How long does it take to learn Microsoft office 365


Microsoft Office applications (Office 365) are collectively used in various trades and professions.

There are various functions, menus, and options in Microsoft Office applications that are used to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and daily official and personal works.

To become proficient in Microsoft Office you have to learn the following applications/works that are mostly used.

  • Microsoft Word – You have to learn to create and edit professional-looking documents for various works.
  • Microsoft Excel – You have to learn to perform various data calculations, analyses, and visualization so that data can help to make decisions.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – You have to learn to create and set up presentations to showcase data and information through animations, videos, images, text, and speech.
  • Microsoft OneNote: In OneNote, you have to learn to collect, store, and manage data and information.
  • Microsoft Publisher: If your current work or you think in the future you have to create a newsletter, flyers, brochures, invitation cards, or posters, then you can learn publisher. Even you can do this work also in Word but the publisher application is specifically designed for these things.
  • Microsoft Access: It is another data management application similar to excel. But this is mostly used for data reporting whereas excel is more used to perform mathematical calculations and visualizations.

Other than learning these applications there are also Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint apps that also help to learn.

So not only do you have to learn to use various Microsoft Office applications but you also have to learn the following things that are very useful such as:

  1. Collaboration with other team members/students/teachers.
  2. You have to learn to store data directly on one drive.
  3. You have to learn to share data securely with other people.
  4. Synchronization of files and documents in mobile/computer/tablet.
  5. Online use of Microsoft Office


The above are the things that are important to learn if you want to become an expert in Microsoft office. Now let’s understand, how much time it will take to learn Microsoft Office:

So, the time depends on how you learn and how many skills you learn related to Microsoft office. Now the process of learning Microsoft office is the following:

  1. You learn one topic in 30 minutes – Such as you learned about how to insert a header and footer.
  2. Now you repeated those options and learned about the uses of header and footer. It will take min. 30 minutes to understand.
  3. After this, you practiced it through exercise. For example, you created/designed/wrote the first lesson of the book in Microsoft Word. It will take min. 30 minutes.

Now to become proficient in setting header and footer in word, excel, and PowerPoint, it will take min. 2 hours for the beginner to learn. Not only that the next day or the day after tomorrow they have to repeat that practice.

Now think if to become a master in one thing it will take 2 hours then think there are 1000+ functions and options and how much time they will take to learn.

In IT expertise is not defined by how much time something takes to learn. It is defined by how effectively/accurately and faster you’re able to do one thing. But to do things effectively, accurately, and faster than it was the result of practice, experience, and skills. And these things take time.

So, the time that will take to learn Microsoft Office is: 

3 Hours Per Day, 6 Months to be Intermediate in Microsoft Office

3 Hours Per Day, 1 Year to be an expert in Microsoft Office

3 Hours Per Day, 3 months to learn the basics of Microsoft Office Skills

But honestly, the more /faster you learn, practice, and gain experience the sooner you will be able to become an expert and master in Microsoft Office. The master is one who knows when to use which function and application to do the work effectively, faster, and accurately. And master’s or expert in Microsoft Office not only able to do any kind of work in Microsoft office but they are also able to explain that.

So I hope this article helped you to gain ideas about how to learn and how much time it will take to learn and become a master in Microsoft Office.

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