Maximize Your Online Time: 10 Productivity Hacks for Career and Business Boost


Productive things to do on the Internet: Most productive things to do on the internet are learning, executing knowledge-based plans, and sharing experiences with others.

It sounds hard to imagine that people can get bored on the internet given its vast size, but they do. Stuck on the same handful of websites like social networks for many hours, people end up killing time for no reason and get bored eventually.

In this article, I have compiled the 27 most exceptional productive works you can do on the internet if you want career and business growth in your free time. 

In this article, you can learn various productive things that will convert your free time into prolific time. This article is very beneficial for students and entrepreneurs. There are so many websites for students and teenagers to find out the best ways to use the power of the internet. The productive use of the internet does not only mean earning money online, it is about much more than that.

So, let’s explore the interesting things on the internet for teenagers, housewives, professionals, and senior citizens.

Question: I’m bored/ I want to use my time in a better way, I want to earn some money, what should I do on the internet?

Answer: List of 27 creative, interesting, productive ways you can use the Internet to acquire new skills, learn new things and hopefully find a way to make an earning from it.

Learning on the internet is the single most important thing you can do, starting right now

Learning is one of the most important productive things to do on the internet. Learning explores and unleashes your creativity. Creativity gives you the power of imagination. Imagination helps you to think exceptionally and this kind of thinking gives you deep knowledge finally, the execution of this knowledge makes you great. So learning is the first and most important productive thing to do on the internet. It keeps your mind occupied with constructive things, leaving no time for useless things.

Following are the most important productive educational things you can do on the internet:

1. Taking online courses on the Internet: No matter how skilled you are today, there will always be something you’re missing or some new skill that is important for your success in the near future. Educational technology is fast-paced on the internet, new skills are expected to be learned at the earliest by professionals and there are vast resources available online to do this.

So,the most productive thing to do on the internet is to turn your weakness into a strength. Here the weakness is time wastage by mindless browsing, whereas the strength will be nothing short of a course completion certificate/degree from an online institute like edX (a collaborative partnership between MIT and Harvard), code academy or Coursera. So taking an online business and marketing course that will help you in your business and career is much easier now, especially with the advent of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

There are various advantages of online courses for students as well as professionals. Doing online courses is one of the coolest uses of the internet today.

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2. Watching inspirational Videos on the Internet: – Watching inspirational videos on the Internet is the most effective use of your time in a boring situation. The Internet has millions of inspirational videos which not only give you knowledge but also expand your worldview and thinking.

If you’re an entrepreneur then you should definitely watch inspiring videos on YouTube or Ted Talks. Spending just 10 to 20 minutes listening to great thinkers and industry pioneers will increase and boost your productivity in work and life.

3. Learning about online Jobs such as Freelancing: – If you’re skilled and looking to earn some income while working from home then internet jobs are the best value production methods of time on the internet.

First, you need to learn about freelancing and who can work as a freelancer. Once you understand how it works, you will be delighted with the level of freedom and global exposure it provides in your field and the flexibility in working hours. So this is the best method to use your time in productive ways that help you to earn money.

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4. Improving English Communication: – In any online or offline conversation, effective communication with clients and customers is regarded as the most important skill. Since the English language is most acceptable globally, learning and improving one’s communication skills in the English language not only helps you in your career but will add power to your personality and an educated, authoritative weight behind your words.

There are various ways in which you can learn the English language without spending any money. So use your free time to learn and improve English writing and communication on the internet.

5. Using Facebook for knowledge: – Facebook is one of the most accessed websites on the internet. It is now a part of our society. But almost 90% of the time spent on Facebook is not fruitful or productive in any way.

If you use your time on Facebook in productive ways then it will provide you with great benefits in the future. You can make good connections and expand your social circle, get access to useful data, information, and the latest trending topics.

So, to turn your time in productive ways on the internet learn about how to use Facebook for knowledge.

6. Learning on the internet about personal financial management: – If you want to spend your internet time on productive things then learn about personal and business finance. Learning on the internet about finance helps you to understand important concepts about investments, liabilities, and assets.

You can apply this knowledge to your daily spending habits. You can find several knowledge resources and apps specifically designed for the purpose of financial management such as Jagoinvestor and Subramoney. The blogs on these websites are a great read for understanding financial management at any scale.

7. Learning on the internet how to create a website: – Who doesn’t need a website today? Everyone needs a website. And how hard it is to create a website these days? It’s actually a very simple process now with automated website builders and open-source platforms with great templates for all types of websites.

So learning how to create a website is another very productive thing you can spend your free time on the internet. Website creation knowledge not only helps you to create your website but also can help you to earn income by creating websites for your friends.

You don’t need to spend an entire day learning about this. Just spend 1 hour daily on learning and you can start making websites in 10-15 days.

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8. Learn about internet marketing: – Internet marketing skills and learning how to enhance them is another important thing you can do on the internet. Learning is always productive but learning about demanding skills is what turns productivity into income.

In the 21st century, internet marketing is responsible for turning small businesses into big companies, website traffic to social media pages, and Google Adwords into Facebook Ads. Even political parties are bound to hire Twitter handlers to stay connected with their people.

I hope that you know about such things, but I’d like to underline how internet marketing skills are really in demand. So, I think learning internet marketing will be a productive use of your time that can help you directly and indirectly in your career and business.

9. Learning about Internet-related business: – #1 trending search for productive things to do on the internet is learning about internet-related business. Learn about digital marketing business, Blogging, Affiliate marketing business, learn about coupon sales, and learn about online teaching platforms.

I only suggest that you use your time to create another income source if you have free time or want to spend it on productive methods on the internet. So, it’s not bad to learn about internet business.

10. Learning new Arts: – Artistic work gives you peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction. There are various websites on the internet that turn your internet time and energy towards learning artistic works.

Learn about photo editing, photo restoration, graphic designing, pattern design, art, craft etc. These are various productive things that you can do on the internet while enjoying yourself. It will not only explore your talent and skills but also make you feel more relaxed and close to the lap of nature and beauty.

11. Learn a New Language: – If you are fluent in English and Hindi then it’s time to learn about Chinese, French and German language etc. There are hundreds of languages that are spoken over the world. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn some of them?

What if you decide to visit Japan for a conference sometimes? Learning new languages is about exploring another country’s culture, history and way of life. It will be one of the most interesting things that you can do on the internet. Again, there are several websites and apps on the internet that can help you learn a new language step by step, my current favorite is Duolingo


12. Learn about new food recipes: – I like delicious food and who doesn’t? Delicious and healthy food is good for mental and physical health. Healthy and delicious foods explore and release chemicals in your brain that boost your creativity.

If you’re a housewife or husband or anyone then trying to learn about different kinds of food recipes on the internet is a much better way of spending your online time, instead of watching WhatsApp and Facebook feeds. Such as how to make Makki Ki Roti! (corn flour flatbread). Makki ki Roti is very delicious and it’s most popular in India. Now you can find many versions of it even in top-end hotels. But very few people really know how to make it. By doing this and showing how easy it is to cook with the help of online videos and recipes, you can make your family members happy and inspire them to cook like you. It will make you appreciated and loved in your relationships and friends for creative and delicious dishes.

As the old saying goes- ‘the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach’. I think this is another productive thing you can do on the internet weekly.

13. Get knowledge about how things work?– Do you know how email works? Do you know how Google’s search engine works? I hope you know. But there are millions of things on the planet that we don’t know how they work. How they are manufactured and created. How do plants grow? How is water filtered? How is currency printed? Learning about such myriad things gives you knowledge and widens your perspective.

It will help you to share useful knowledge and participate better in group discussions and other debating situations. The Internet is full of knowledge and information with videos and maps. You can watch anything and can get knowledge about anything. Just take more knowledge about things that are relevant to you for your field of interest. This can be an exceptionally productive thing you can do on the internet.

Execution of knowledge-based plans is the 2nd most productive thing you can do on the Internet

Execution of knowledge-based plans turns your ideas into a successful business and beneficial results. The Internet helps you to take action on your plans and knowledge. You can execute your planning and build upon ideas by the use of the internet. Execution is productivity. And it is very important to be productive at work to achieve higher results.

Following are the different ways you can use your internet-gained knowledge to execute plans and be productive and profitable.

14. Create a Website – You can create a shopping website, personal blogging website or portfolio website, and any other type of website related to your hobby or passion. It’s fairly simple once you know the basics- Buy the domain on GoDaddy. Get hosting from Hostgator.

Download and install WordPress on your hosting server (Cpanel), Find the best WordPress Theme, free or premium. Watch and read the documentation of the theme. Watch WordPress website designing tutorials. Once it is done submit it to Google webmaster tools or index. then Create a roboto.txt file and sitemap of your website and add or submit it to Google.

This is what I called the execution of knowledge day by day, week by week, or when you have free time. This is what turns your knowledge into the productive thing you can do on the internet.

15. Do online jobs: Visit freelancing websites and learn about their policies, terms, conditions etc. Create your account and profile on top freelancing websites. Such as Upwork, Guru, Fiverr Etc. See the projects and works available and think if can you do it. Can you learn about it? For example, if it’s Search Engine Optimisation then Google about it and knows if you’re capable of doing the job perfectly.

So, only apply for the jobs you think you can do with high quality. Promote your profile on social media and on your personal website. Improve your communication skills and write a high-quality cover letter. Set a genuine price for your services.

Complete the work on time and get the payment from Upwork directly to your bank account. This is what I think can be a productive thing you can do on the internet from anywhere in the world. You don’t even need to wear any pants and you don’t have to go through traffic when you start earning online.

You can learn from the complete freelancing guide about Upwork and freelancing as a career move here: Freelance Guide and Tips for Beginners: Based on my own personal experiences and success


16. Sell products online: – You can sell your own products or other’s products on the internet and get a commission based on total sales. If you think you have good marketing skills then you can write catchy product description content and upload it with exceptionally designed product images.

There are various websites on which you can sell your products online such as Amazon or Flipkart (Now bought by Walmart for $ 16 Billion ) . You can also sell your unused furniture, old mobiles, cars and accessories on the internet on sites such as olx and quicker etc.

You can even rent or sell your property on magicbricks and 99acres. It’s another productive thing you can do on the internet for selling first-hand and second-hand products.


17. Use Google Trends: – You can use Google Trends and see what is trending around the world. You can explore all kinds of topics that were in trend from the last few years to the present day.

You can see the most relevant articles, keywords, hashtags, etc., based on current trends in a particular country. Exploring and utilizing the information and data from Google trends is another productive thing you can do on the internet.


18. Stay updated through News Websites: – News keeps us updated all the time. Reading and getting the point of view of different Journalists on politics, technologies, and business will expand your thoughts and point of view. It is also a great productive thing you can do on the internet in which your general knowledge will be increased. It will help in various Banking, UPSC and SSC, etc. exams and interviews.

For example, you can read about the cashless economy, Online transactions, the environment, pollution, elections, etc. You can see customized news on the internet. For that, you need to search on Google about that topic and after seeing all the search results click on News, so you will get the news you want to read.


19. Read and subscribe to knowledge and information-oriented blogs: – If you spend a lot of time on the internet and don’t know what is the best method to turn curiosity into an executable knowledge-based plan then subscribe to knowledge and information-oriented blogs such as in which you get career development ideas and knowledge.

Learning via blogs is very productive, it will help to expand your point of view. Once you want to gain knowledge and want to know about something that is creative and unique you can visit that blog and read the latest blog post. This takes only 30 to 45 minutes if read daily.

The blog is like a magazine and you can get benefits by following this productive reading habit on the internet. There is even a website that helps you increase your reading speed called Spreeder, which also helps to minimize subvocalization.


20. Work on your personal development: – We think about others more than ourselves. We want to develop everything around us but we don’t have time for developing ourselves. I mean just try to work on your personal development instead of changing others.

Change yourself. Set personal development goals that will make you successful. Improve your health and fitness. Get up early and do exercise and yoga. Eat healthy foods and drink clean water.

Live with plants or spend some time in the Garden. Give water to plants and do the cleaning at your home. Learn about personal development things on the internet. This is a good use of the time that can be spent on personal development on the internet.

21. Start earning part-time income online: – Do something productive in a way that will help you to earn money. As I mentioned above that you can do various productive things on the internet that will help you earn wealth and help to live a prosperous life. Running a Blog monetized with Adsense can be a lifetime productive work you can do on the internet.

Online jobs, website development, Digital Marketing, Content writing, and affiliate marketing are a few productive options available on the internet.

The time you spend sharing knowledge is the most productive and noble time of your day

Sharing is a great human virtue. Sharing your expertise and experiences can help freshers and even other professionals in their careers. If you’re great at something such as writing or business then why hold that knowledge close to your chest? Just share such knowledge on educational platforms.

There are blogs, YouTube channels, and social media platforms that you can use to transform others’ lives in a great way.  Every one of us has to go with empty hands at the end of life. God doesn’t need our knowledge, money, and expertise. This is only helping you on this earth and it’s no use if it’s not helping others after your sharing.

But if you help others through your experiences and thinking then it’s great noble work. And it will help us in many ways later in our life.

So, if you’re looking to do productive things then you can share knowledge and experience on the internet. So, everyone from students to job seekers will understand the Importance of internet in our life essay


22. Write on your Blog: – Blogging is the best method you can use to help and inspire people on the internet. You only have to find the problems people are facing in their daily life. You can also start your blog related to your hobby. Once a week or daily, you can write to people.

No matter if no one is reading your blog. You just keep sharing and writing your views on topics. Yes, blogging is also a business. But treat your business like the most inspiring business on this planet. This is the way I think you can spend your time on the internet by blogging and sharing your great knowledge with others.


23. Connect with people on social media and share your views: – Yes, you can use social media 2-3 times a week if you’re busy or even free. Too much social media is not good for mental health, it causes stress and anxiety.

You can share good and motivational quotes and educational/career guidance on Facebook.

You can share inspiring stories and funny things that bring smiles to other people’s faces.

You can share knowledgeable posts that help others. Don’t do it for likes and shares, just be humble and down to earth and do it like it’s your duty to help the last people off the line. This can be productive use by learning from others and sharing your own views. Also, you can inspire people to plant a tree and save water and prevent pollution.


24. Teach people the skills you’ve already mastered at- We are all very talented and experts in many areas, so we are living a good life -eating better foods, getting good projects and we’re earning good money.

But you know there are so many unemployed and unskilled people around us who’re fighting to survive and make their careers? Who doesn’t have the desire to grow their skills and become a pro? There are so many people around the globe who want to learn but they are not finding an expert like you. So, you can help such people and it’s a great service that a human can do on this earth and of course, it is noble work. Start your YouTube channel and come in front of the camera.

Write a book about something. Provide consultancy services. There are so many options for helping others by using Teaching and educational platform. And teaching is very productive and my favorite thing to do on the internet.


25. Become the solutions: – People are facing various kinds of problems in their daily life. Not all are getting the solutions. People are asking various questions regarding their life, career, and business on forums and QA sites. Such as Quora and Answers dot com. You can answer one question daily. It will be another productive thing to do on the internet.


26. Make people happy and inspire them to live the life they dreamt of: – Make people happy, write a joke, design a joke or create and post funny videos on the internet. That inspires people to live life. There are so many people doing similar things and you just explore your own creativity so that people can feel happy and enjoy the present moment.

27. Play brain Games or solve puzzles: – The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. You can train your brain to be more productive and efficient by solving a puzzle and playing brain-related games. This is the best thing for your brain that you can do on the internet. It will also increase your thinking capacity and learning skills.

That’s it.

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