What is Professional Development, Professional Development Goals Examples


According to me, Professional development is our capability to transform your own and others’ life by solving business, technical, economic, social, environmental and universal problems through skills, knowledge, desires, unity, and integrity.

In simple words, professional development is our own abilities and skills that we use to solve our own personal problems, dreams, and desires. It can be different for everyone such as financial growth, peace of mind, luxury and appreciation. We do it by choosing a profession, skill, talent, passion, and interest. Sometimes we do it as per the personal and national situation.

Why professional development is important: We need professional development because it’s our duty as a human to live a peaceful, happy, prosperous life.  Not only for self and but also for others. And it depends on our professional abilities, eligibility, experiences, skills. The more we will be committed to our profession and work and duties the more we will become able to transform the lives of others. And we will be able to live an impactful life. That’s why professional development is important.

In simplest words, to live impactful and financially stable and to get consistent growth in all areas of life we need professional development.

Impact of professional development in your financial situation: When someone is professional or works as per the commitment, goals, duties in his/her profession and job than it creates new financial growth opportunities.

For example:

When an employee in any company or organization work to its full capacity then he/she got promotions and bonus.

When an entrepreneur/businessman plays its role as an entrepreneur and focus on the revenue-generating activities and multiplications of available business, marketing, sales, and partnership opportunities and become the competition for others in the market than he/she earns more profits and revenue.

When a teacher forgets about its own desires, money or even forgets lunchtime many times due to the class and students then it means he/she wants to transform the lives of students. He gets a salary that’s ok. This kind of teacher doesn’t care about the platforms. They don’t care they have a government job, private job or they are teaching on YouTube and blog. They care what they are teaching and why. That’s matters to their profession.  As a result, that teacher becomes richer than even a businessman.  It’s because due to their lesson someone is doing business. And that business helping the nation and society directly and indirectly. But who teaches its matter?

When a political leader runs an election, a campaign based on work he/she did in the last 5 years or committed to solving the practical problems of the nation, state, and society in the next 5 years then that kind of leadership is professional leadership. And this kind of leadership will transform the nation, society and spread the inspiring example.

If the people doing jobs, entrepreneurs doing business, teacher teaching the students, leaders leading society and those people who want to transform the lives of others then they have to become professional and committed. And their performance, commitment, dutifulness, and discipline will reform economic development in the country, business, and organization.

Anyone can be a professional. And anyone can develop the abilities and qualities of professionals. I saw or listen that doctors, charted accountants, teachers, lawyers are known as a professional. But it’s not important. Professionalism is the ability of an individual and it’s not about degrees and diplomas.

For example, if the patient is in a critical situation in the hospital but the doctor is watching a cricket match or super over than he/she is not a professional doctor. It’s better if he/she does something in cricket. It means that the profession only to earn money.

For example, if a car dealer committed to giving RC or Vehicle number within 30 days but then unable to do that, then this dealer or company or employees are not a professional. You can’t do big deals with them.

If someone promised that he/she will do the work on time but then give excuses then that is not professionalism.

If someone feeling disturb, depressed after his/her first failure in career, job, business, and exams then that is not professional.

I hope you got some ideas about what is professional and professional development. But the question is how to become professional in career, business, jobs and in whatever the role that you’re playing.

So now let’s understand in examples about what is professional development goals and how you can become the professional that not only improves your own life and but also helps the nation.

Professional Development Goals Examples:

While many people are instinctively professional by nature. And many develop it after analyzing the goals and reasons to be a professional. The goals can be in mind and writing. So that it keeps the person aligned towards the right direction and decisions.

1. Technical Skill Development Goals:

Learning new skills is the first goal and step to becoming a successful professional. It’s mandatory to learn, update and improve computer/internet skills to grow as a professional.

It’s because, in each profession or job or works the new challenges arise each day, week and month. No one expected that. But the professional is able to solve them. It’s because they are updated and they have developed the skills that will solve future problems.

Following are the examples of learning/Education/goals:

  • Professional Web Developer:

2020: Learning artificial intelligence, blockchain in this year.

2019: His learning goals were to be the master in Website and apps development.

2018: His/her Learning goals was to be the master in WordPress Development.

2017: His/her goals were to learn the basics of web development, web development related business, web development related professions, jobs.

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  • Professional Writer:

2021: To write industry-specific articles for magazines, newspapers.

2020: To become a master in Sales Page or Landing Page or Sales funnels content writing.

2019: To become a master in writing e-commerce product page content.

2018: To become skilled in writing technical and creative content.

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  • Professional Teacher:

To become a master in online teaching through Online Courses

To become a master in teaching through Blog

To become a master in Teaching Through YouTube

To become skilled in public speaking.

Research on new problems and solutions.

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  • Entrepreneur:

2022: To become a master in Financial Management and Investment Skills.

2021: The goal is to learn about business expansion skills and methods.

2020: To learn team building and delegation skills.

2019: To become a master in sales skills.

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The learning goals have to be set based on the situation, future demands. For example, if someone wants to start a part-time business online along with the offline job then he/she has to learn about the skills that are important to start an online business. Similarly, if a business is in a difficult financial situation, then the entrepreneurs or owner have to learn or need to identify revenue-generating opportunities, to reduce business expenses and to multiply efforts.

In simple words, the professional learns consistently so that they are prepared to solve the current and future challenges. And it gives them competitive and financial advantages and more opportunities in their career.

2. Communication Skills Development Goal:

Professional take responsibility and commit to the delivery of good results from their best of efforts. People can believe in them. They communicate very clear in business meetings and deals. They don’t hesitate to tell their price, services, and goals. And they expect the same from the clients and team members. They know what they can do and what not? And the way they communicate such things with clients, subordinates, seniors inspiring and actionable. They are able to communicate well because they are able to do that it’s because they are very clear towards their goals, own capabilities, and capacity.

But they don’t settle to the one way of communication. They keep improving their communication skills, they try and use new communication channels to connect with customers.

It can be telephonic, chat, video conferencing, visual communication, written communication, and public speaking skills. The importance of learning and improving communication skills is because today there are so many platforms and tools that people are using. There are a variety of customers/team members based on their knowledge, skills, and intelligence.  So, it becomes very important for professionals to speak the language of customers. It means professional have to improve their communication skills so that they can communicate effectively with each type of person on any platforms and in their easy to understand languages.

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Following are the examples of communication goals:

  • Listening abilities so that each team member gets the chance to streamline company growth. It means listening skills.
  • Learning to present ideas through PowerPoint slideshows and presentations on events.
  • Abilities to communicate critical points and arguments with seniors in certain situations in the meeting.
  • Abilities to ignore politics and gossip in the company.
  • Able to use communication channels such as video conferencing, chatting and telephonic communication on complex matters.
  • Controlled emotions while communicating in meetings, delegation, and reporting. And the ability to use certain emotions or things such as aggressiveness, peace, defense, argument, jokes, and personal stories or inspirations when handling and managing teams.

3. Leadership Skills development goals:

Leadership skills not only mean to inspire others or lead a team as a professional but it also matters how to lead oneself. Leadership is more about own than others. When a professional guide, lead, inspire and give work deadlines to oneself then that professional start building the leadership abilities and qualities.

Leadership skills help a professional to take more and bigger responsibilities in the company. Leadership skills in professionals and teams in any organization improve the confidence of the manager or owners. And they become able to take the higher business risk that indirectly pays off or profitable also to the current team.

It’s because only a few people will get selected for the next project. And those are the people who have certain leadership skills such as they can handle or manage the failure, they can take responsibilities, they can build strategic partnerships, sales, and marketing plans and they are able to perform faster and more effectively than others.

Now such people get promotions and more responsibilities very often in any company.

Each employer finding professionals who are highly motivated by self and work. Who likes to work in any situation? Who can defend and offend in certain situations and those who can handle pressure and deadlines from the customers.

But it’s not easy to find such people who have the capacity to build 100+ companies.  If you got them, then you have to pay them 3 times more money than average professional. It’s because they are the asset in himself. And when they join a company the value of the company grows to its double.

The problem is leadership skills, qualities and habits are not that easy to learn and build. Almost each of us has unique leadership qualities. But because due to lack of leadership environment and awareness about opportunities, we’re unable to work on our full capability and capacity.

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But the competition is for vision. Who can think big and more? And improving leadership skills make it possible to think big and build the vision for the organization or products that will work in the next 100 years.

The best to learn leadership is to learn from own steps and situation. But it’s hard to identify our own abilities. But there are many leadership skills trainers who can help with this.

Leadership and technical skills (area of expertise) is the best combination to follow for a professional who is just starting his/her career.

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