How to learn computer skills at home


You can learn any type of computer skills at home by using YouTube, Online Courses, Books, and Live computer training classes.

Anyone can learn computer skills online at home whether you’re a student, professional, business owner, investor, housewife, or senior citizen. There are various options that you can choose to learn computer skills online.

You can learn basic and advanced computer skills, programming, and graphic design skills and you can also do various online IT courses as per your career, business goals, hobbies, interest, and demands at home.

There are various free and paid online course websites. Each online course website has its own course price, syllabus, features, and support for students. But the problem arises when you are unable to choose which online course site or platform is best for you. And it’s a very important decision before you start learning online.

Due to the wrong selection of online course platforms, many students are unable to complete the course, and they waste time, money, and resources. Each online course provider website or company considered itself the best online learning platform. So, it’s tough to choose which one is actually best for the learners.

That’s why we’re writing this post. In this post you will get informed about the ways, platforms, and courses to learn computer skills online:

So, let’s get started:

1. Learn on YouTube:

If you know what you want to learn and you know how you can learn that is better than trying to learn computer skills on YouTube at home. If you have basic computer knowledge and want to improve your computer skills then YouTube is best. It’s because you can improve your skills by learning from others’ experiences and talents.

Here are the examples of skills and courses: Best Basic Computer Course Syllabus: Improve your computer skills

But if you’re new and don’t know much about computer courses, skill and then it’s important that 1st you do and follow the complete step-by-step course. It’s because 1st you have to build and explore your talent.

But if you’re new but just start following the experiences of others rather than a course then it’s tough to build the basics of that skill in you. It’s because your 1st hand experience will be others’ experience and not yours. That’s why 1st build your own understanding and mindset about the subject.

There are thousands of differences between a course and free YouTube tutorials.

While many computer skills tutorials are great on YouTube. But still, there are many that are not consistent with the topics. It’s because not all YouTubers are professional teachers, most of them are content creators.

But if you want to become a content creator after learning computer skills then you can also go with them. For example, if you find a YouTube channel with content creation skills or someone creating content on graphic design and you want to repeat that or even you want to do similar on your own, then learning from that person or channel will be more beneficial than a course.

And YouTube videos are also good for quick information and tutorials. But not when you want to learn something step by step and deeply. But if you can’t afford online courses, then you have to research a little more to find the right channel.

And then you will end up with 10 to 20 YouTube channels, and you will also find that all are teaching the same things. But you have to follow them all and wait for their new content related to your subject. And due to that, it will consume your more time.

So you can better plan your study source especially when you’re learning something for your career and job. Learn more: How to plan the right online computer training course to join

2. Learn by doing online computer courses:

If you don’t know about the computer skills syllabus then do an online course. For example, if you want to learn Web Development but you don’t know how to learn that step by step then the best method is to do online courses. It’s because you will get a complete web development syllabus and you will also get all the tutorials in a single place.

Now you can say that you can learn that on YouTube as well and I agree with that. But most of the YouTube content on computer education is experience but the experience is not a syllabus it’s advice.

Yes, you can create a great syllabus from the experience, but I can’t personally teach a new student my experience. I can teach better with experience, but I have to create an innovative, demanding, and creative computer course syllabus for students. And that can be never seen before. And it will be challenging for me also.

And when something is challenging for a teacher to teach then he/she will teach that better and students will learn more and best.

Else if you choose YouTube, when you don’t know what need to learn to achieve certain career and business goals then it became confusing and time-consuming for you to select the right course and channel.

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That’s why when you’re not sure about the things that need to be covered in the computer course, then find top-rated computer course.

Once you complete the course or even during the course you can watch free YouTube videos related to that topic. And that will help.

So no matter, whether you want to learn graphic design, web development, data science, and machine learning or any other skill the best method that I suggest is a complete course with a good syllabus. And online courses are more effective and less costly. Especially those who don’t have much time or want to learn computer skills at home.

Even is highly possible that you will find a computer course from a course seller but not from a teacher. Education is a product on the Internet and even offline as well. It’s tough to find great teachers and sources. And you also have to stop looking for the perfect source.

Instead, you have to build your learning cap city and analysis skills and keep learning, practicing and moving to the next topics. That’s the only solution.

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3. Read Computer books:

Many find it very useful to learn and build computer skills by reading books. There are various types of computer books to learn. Books have their own goals. Many are to help you in competitive computer exams, some are to teach you step-by-step skills, and some are for beginners. And many are with personal experience, philosophy, and trade.

There are various advantages of reading computer books to build computer skills. But how and when you read them also matters.

There are a few strategies to take advantage of computer books to learn computer skills such as:

  1. You don’t watch any video tutorials or don’t do a course but you will read and learn from books. In this case, you can read one chapter or topic in books and then implement the tips on your own computer. With each chapter and example, you will be able to learn. This is the oldest method and but still very effective for many.
  2. The 2nd method is that do online courses, also watch free videos, and also read books. Give all of the minimum 2 to 3 hours each day, then give 2 to 3 hours for yourself to practice. This is the best method that you can follow to learn computer skills on your own or if you want to teach computer skills to yourself.

Find outBest ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

Reading computer books will also improve your computer and technology vocabulary and you will be able to read and understand technical topics much faster. This is also missing in free tutorials and online courses as well. It’s because books give time for your brain to read, understand and imagine. And you know that imagination is more powerful than a degree and diploma courses and certificates.

Those who invented various technologies and machines 50 to 100 years ago don’t have the luxury of the internet, many of them did the greatest invention of all time with just imagination and books.

And Elon Musk and Bill Gates are many Technology founders and inventors who like to read books. So, if you do it, it’s not a bad thing. The source is not that much important as important someone’s learning capacity. If you’re interested in and passionate about computer subjects, you will learn that on your own at home. You just have to give time and focus.

You just have to give time to learn and practice with full focus, interest, and dedication. It might be easy at home for you but along with family you have to dedicate a few focused hours.

Everything will be possible that you think to make possible. And biggest startups and successful companies once started from home. And the next one can be yours.

4. Join Online Computer Training Classes:

Learning live and joining online computer classes is another method of learning computer skills. There are various computer science and technology-related online classes, certificates, and diploma courses. Many are provided by accredited institutions and also by freelance computer educators.

Online live training classes are best for those who have lots of questions to ask, those who want to interact with teachers, and those who want to clear their doubts in real and practical ways.

For them, online live computer classes and live computer training websites are good best for them.

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5. Read Blogs:

Read and follow the blog dedicated to computer skills, computer science, and technology education. Blogs are a mix of professional and personal experiences. Technology blogs are updated daily. So and you will find the latest computer and various other technology tips, skills, and guides on blogs.

6. Join Online Communities and Events:

Once you complete the basics and now want to work as a computer professional then you join your niche-specific online communities. For example, if you want to work as a python developer then you can join the python community, similarly, if you want to work as a robotics expert then you can join robotics communities.

So, there are unlimited ways on the internet and offline to learn computer skills. You can learn online and you can also learn computer skills offline by joining 3monhts, 6 months, or 1- or 3-year computer diploma or degree courses. And you can also do that same online at home.

Here you can find another post in which you will also get knowledge on how to learn any type of IT skills online at home or anywhere.

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