How long does it take to learn basic computer skills online?


Learning basic computer skills effectively requires not only acquiring knowledge but also applying that knowledge through practice, assignments, and testing. However, the time it takes to acquire these skills depends on several crucial factors. In this article, we will explore these factors and provide insights into the duration and tips to learn more effectively.

1. Learning Methodology Matter

The method you choose to learn basic computer skills online significantly impacts the time required. Here are three common approaches:

Live One-to-One Online Computer Classes:

Learning basic computer skills in live one-on-one computer classes or through a virtual computer teacher is the most effective way to learn for beginners. When you learn from a teacher you learn step by step while ensuring that you grasp each concept correctly before moving on to the next step.

This method can take longer, ranging from one to three months. Computer teachers have to ask questions, he/she have to interact with you on various topics, they have to do assignments and they will get guidance or feedback in real time. In all this daily take’s time.

But it provides a comprehensive way to build a strong IT foundation. I highly recommend this way for beginners to choose if they want to learn basic computer skills online. Even in this way if the teacher is experienced, he/she will teach you in an easy and effective way that can also reduce the time that it takes.

Online Basic Computer Courses

Online courses on the other hand allow you to progress and learn at your own pace. You will get a complete list of course modules or topics in advance. These courses often mention a total video duration such as 3 to 4 hours.  In that way, it’s possible to complete the basic computer course in a day. But real learning goes beyond watching videos. You have to practice and need to understand each concept. You must schedule your time each day to focus on learning. In this way, you can learn faster.

But buying an online basic computer course is not a good option for beginners, especially for those who do not know how to browse the internet, turn on or turn off the computer. Online computer courses are ideal options for individuals with prior experience or those seeking a quick review.

Here are the things you can consider: Online Courses? Is it the right way to learn basic Computer Skills?

Learning by Watching Free YouTube Video Tutorials

Many take advantage of free YouTube video tutorials to learn basic computer skills. There are many good free online computer courses on YouTube and channels to learn computer skills.

However, the content in most of these videos is generic, lacking depth and real-time interaction. YouTube is good for finding quick solutions or to know about something after a search.

But basic computer skills learners even don’t know how to search or what to search on YouTube. So they end up watching random videos.

This way watching and searching for basic computer skills-related videos takes more time. Those learning basic computer skills on their own become dependent on the YouTuber or channel that they produce.

Also, YouTube has lots of distractions. Most of the video titles and thumbnails are inspired by clickbait. Students feel cheated after watching such videos.

Also, YouTube videos contain ads and lots of other recommendations. As you know students’ mind is creative and change many times during the learning. In this way, students are unable to focus on the topic. They are easily influenced or get distracted by seeing another video heading or thumbnail.

This way students can’t learn effectively.  And it’s also a more time-consuming process due to the difficulty and limited interaction with instructors. Even if they provide feedback or reply in comments. But that reply does not come up in real time. And when it comes students are not interested or not able to understand that.

Yes, videos are good for those who have some kind of idea of what is important to watch. How to stay focused and how to practice as per the instructor. I also have learned many things on YouTube. But I know how difficult it is even for me who has been teaching and learning computer skills for the last 18+ years.

That’s why I think learning basic computer skills on YouTube is not effective for students especially those who are just beginners.

2. Syllabus Complexity

The complexity of the basic computer course syllabus also plays a role in the learning duration. If the syllabus is small and specific, regardless of the learning method, you can expect to finish it relatively quickly. However, if the course syllabus is thoughtfully crafted by an experienced computer teacher, it is essential to go through each module to gain proficiency. That takes time.

Here I have created very basic computer skills lists, most important for beginners or those even don’t how to open YouTube on a Computer or do not even know how to turn on a computer.

For those who have some basic understanding but are still not comfortable with them, this is the basic computer syllabus they can follow: Best Basic computer course syllabus for beginners

Those who have done some kind of computer course offline or online – but still feel like beginners can find options in this post: Online Basic Computer Courses: Learn Essential Computer Skills

Note: Each of these posts focused on beginners. Now there are various types of beginners such as:

  • Beginners who even don’t know how to turn on the computer.
  • Beginners have some kind of knowledge through friends and videos.
  • Beginners who have learned computer in schools years back but not confident in basic personal or professional work in computer.
  • Beginners who are just starting or looking to build a career in the IT field. So they looking or thinking of going into the field with computer engineering or computer science degrees.

I hope I explained the above scenario effectively. But for personal guidance or to disable your confusion, you have to consult with an experienced computer consult or you can contact me.

3. Consistency is Key

Consistency in your learning and practice schedule is important.  If you do not allocate dedicated time to learning and practicing basic computer skills, your progress will be slower. Irregular study patterns can lead to forgetfulness and the need for repeated lessons.

4. Avoiding Gaps in Learning

Gaps in your learning schedule can hinder your progress significantly. For instance, if you travel regularly and miss classes, each gap creates the risk of forgetting previously covered material. In such cases, instructors may need to revisit previous topics before progressing, which can extend the overall learning duration.

5. Learn to manage your time effectively

If you’re a college student then read this guide: Time management strategies for college students

For example, if your evenings are occupied, you’ll find some free time from 9 AM once your children are at school, courtesy of your husband. The hours from 9 to 11 are perfect for a housewife. Here you can learn more16 Ways for Women to Maximize Productivity At Home

So the time it takes to learn basic computer skills online varies based on your chosen learning method, the complexity of the syllabus, your consistency in practice, and the avoidance of learning gaps.

While quick online courses and YouTube tutorials may seem tempting, a more comprehensive and personalized approach through live one-on-one classes may be the most effective way, especially for beginners.

In your journey to acquire basic computer skills, remember that investing time and effort in understanding the fundamentals thoroughly will serve you well in the long run, ensuring that you can confidently and proficiently use computers for various tasks on your own.

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