What is Computer Literacy?


Computer literacy is the use of computers, the Internet, and information technology by individuals and groups to perform their daily tasks, to achieve their own life, career, and business goals, or to help others.

In simple words, when a person knows that he can use technology, computer, software, mobile apps, websites, search engines, and social to do a particular task himself or get it done by others, then he is called computer literate.

Example of a Computer Literate Person

A common computer-literate citizen

A person in a village knows about various government schemes of the government by using the internet and YouTube. After that, the person applies online using a mobile or computer to take those government schemes.

If that person does not have a computer or even a printer and scanner. So that person is also aware that he can apply for these services of the government even after going to Lokmitra Kendra or CSC (Common Service Center). This is a basic proof of computer and information technology literacy of a common citizen of any country.

A computer-literate businessman

A business person who only knows that he can also spread his business across the country through social media, or by creating a website, and making videos.

Although that person himself does not know how to use the computer. Nor has he done any basic computer course. Nor does he have a computer. Despite this, that person makes a social media page for his business by taking the help of a person. Creates a Google Business Profile for your business. Builds a website and starts marketing online.

This businessman will also be called computer literate. Although he neither has a computer nor has he ever done any computer course. But despite this, he will be called literate. Because whatever information he got about computers and online marketing, he used to grow his business.

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Technology has advantages as well as disadvantages. But the harm and bad habits can be avoided by getting a basic education.

An information and technology illiterate person can easily become a victim of fraud, scams on the internet. A computer illiterate will be easily influenced by anyone’s words. Nowadays thousands of such people and companies are misleading people through online videos and new technology.

How does computer literacy impact national development?

Due to the change in information technology and the ups and downs of life, the computer literacy rate keeps on increasing and decreasing. But since the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of computer and mobile internet users.

However, I do not think that any country has so far conducted a survey or census to know computer literacy. There are many countries where even the rate of basic education is not 100%. Computer literacy is a distant thing.

Even there are countries where people vote for leaders, not on the basis of their ability and work but on the basis of propaganda. Propaganda means moving away from the basic matter (development of the country, development of the people, work of the people) and connecting people with their personal agenda, which will practically have no effect on the development of the country.

To make any country developed and powerful, it is more important to have good and practical education. When a child, student, person, or woman is literate, he will automatically take cognizance and find opportunities for the development of himself and the country. In this search, such people will come in contact with information and technology. And that way they can learn and use it.

Who is not computer literate?

Every person is computer illiterate if a person has knowledge then he also has a computer and the internet but still he does not use it for his development, business and daily life activities. When every third person in a country tries to develop himself by exploiting the existing opportunities, then only the development of a country will speed up.

The country does not become developed and powerful by the presence of a few industrialists and rich people in a country or by a few people who contribute 90% to the country’s economy. But such a country becomes a victim of capitalism. Where few people take the decisions of power and development of the country.

That’s why if a country has to be made powerful, and democratic then it is very important that every person should think of developing himself. And for this information and technology can make a huge contribution. People can educate themselves or others online to any extent.

But any person will be considered computer literate only when he learns and uses technology in proper, ethical and practical ways.

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If you want more light on any computer-specific subject, please let me know.

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