How to understand computers – Easy Introduction

To understand computers you need learn more about basics of computers. Computers provide everything for users in which anyone can understand computers. I will try to explain here with simple example and easy introduction which helps you to understand computers better.

Let’s start from the definition: What is computer? Computer is an electronic device in which can store, calculate, manipulate, analyze, visualize, arrange and manage data and information with high speed and accuracy.

The name of computer in Hindi is “Sangnak” which mean a device used to calculate numbers. But today’s computers are doing almost everything that was impossible once. Here you can learn how the computers work and you should read this article and it is very helpful to understand, imagine the functions and operations of computers.

There are two parts of computers

Software:Software is an internal part of computer which we can only see and can’t touch. In more technical terms software is group of programs designed and developed to perform specific tasks.

A program is groups of functions and classes. A function is group of instruction. Instruction is given to computers by users in various methods such as click, type, code etc. for example: Windows, typing tutor, tally, adobe Photoshop, MS office etc. are software designed to perform specific tasks.

Such as windows is a main software help to recognize hardware and display a screen (desktop) where users can command computers. In other way typing tutor is designed and developed to improve typing speed, Adobe Photoshop is designed to perform graphic designing tasks. Tally software is used for accounts works such as balance sheet. Etc.

In other words: Computer software is like a soul (AATMA) in the computer. We can’t see and touch but we can feel that something is there and because of soul we’re accessible to other human beings. Soul is main operating system in human body without software (Soul) computer is useless and same it is the body that it is useless without soul. Because of soul (operating system) the body (computer) can receive commands. Our entire ear, eyes, arms, fingers, these are all our physical component of body. So, it is same in the computers, the screen, mouse, keyboard all are physical components of computers we can use them to convert meaningless things into meaningful because of software. So, software is most important part of computers.

Hardware: Hardware is physical component of computers as I explained in above paragraph. Hardware is a part of computer in which we can see and touch. Keyboard, monitor, speakers, printers, scanner, light pen, web camera all are physical component of computers in which we can see, touch and use to command computers. Such as we (human body) receive commands by ear, eyes etc.

In the definition of computer you learned that computer can calculate, manipulate, and store etc. data and information. So, what is it?

What is data & information?

Data is collection of facts but not all facts are data.   Facts are incidents, actions, imagination, creativity etc. When we write something specific objectively than it become data. For example: 8999032 xxxx numbers are data. But it is not specific or objective. We don’t know what it is? But we know that it is something and something is not data. In other example: today is very hot day. Ok, Is this data? No, it is just fact. Fact is not data only objective facts or facts that are measurable are data.

So, if it is like this: Here is data: 899xxxxxxx is mobile number. Today is very hot day the temperature is 40 degree Celsius. But this is not done yet! It is going to be!

Information is the collection of meaningful data. So in the above example there is data but that data is not meaningful. 899xxxxxxx is mobile numbers that’s ok, but is not providing any information and today is very hot day the temperature is 40 degree Celsius, similar.

My questions are: Is this providing any specific information that will be helpful to add in anything! Yes, this can be! But generally it is not!

I hope you are agreeing!

Here is meaningful information:

89xxxxxxx is the mobile number of abc.

Today is very hot day in Shimla and the temperate is 40 degree Celsius.

Now, it is information.

That’s why the combination of meaningful data and information is called knowledge.

We use computer to calculate facts for example I feeling heat outside the home, this is fact. Now we use temperate machine or computer to find the exact figure of temperature. That’s I think, how it works.

When someone asks us anything we give answers. The correct answer is based on data + information: and knowledge is output.

So, to understand, why we work on computer or why we use computer or why computer is effective then learn in the following examples:

  • We can convert meaningless data into meaningful information.
  • We can manage unmanaged data and information. Example: We create folders to collect specific files.

That’s how it all works.

So, to understand computer better, you need to use it by analyzing everything.

The process of understanding computer:

  • See the connected power cables to computers. See where it is connected, which is going where.
  • See what happen when you press power button in CPU. Such as see the lights, sound of fan, green and orange light in front panel of CPU cabinet, see and analyze what is displaying on the screen. What is happening!
  • See the welcome screen! Why it is coming, what is this!
  • After that you can see the Desktop. Understand why it is called Desktop.
  • Understand when you move mouse to start button. What it says! Click to start or start. Mean shure kare!
  • Press both mouse buttons on anything and see what happen!


The above method is looked like self-study and analytical thinking.

I hope above information is good to understand about computers. What do you think?

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