Online Courses? Is it a right way to learn basic Computer Skills?


When it comes to learning basic computer skills, online courses have gained popularity in recent years. However, are they truly effective for beginners? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of learning basic computer skills through online courses and discuss why one-on-one classes may be a better alternative.

Online courses, while widely available, often lack the personal touch that live classes offer. They can feel more like products than personalized educational experiences. Many students who Enroll in online courses do not complete them, lacking the motivation to navigate the material independently. If you’re facing such a problem please read these tips: 5 learning techniques to be successful in online classes

Point to consider: Online courses are good for those who have some kind of basic computer knowledge and those who can stay consistently, motivated and disciplined for a long period of time.

Online live classes can also have some kind of problems or issues for students. But in this post, I am talking about one-to-one classes. Not a group of class. You can also consider this as a mentoring or online basic computer coaching class for a single student daily.

Online Courses Cons and One to One live Online Computer Class Pros

How do online courses limit students’ creativity?

Online courses, while accessible and convenient, often fall short when it comes to teaching or learning basic computer skills effectively. When I am talking about basic computer skills I mean from zero. You can also consider these points if you want to learn the basics of computer programming and the basics of digital marketing.

1. Need to buy 3 to 4 courses

I have shared and recommended many courses for students from the last many years online. But when it comes to finding a single basic computer in which students can learn all these basic computer skills. I haven’t found all that in a single course. And due to that students have to buy 3 to 4 courses to complete its basics. And learning basics from 3 to 4 different instructors is also not good.

Instead, they hire a computer instructor or join a live online class and learn basic computer skills each day for 1 hour for the next 3 months. I am sure and guarantee that they will be very good at computer basics.

2. Lack of Hands-On Practice

Online courses typically lack hands-on practice opportunities, which are crucial for mastering practical computer skills like creating tables, and forms, connecting devices, sending emails, changing computer settings etc. Learning by doing is key, and this element is often missing in online courses.

Even if they can learn on their own or practice, until someone tests their performance or asks an important question or does not correct them on a specific point, they will not be able to learn from their own mistake or even they are not able to identify it or from their own mistakes.

But if you’re learning basic computer skills remotely then a dedicated teacher or instructor is accountable for the student’s progress, providing guidance, motivation, discipline, and real-time performance assessments. For example, he/she can train you or give you exercises to practice like these: 18 Best Basic Microsoft Word practice exercises for beginners

2. Absence of Real-Time Feedback

Immediate feedback is essential for effective learning. In online courses, the delay in receiving feedback can hinder a student’s progress and understanding of the material.

However, in live sessions, students can interact with their teacher in real time, enabling them to seek clarification, ask questions, and build confidence without the need for additional courses.

3. Limited Personalized Guidance

Every learner is unique, and their needs vary. Online courses tend to be one-size-fits-all, lacking the personalized guidance required to address individual learning styles and difficulties.

However, in one-on-one online computer classes, the course syllabus can be tailored to the student’s specific goals and aspirations. This customization ensures that the student is learning what is most relevant to them. As a student, you can contact your instructor to teach you these specific things or software more. For example, you can say that I want to learn basic computer skills and I want to understand everything that is important for me to run my online eCommerce business.

Basic computer skills go beyond using a computer or the internet. After learning the basics you or the student can do the following things: 

  • Work online
  • Start your own online business
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Pursue advanced courses independently
  • Undertake various tasks like data entry, assistant roles, and tech support

Learn more: Advanced computer skills to learn after basic computer course

In contrast to online courses, live one-on-one classes offer a more personalized and interactive learning experience.

Is it possible to learn basic computer skills through live online computer classes on a daily basis?

Learning basic computer skills is entirely feasible through video calls, chats, and phone calls. This approach offers faster learning, deeper understanding, and improved internet and online learning proficiency.

Various online tools like Zoom and Google Meet facilitate live teaching sessions, allowing students to interact with instructors in real-time, and enhancing the learning experience.

Live online classes and one-on-one sessions are dynamic and engaging ways to learn. Instructors can adapt their teaching to current trends and styles, keeping students updated and informed about changes in technology.

Conclusion: While online courses, free resources like YouTube videos, and books can be helpful for individuals with prior computer knowledge or specific learning goals. But that often lacks the personalization and real-time interaction that is necessary for beginners to effectively acquire basic computer skills.

But One-on-one classes conducted through platforms like Zoom and Google Meet offer a more tailored and interactive learning experience, enabling students to clear doubts, gain confidence, and progress faster.

So when it comes to acquiring basic computer skills online, consider the benefits and importance of live one-on-one classes for more engaging and effective learning.

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