How to Learn, How to use Computers


If you’re able to search on Google how to learn how to use computers and what to learn to use computers then it means you know a little bit about computers and the Internet. This is the most important computer skill, what to search on Google or how.

Internet and search engines are within everyone’s reach these days, but not all know and are able to utilize the power of search engines. More importantly, they are not able to use the internet for learning and improving professional and business skills.

But those who are able to search on Google and can learn computer or they can learn almost all the basic computer skills + advanced computer skills as well on their own.

There are various ways to learn the computer at home. Basic computer knowledge is very important to use computers. But anyway if you know a little bit about how to turn on and turn off the computer, if you’re able to visit Google, if you’re able to learn in English or Hindi or in any language then you can learn on the internet. Here I will explore the basics things that are essential to learn and how to learn to use computers effectively.

Following are the ways you can use, to learn about computers

  1. You can learn to use a computer by watching basic or advanced computer tutorials on YouTube. There are many basic computer tutorials that definitely help you to learn about how to use a computer.
  2. To use a computer effectively than don’t depend only on YouTube Video tutorials. Because you can only see what is happening and you can do the same. That’s ok! But you should do various exercises regarding those tutorials.
  3. When you search on Google you will get the top 10 search results. This is often that we are used to opening only a few top 5 or 10 results, to learn more you just visit the second page of Google and open those links too. Then select the best website you find important. Select the best tutorials and blogs in which you think the level of explanation is to your standard.
  4. When you visit any government and private office such as a bank, billing offices, etc. then try to see how people are using the mouse, or keyboard & what they are doing on screen. This will give you many ideas.
  5. You can read about computers in the newspaper there are many internal or national Hindi-English newspapers which they share important information about computers and the latest technological tools. This will help you to understand what is happening currently in the technological world.
  6. In your family, relations or friends if anyone is computer literate then try to ask questions regarding computers to those people. This is a little tough to ask! But never shy to get knowledge. Maybe they will give you an idea that will help you to improve your computer knowledge.
  7. You can also watch TV programs and shows where you can find information and knowledge about computers.
  8. The best way to learn computers, you can join any computer training Centre in your city. Join any basic computer course programs. Also, remember that do more exercises on creating forms, performing calculations, English typing, presentations, etc. Also learn about how to connect various computer cables such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor cable, or power cables.
  9. If you don’t have time to visit the computer Centre then you can hire any computer knowledgeable people to teach you at your home. But be careful and hire only trustable person, also ask various questions regarding his past study and experiences about computers. Maybe it can be a little costly. But you can learn about your comfort. Many institutions provide home base computer teaching services. Search on Google and contact them.
  10. The best but a little tough to follow in the beginning is to take online computer classes. If you’re interested to learn from people remotely then you can join free or paid online computer courses. Also, check some of them provide certification after the course. Free online courses are also best to start and when you start getting the methods of computers and the internet. Then you can join a specific computer course online such as graphic designing, copywriting, etc. Here you can learn more about the Advantages of Online Classes 
  11. You can also learn from printed books and eBooks. There are also many inside tutorials or how-to-use tutorials in computer applications. Such as if you are using Microsoft Word and you want to learn more about it then press F1 and you will help the page. This is whole book about Microsoft Word and each option is explained very well. This type of help book is also in other applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and it is not required an internet connection to work.


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Following are basics computer skills you should learn to use a computer effectively

You can learn about theory anywhere on blogs, videos, and books. But to use a computer for benefits then you need more practical computer knowledge that you can turn later for your profitable outputs. Here are a few things that I think or recommended by the expert to learn:

Learn How to ON/OFF and Connect cables on computers. Here you can learn how computers work and How to understand computers.

1. Learn how to type in English without watching the keyboard. Typing is a really important skill to learn about computers. Here you can learn more about typing:

English Typing Speed Practice Tips & Increase Typing Speed

2. Learn Microsoft word. Microsoft word is an essential computer application that you should learn on the Internet or by offline classes. Microsoft word helps to create documents such as letters, forms, resumes, eBooks, newsletters and hyperlinks, etc. Read More: Uses of Microsoft Word.

3. Microsoft Excel is the next application of MS Office. In Microsoft Excel, you can learn how to perform calculations such as price calculation, monthly budget, income, and expenses calculation. You can learn about how to make charts and visualize data and analyze information. Microsoft Excel is really helpful in business. Read More: Importance of Microsoft excel.

4. Then next application of MS-office is Microsoft Powerpoint used to create slides, and presentations to showcase business plans, lessons, project reports, and expense reports in a way in which slides and text are animated. This is an essential application and also helpful for housewives to help children with various school projects.

5. You can also learn about the basics of the Internet. The most important are how to use Google, what to type, and how to search for the best information. Also, another important thing to learn about is basic computer and internet security. Such as the protection of computers from viruses. Here you can learn more about this:

6. Also, learn about the basics of Internet security and privacy. How to use the internet safely. This is most important in today’s times. On the internet, there are also bad people trying to cheat that’s why it’s important for kids, housewives, or everyone to protect their important data and information on the internet. Here you can learn more about this:

What is internet safety and why is it important for you


The above are just basic computer tips and skills that I think people should know. You can learn these skills by taking online classes or offline. Select the best method. But I think that basic computer education is most important so it is best to learn about this in real-time from computer instructors offline.

So, that’s how you can learn, How to use computers. The more you practice and think or analyze your instruction and output the better you understand how to use computers.

Hope this article will help you.

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