you can learn more: Top 7 powerful advantages of online classes for students and Online Classes vs Traditional Classes Essay

The variety of IT skills is more than in any other field. And IT skills is the mostly used skills in business, innovation and development.

There are cheap, high quality, low quality, specific, degree and diploma-based courses and methods to learn IT skills.

Following are the popular IT skills to learn online:

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You can learn for free and by paid. You can learn from any source and methods.

But due to availability of too many options in online learning platforms, courses, skills and methods it’s very confusing for students or beginners to select the best source for learning IT skills. Even if they select the best sources, still there is no guarantee that they will complete it.

Learning IT skills online is one thing, but learning itself is a skill. While learning IT skills, you have to improve your learning skills and methods. Learning ability is built by following systematic process, syllabus, creativity, practice, passion and interesting or challenging learning methods. You can’t build your learning ability in one day; it will take time.

Kids have great and highest level of learning ability and methods. When we are kids, we are quicker in decision making and learning the difficult or even non-interesting subjects. Learning ability starts to build from the childhood. It’s very challenging to maintain that in the later half of career and most us lose that by not taking actions on the ideas.

But those maintain it achieve highest level of success in career and business.

So, in this post, my personal goal is to help you to build your learning ability so that you can learn any type of IT related skills online effectively and interestingly.

I have learned and used many computer and technology skills online in my career so far. And I also have 15+ years of teaching inhouse basic computer skills to more than 1400+ students or more. And I am also writing about various IT and computer science subjects and skills related to career and business from the last 8+ years in this website.

So, you have don’t have to worry about authentication and evidence of my experience in this field. It’s pure 1st hand information and guide for you to learn IT skills. Whether you want to do programming, graphic design, computer science degree or basic computer course and the process and methods shared in the post fit to any type IT skill that you want to learn online.

I believe that if you follow this guide and steps, it will be very helpful for you in learning any type of IT skills online.

So, let’s get started:

 1. Set learning goals:

Learning required focus, consistency and self-belief. It will not come without goals and discipline. Having goals and reasons for learning help to learn and practice the lessons or skill consistently. It makes us disciplined and improve our confidence.

So, the 1st thing you should do even before the selection of the IT course is to set goals and strong reasons why do you want to learn that specific skill.

For example, you want to learn web development to build SaaS based web application. You want to learn SEO skills because you want to increase organic traffic to your eCommerce store. You want to learn basic and advanced computer skills to start working as a freelancer. There are various types of goals and reasons behind the learning. But you have to select your own goals and define your own.  For example, many learn programming to get a programming job or to work as a programmer. While other learn the same skills and course to build something on their own.

In one class not all 10 students have same goals and reasons behind the learning. Each students have their own reasons.

These are the goals and reasons. You have to define clearly on what do you want. And why. It will help you in the selection of best IT course, online IT courses platforms, degree, diploma and tutorials.

You can start with small daily and monthly learning goals. So, learning IT skills online or offline effectively, it’s very important to set goals and then take actions or working on the things that help to achieve them.


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2. Watch Video Tutorials:

You can learn digital marketing, web development, basics of computer science on watching free YouTube video tutorials. There are great courses and educator on YouTube. But finding the right channel for learning is very important. Many are just copying and pasting the information.

Join the course based on your goals, not on course goals. And make sure course goals and your career goals match with each other.

Make sure that you learn only the things that help you to achieve your goals. You don’t have to get influenced and change your goals when someone shows you how much money they make from their own methods. If you goal, is it to learn programming to build web application, then your focus should be on that, not on how to earn money as a web developer on YouTube.

3. Join Live online classes:

You want to personalized learning experience and want to learn with fixed daily schedule step by step any type of IT skills then it’s best that you can join Live training classes.

This is not the quickest learning methods and it required 1 to 3 years or even more to complete the diploma and degree course. It’s also best for the freshers or students those want to do degree courses online.

While there are many individual and professional freelance educator as well teaching various type of IT skills online. You have to pay per class or per course. So live online classes are another method to learn IT skills online.

4. Online degree, diploma or skill-based courses:

Online courses are pre-recorded video tutorials and lectures based on the syllabus and course goals. For example, you will find courses that will promise to teach you web development in 12 hours Or all digital marketing skills in just one course. While you will also find niche specific courses such as squarespace eCommerce website building course. And many provide accredited online IT courses.

Online courses are created by freelance professionals, educators, institutions and universities. Many are good but some are fake as well. The price of these courses can be from $5 to $10000.

But learning from a complete course have its own advantages than learning from random topics on free videos.

5. Read Books

Books are the oldest method to clear IT concepts and basic fundamentals. When internet was not that common, then the most popular learning methods was books. Still, there are many people find it best to learn from books than watching videos.

You will find thousands of IT books online on programming languages, algorithm, data structure, web development, innovation, management and IT leadership.

It’s also great methods of learning deeply about the IT subject. Along with you online courses, video tutorials, I will suggest you to read books on that subject as well daily for 1 to 2 hours.

So not only become skilled, but you also know how to use and what the use of that skill in innovation, career and business. Learning from others experiences is one of the greatest methods of learning.

6. Read Blogs

Blogs are other innovative ways to learn and improve your IT skills online. Blogs are like magazines. Where you will get latest information and tips on Information Technology, Trends, Gadgets and innovation. Blogs are run by individuals, institution and companies to educate and inform their audience.

But not all blogs are written by experts, some are just copying and pasting the information written by the original sources. So, it’s very important to identify the right IT blog or magazine to follow for IT consultancy.

7. Practice:

Whether you learn online or offline, whether you do degree course or just $5 course, whether you learn from expert or from freshers, without practice you will not to be able to build IT skills.

Not only practice is important but how-to do-good practice is more important so that you can build and automate quality products and services.

While thousands of people can suggest you what to learn and where to learn, but only experts can tell you how to practice. Not all students can practice or learn IT skills from single method.

Instructors must have 4 to 5 types of teaching methods. So that if one method is not interesting for one group of students then they can follow the another one.

Also knowing to do one thing more than 3 ways will also help to solve technical problems faster.

For example, one method of practice is to build something on your own then share that.

I mean if you want to build SEO skills, then start your own blog or website and then try to get traffic to that. Similarly, if you want to learn to build web application, then try to build web application.

Learning not means just become listeners and viewers. The real learners learn from taking actions. So whatever small or big you learn, implement that each day, before you learn new and move to next lesson.

 8. Develop and Create:

Set your mindset to develop and create something new and unique that solve your own technical or other technical problems. For example, if you want to learn programming then try to build the program that help others to reduce the website loading time to less than one second.

You don’t have to find to solve bigger problems but just a small problem. It can be to create website build extension or create of resume template in Microsoft word.

When you try to develop and create you will search from more information and ideas, and in that process, you will learn more than a course.

And when you use and implement your skills then our brain automatically starts looking for more expertise and knowledge about that skill.

So, I hope the above tips and methods will help you to learn IT skills online. If you want to learn specific IT skills online then you can also let us know that. And we will cover that in our upcoming posts.

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