Microsoft word uses and features

Learn more advanced basics features of Microsoft Word. Full explanations of Microsoft Word use and features. In this article, I am writing about detailed features and uses of the Microsoft word application. These features help you to learn the basics of MS Word 2007, 2013, and 2016 versions.  Microsoft Word is the most important word-processing office application used by students, teachers, IT professionals and companies, etc. around the world.

Microsoft Word is the most important word-processing office application used by students, teachers, IT professionals and companies, etc. around the world.

Microsoft Word is used to create and edit professional-looking documents such as resumes, books, admission forms, letters, papers, reports and booklets, cover pages, notes, assignments, brochures, and even web pages.

Features and uses of Microsoft Word: 

1. Microsoft Word Templates Features and uses

  • Templates: – In MS Word are pre-defined professional designs for users. In which all the page layout, fonts, colors, graphics, outline, text boxes, etc. word processor user get by default. To insert a template you need to go to File Menu -> New then you can see available templates and template. MS word application contains so many templates such as business cards, educational layouts and graphics, event planner document and event management templates, flyers, invoices templates, invitations templates, many types of forms, resume templates, etc. This is the most beneficial feature of the Microsoft Word Application. Because of even less Microsoft word literate users can use Microsoft word without the knowledge of other menus and functions.

The benefit of Templates in MS word technically that any student and professional only need to replace the existed text and their document is ready to print.

If anyone wants to create a resume but don’t how to do it then they have to go into the file menu->new->template they only need to search for a resume under the template option. But to access these all features of the MS word template it is required for users that they’re already connected to the Internet.

If the user wants to send an invitation card but doesn’t know how to create it in MS word then again they need to search the invitation card template in MS Word, select the design and edit the pre-defined text.

This is the easiest way to use Microsoft Word and it saves lots of time for the users. This is how Microsoft Word use can be productive if anyone uses it smartly.

2. Microsoft Word Home Menu Features and its Uses

Microsoft word home menu contains all the basic standard formatting options such as font settings, paragraphs, styles, and editing. The home menu is very important to practice for MS Word processor students.

  • Clipboard: – In Microsoft Word Home Menu Clipboard is the first category menu that is used to store copied material temporarily.  Such as text and pictures or any object in Microsoft Word. The uses of the clipboard function are that users can copy, replace, place the text from one section to another section of the page. Also, the uses can be extended to this function such as copied texts remain saved temporarily until not deleted.  You can see your copied text and image in Clipboard when you click on the bottom right corner (little arrow sign-in box). And if you want to Copy then use CTRL+C and for paste use CTRL+V’


  • Font: – In which the user can set the font style according to the nature of the document. For example, if someone is writing an application or resume then the font can be Calibri or any professional font. If anyone is writing a fancy paragraph or poem then the font can be Freestyle Script. You can also type in Hindi, Punjabi in Microsoft Word by downloading Hindi or Punjabi fonts then installing those fonts. Such as AGRA, Kruti Deve, Kundli, etc. Hindi fonts are common in use. MS word provides more advantages for users other than any word processor. In MS word home menu users can set and change font sizes easily. They can fill color background behind the text, users can set text transformation to uppercase, lowercase, and in Title case, etc. any line can be underlined and italic based on the document style. If you want to use all font options from one place then press Ctrl+Shift+F on the keyboard. This is a shortcut key to open Font options.


  • Paragraph: – Paragraph sub-menu is another great feature in MS-word that can be used to align paragraphs, highlight features and important points by using bullets and numbers. MS Word users can also set the line spacing to improve the readability of the document.


  • Style: – If users don’t know anything about the font, paragraph formatting then they can use the style category menu under the home menu. In which any text can be highlighted according to the predefined style. E.g. heading size, subheading size, etc. confusion can be easily solved in the styles category. Such as if you’re using various heading in your essay or document but don’t know how to set the font size, then you don’t need to worry, just select the text you want to make heading and then click on Heading 1. In the styles category, there are 6 types of heading such as Heading1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, and Heading 6. Such options are very useful in education or educational material. Books and study material can be designed professionally by using these options in Microsoft Word.


  • Change styles: – Users can set any style for their document in Microsoft Word. This is another very useful option in which document style can be edited or created according to the reader of the document. In the change style menu, you can set your document style distinctive, elegant, fancy, formal, modern, newsprint, perspective, modern, simple and traditional, etc. Also, you can set paragraph spacing too tight, compact, relaxed, etc. based on the user’s demand or according to the reader’s point of view.


  • Editing: – Another use of the home menu in Microsoft word by using the Editing Category Menu. The user can find any word or line in-between documents. They only need to press F5 or Ctrl+F and then they can find and replace any text in the document. They can select, replace any object in the document. They can visit any page or section in the document by pressing Ctrl+G from the keyboard then they can put the page number and click on Go To. These wonderful features are not available in one place in such an easy style in other word processing applications.


Such technical users of Microsoft word Home menu are very beneficial for all kinds of users such as students to create assignments and notes. Teachers can use these options to highlight the main topic of the document. A business professional can use these options to create professional-looking letters. E-book writers can design their books according to this. Bloggers can write their posts amazingly by the use of these options.

3. Insert Menu Features in Microsoft Word and Uses

  • Insert means in MS Word to insert something from outside into the page. Such as pages (cover pages, blank pages, and page break), Table, picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, hyperlink, header and footer, text boxes symbols) All are great features of the Insert menu in Microsoft Word. These functions provide exceptional uses for the word user. Let’s understand these features and uses below:


  • Pages (Cover Page, Blank Page, and Page Break): – In MS-Word, the Page sub-menu contains three main features.


  • The cover page feature can be utilized at the start of the document or it will be used on the first page of the document. Such as students, teachers, professionals, writers can insert cover pages in stories, assignments, notes, and articles, etc. to highlight the title for the written story, notes, description, and author name. There are so many pre-defined cover page templates that can be used to get the attention of readers while they will receive your printed or pdf copy. Also if you’re not satisfied with these templates then there is another option called more cover pages from According to Google translator cover is a thing that lies on, around something and conceals. The magazine’s front page is also a cover page it can be edited photographs or designed text. Books front page, greeting cards first page are the examples of the cover page. I think you got this.


  • The blank page option provides the user for inserting any blank page after the cursor. For example, if you want a blank page after writing the first paragraph on one page then you can click on this option. You can also use Ctrl + Enter to insert a blank page after the cursor. The use of the blank page function is mostly found outs in book publishing or eBook designing. People also can use their notes and documents. The benefits of using this function that it will consume less memory of a computer or it will help to create less .docx (extension of MS word file) file word or .pdf(Portable document file extension) file.


  • Page break is similar to blank page option (You can use the same key: Ctrl+Enter) but it will start a new page after the click. But the difference between a blank page and page feature is that you can insert the blank page at the cursor position, where page break starts the next page at the current position. No big difference.


  • Tables Menu uses in Microsoft Word: – The use of the table menu is that you can insert or draw a table in the document. You can insert a table, draw the table, convert text into a table, and insert a quick table (pre-designed tables). This is the most important function in the Insert menu that is mostly used to design or draw calendars, reports, and invoices and used while creating forms, labels, newsletters.


  • illustrations: – Illustrations menu is used to insert the picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, chart, and screenshots. The use of the illustrations menu in Microsoft word that it will help users to visualize the document’s view to readers. Such as by inserting an image, adding clips, smart art, etc. The purpose of using these visually appealing options is to explore the creativity in readers’ minds while reading printed word files or pdf documents.


  • The picture menu is used to insert a picture from your computer hard drives or from the desktop to the current position of your cursor. You can also insert pictures anywhere in the text box, word art and in smart art, etc. Whenever you have to insert the image inside any object in Microsoft word then click on Picture Option under Illustration Menu.


  • Clip Art uses in MS word to insert Art clips such as drawings, movie clips, sounds that illustrate the concept written in the document. These features help students to understand the concept by seeing clips. Also good to use in all kinds of educational and study materials.


  • Shapes feature is used to insert rectangular, circle, arrows, charts, lines, symbols based on the demand of the document. For example, while giving examples of something such as water consumption or electricity consummations in a document then we can use these shapes in MS word. We can also highlight, colorize, decorate, or insert text and images inside the shapes. This is also a great feature to present reports in meaningful and professional methods.


  • Smart Art is one of my favorite options in MS word. The uses of this option are great especially while educating. You can visually communicate information by using process diagrams, hierarchy diagrams, list diagrams, relationship diagrams such diagrams is very important in which we can use to display organizational structure, processes such as (Input->Processor->Output). SmartArt is easy to understand and teach any complex problem. The option is also available in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Charts are used to illustrate and compare data in MS word by using Bar, Pie, Line, Area, and surface mostly used charts in MS word. We can insert an excel chart into MS word. When you click on the chart it will open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that we can use to write figures. The uses of a chart are very beneficial to display data comparison and data analytics. You can find such option mostly on math or economics books and newspaper economic page. In which publishers are using such kind of charts to display the facts and figures.


  • A screenshot is a great option in MS word and it is used to take a screenshot of opened programs or applications on the computer and on the internet. You can insert the same captured clip in MS word document in real-time. It’s like a web camera in MS word. The use of illustration options for teachers and students in Microsoft word is great. Students and teachers can use these options to explain data organization, story maps, cause and effects, topic building, clocks to teach about time. Also, entrepreneurs or managers can use these options to highlight decision trees, pros, and cons, brainstorming exercises. English tutors can use these options to enhance student’s English vocabulary etc. There are so many uses but tough to share in one post. But I hope you got the ideas about the uses of Illustrations in Microsoft Word.


  • Links: –Insert menu category contains a hyperlink, bookmark, and cross-reference function. In which users use to link any internal or external file, picture, the web page from the document. Also, the bookmark can be inserted anywhere on the page, and then we can create the hyperlink to visit that position on the same document without scrolling.


  • The hyperlink is used to create the link from text to any file, picture, videos, website. For example, if you want your reader to find more information about certain causes or solutions then you can link that source by using the hyperlink option. Such as when you search on Google for something then all the list of search results is also hyperlinked.


  • Cross-reference is similar to the Hyperlink option that is used to refer the user to headings, tables. you find such an option in E-books in which the table of content of the eBook is connected to the pages and figures. To insert a hyperlink on the selected document text from keyword press Ctrl+K on the keyboard.

Here you can read the complete tutorial about hyperlink: Hyperlink Example within Microsoft Word Document

  • Header & Footer: – Microsoft Word users can use the header and footer option to insert text, image, and symbol that is important to appear at the top and bottom of each printed page. After adding content such as graphics, page number, author of the book, title of book, date, and time. Microsoft Word automatically inserts the same text with the correct page number and other graphics on the next pages or on each printed page. Such as if you want to highlight or want to print page number on each page you’re writing you can insert and align page number on the right or left or center in the document and after adding the page numbers, it will automatically appear on the next pages with number 2, 3,4. Word process users can also use a pre-designed header and footer and can edit too. If you want to insert only a page number then just click on the page number and select the desired position.


  • Text: – Text category in Microsoft word under the home menu is used to insert TextBoxes, Quick Parts, Word Art, Drop Cap, Date &Time, and any kind of object. Uses of Text are very great for book writers, students, and for teachers to insert preformatted text boxes anywhere in the document to highlight important words, sayings or main points of written paragraphs. The user can also draw text boxes from their own anywhere in the document such as forms, books, invitation cards, and invoices. Also if they don’t know how to format text boxes, then they can download more pre-formatted text boxes from


  • Quick parts are used to insert a reusable piece of content including field, document properties such as author name, the title of a document, comments, company name, etc. such options are mostly used by news editors, books, and magazine editors.


  • WordArt is a good option to create and decorate a slogan, quotes in the documents in Microsoft Word. To use this you only need to select the piece of text then select the appropriate color style or decorative text. WordArt is also useful to insert decorative text in invitation cards, happy birthday greetings and other kinds of funny or less professional documents.


  • Drop Cap is used in books, letters, notes and new stories or newsletters to display the first letter larger at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Signature line: – The signature link uses is mostly related to the legalities of the document. Such as in government notification PDF files and legal notices signed with a stamp at the end of the page. This is similar to Microsoft Word in that government notification letters can use a signature line or they can add a digital signature at the spot. Also, any word user can insert a signature line at the end of the document or paragraph which specifies the individual who must sign or signed. Also, digital signature used in mostly Income tax returns, company audit,s and company registration numbers and can be used in related legal documents.
  • Date & Time: The date and time are easy to use features that can be inserted anywhere in the document. In Microsoft Word, there are so many dates and time formats (such as Saturday, December 31, 2016, or 31-Dec-16) are two different formats that can be used according to the nature of the document.


  • Object: – Object is an advanced feature of Microsoft Word that is used to insert any object into the document and also by creating in real-time. Such as you can insert paint program functionality by creating a bitmap image in real-time, excel spreadsheets, videos, and PowerPoint presentations mean you can insert the embedded object.


  • Symbols: – In this option, you can insert mathematical equations and can do plus, minus by using a table. Also, there is a symbol option that is used to insert a special character or symbol that is not commonly available on the keyboard. For example, you can insert a trademark symbol (™), copyright (©), and Unicode characters to display the ownership or authentication of the document that other people cannot use without permission.

This option in Microsoft word mostly used in legal, marketing, and promotional documents. Also, you can find such symbols in the company’s logo, website footer and in Wikipedia contents footer.

4. Features and uses of Page Layout Menu in Microsoft Word

  • Page layout menu in Microsoft word gives various uses for the user to set themes, page setup, page background, paragraph, and arrangement in the document. Page layout features in Microsoft word is very useful for eBook publisher and document printing business and also for common word users.


  • Themes: – In Microsoft Word, a theme is a set of pre-designed document designs fonts, headings, effects.  By the use of theme options in Microsoft word, the user can change the overall design of the page such as fonts, effects, and colors.


  • Page Setup: – Page setup is the most important option and the users start after creating a new document. I always recommend to all my students that before writing, creating, designing or doing anything in Microsoft you should first do the page setup. Why because all the page margins, page orientation, and size creating problems later when you print the document or do the arrangement of objects.


  • Margins’ option is used to set blank spaces from edges towards inside from outside. Margins are page edges that are outside the main content of the document. The margin will help us to define the paragraph’s starting point and ending point. By doing click on the margin option there are various pre-defined margins such as narrow in which margins are 0.5 from the top, bottom, left, and right. Where normal is 1” from all four sides. If the physical paper is the A4 size it means its width is 8.27” and height is 11.69” then you can set a 0.5” margin from all corners recommended. Because the fewer margins on the edges will use less paper for your document. Else if you set 1” then it will use more printouts for your same document.


  • Orientation used is to set page layout from Vertical to Horizontal or Portrait to Horizontal. A simple way to understand the uses of orientation in Microsoft Word is that it will allow the users to switch the page layout according to text writing flow. Portrait means layout style is from left to right and landscape means a right to left. This will be best uses example, if you’re printing your document on the A4 size and your text in the document going outside the page from the right and using less space towards the bottom then you can set landscape.
  • For example Exam Date Sheet, Marriage card, Diploma certificates. are printed in the Landscape layout. Where mark sheet, admission forms are printed in portrait. The best way to switch to one option then sees the document samples that you want to print or check if the page sizes or margins are not meeting your designing criteria. Mostly 90% of the time we use portrait layout in page setup. So, if you find your document text is not getting proper arrangement on the printed page then you can do the experiment to switch portrait layout to the landscape in Page setup option in Microsoft Word.
  • Page size as I discussed above that it depends on the kind of document you’re printing. If you’re printing your document on A4 paper size that you purchased in the market then set A4. Because you can’t set A5 in this condition because then some text will not be printed in the document. You can vary the page sizes according to the section. In Microsoft word, there are Letter sizes for letter document, Tabloid, executive size, and envelope sizes are available. But if you want to become an expert in Microsoft Word or want to be proficient in printing documents then I will suggest you that print the same text in various page sizes on the A4 paper. It will give you practical knowledge about page setup settings and other things too.


  • Columns option in Page Setup is used to split the text into two or more columns. Generally, this option is a classical text formatting style that is very beneficial in news printing, newsletter, and nobles. For example, see the newspaper in which they adjusted the text in small line width and paragraph and at the same time they converted the long paragraph into columns. So it will increase readership interest in particular news. Else you can see English and Hindi in which one page is divided into columns.

Breaks, lines, numbers, hyphenation options are similar as we discussed in the Insert Menu options.

  • Page Background: – The use of page background in Microsoft Word is to give extra effects or protection effects to the document such as the watermark, page color, page borders.


  • Watermark is used to insert ghosted text behind the text in the middle of the document. This is a very beneficial option that indicates that the document is confidential, urgent, and needs to be treated carefully.  Watermarks are used in a text document, images, PDF files. You can see the example in Google images or stock image which is protected by the website or company watermark that no one can reuse the images. Also, you find watermarks in legal documents, letterheads, and bank passbooks or in checks. There is a pre-defined watermark in Microsoft Word such as Confidential, urgent. you can change these into your company name, personal name or related to document, you can also insert your company logo, school logo or any kind of another image that will indicate to reader or finder that this document is important.

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  • Page Color option is used in Microsoft Word to set the color background of the page. Microsoft word document default color is white with the black text color. So, official documents with page background colors you can’t see often. But it is used mostly in eBook or PDF files. Also, it depends on the document goal. You can also use fill effects option in which you can set gradient colors, textures, patterns, and picture background to your page. Setting page color will not print a document in colors it’s just for visual appealing.


  • Page Borders feature is very beneficial to add the border styles with colors and art around the page. Also, it is used to add text color background by using shading options that will come in printout too.


  • Paragraph option in page layout is used to set left, right text indents. This is used to set paragraph beginning and ending points. Similar as I discussed above in Home Menu. This option is also in the home menu but the difference is that you can set left indent by using figures.

For example, if you want to give more space to a paragraph from left in the current cursor positions then type 1.22” in the box and hit enter. This will move your paragraph towards the right. The use of this feature is to design the document style in which the reader will find it interesting or information is easy to read.

Also, there is the spacing option used for spaces between paragraphs. You can also use the TAB key on the keyboard to use Indent or paragraph margin functionality in Microsoft Word to set indents and spacing.

  • Arrange: – The use of an arrange feature in Microsoft Word is to arrange document text professionally and efficiently. The most important option is the Wrap Text. I saw many students learning computer find it difficult to arrange the image or text objects correctly.


  • Wrap text is used to align inserted images, word Art correctly with text. For that, if you want to insert text around the inserted image then you can select a square option in Wrap Text. Also, you can set your image in Front of Text or Behind the Text. You can also drag and adjust the object over text to align it.

But by default when you insert an image it will not move because it is “In Line with Text” by default then right-click or double click on the image and choose Wrap Text and select square or in front of text option then you can adjust the image according to your style by the use of the mouse.

You can find such text arrangement skills in newspapers, magazine and book style layouts. There are other options too which can work similarly to arrange the document such as position, bring forward, send backward. But you can also use the option by doing a right-click on the object. You can also use drag and drop style to arrange different kinds of objects in the document.

The best way to learn Microsoft word is to use these options or click on these features after the selected text and you will find the result practically that is learnable.

5. Features of Reference Menu in Microsoft Word and It’s Uses

Reference menu and options mean mentioning, or referring to the source of information. In this I will define the Footnotes feature:

  • Footnote: – Footnote in Microsoft Word is used to add the special text or written text reference in the document at the end of the page. This is not the footer, this will come before the footer. For example, if you’re writing in the document, book page any figure or fact that is published in the newspaper then you can mention in the footnote about the source of information that it is published on abcd newspaper.


  • But the endnote is different and but the output is similar. Endnote will come at the end of the paragraph. The endnote is used after the paragraph but the footnote is used at the end of the document. The font size of the endnote and footnote is small than other written text.

You can see footnote and EndNote examples in the dictionary bottom page, old English literate books, and in English nobles and magazines.

6. Microsoft Word Mailings Menu Features and It’s Uses

In Microsoft Word Mailings Menu Mail Merge is the most powerful feature that is used to send bulk emails and printouts letters, document for thousands of people, or prints out thousands of copies with a different name, address, and email fields but with the same subject or company name.

This option is very beneficial to send a newsletter, reports, notifications, updates. to team members by Manager, to customers from banks to readers, from bloggers, and to students from Teachers. Also, the mail merge is used by the printing press to print envelopes with the same subject line but with a different name on each printed page.

7. Microsoft Word Review Menu Features and Uses

Review functions and features uses are to examine, testing, and proofing of the written document in Microsoft Word. You can compare the two documents and also you can add a comment to certain lines or words.

  • Proofing: – Use of the proofing feature is to check the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the document. You can also research any word and its meaning word thesaurus. For example, you can check spelling mistakes, count the total written words, paragraphs in the document. If you want to check your spelling mistakes then you can press short key F7 then it will automatically highlight spacing mistakes with green color and spelling error with Red color.


  • Comments: – Comments option output is similar to ToolTip. For example when you move your mouse to “Window Button” it notify the user with the text “Start Button” this is similar to comments. If you want to add more expression or more thoughts behind any used word in the document you can use the comment option.

8. View Menu Features and Uses MS Word

View menu uses are related to document views such as full screen, web layout, print layout, zoom, windows arrangement, and macros.

  • Document view: – Document view menu features are used to view the documents in various styles. The printout is by default view to see the document while you’re writing the text. Also if you’re printing or creating something for printing purposes then use a print layout view.


  • Full-screen reading view: uses are for reader and document designer to view the document in reading view in which all the pages are looking like you’re reading a book. Also, the full-screen reading view is helpful to design and see the page’s settings and visibility of text clearly.

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  • Web layout is used to see the document as a web page. The uses are for students and designers to view the text in a web layout. Also selecting a web layout view and then saving the document as a web page will save the file in HTML format and when you open the saved file, it will use the internet browser to view the document text instead of Microsoft Word.


  • Outline: is used to see the document heading, body text in levels. You can use this menu to edit the heading, body text, and document structure. You can also add control for sub-headings. Such as if you’re using H1 for the main heading and h2, h3, h4 for other headings then you place such subheadings under H1 heading. Mostly this option is used in tutorials, support pages, and application or software documentation.


  • Draft: is used to edit the text quickly.


  • Show feature is used to show gridlines to see the document text spacing, word spacing.


  • Navigation is useful for eBooks and you can see such an option by default in Google Docs. Navigation option is used to view the document by heading when you checkmark on the navigation pane it will highlight the heading in the left sidebar in Microsoft word after that you can navigate the document by heading instead of scrolling down.

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  • Ruler or Ruler Bar is most useful and very important for document margins. Indents are important to align correctly with the use of the ruler bar. The ruler option in ms word is similar to the scale that we used for drawing in schools etc. You can see the first-line indent, hanging indent or left an indent in the ruler bar. You can also use the rule bar to set the left, center tab position by a click on the ruler bar in Microsoft Word. This is beneficial to view the document correctly and align paragraphs spacing correctly.
  • Window: – Window feature uses are to create the new document in New Window. For example, if you’re current file name is Microsoft Word Tutorials then the new windows file name will be Microsoft Word Tutorials 2.


  • The split feature is used to split the page with a ruler bar in between the text. Not that common to use. Just feature users are while you’re creating the document in which spacing or margin detail is important.


  • Arrange all will arrange multiple application windows in the current view. Such as we can shrink the window size towards the left and then we can arrange another application window on the right side.


  • Switch window is used to switch between two application windows. But you can also use Alt + Tab to switch between more than 2-3 applications without using the switch window option.


  • Macros use in Microsoft Word is to automate repeated tasks such as font size, color size, or series of commands and instructions in a group. You can run macros that will automate the formatting of other text in the document.

9. Format Menu Features and Uses MS Word

The format menu is used to edit font size, color and to present object appearance with extra effects. Such as when you insert an image on the document format option will be a highlight on the Menu Bar. This indicates to the user that they can adjust color, brightness, border style, and other image effects such as picture shadow, cropping, wrapping in Microsoft Word.

This option is very important for Microsoft Word students, word operators to learn this practice as much as possible because it will be used in assignments, newsletters, notes.

The format feature is also visible when you insert shapes or text boxes in the document. You can edit shapes outline, background color, text styles from the format menu.

After getting the basic knowledge of or Microsoft Word uses written in this article now it is really important that you can do as much as possible practical exercises. Such the above-discussed features of Microsoft Word are very important for every word processor users. School students should learn such features so they can create professional-looking notes. Professionals or people working in a government office and doing documenting related works in their daily life can learn such features.

If you study all the above features the best possible way then you can understand if we all can are educated enough about Microsoft Word then we can get various benefits.

As you can see today there are various government and private documents you receive from offices that is not that professional technically. Even school question papers, books are printed with low-quality text formatting such things are not good even when someone is paying for the services.

If students learn these Microsoft word features in schools I will be sure that they will be great professionals in the future especially in documenting writing and editing related works.

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Jobseeker also learns Microsoft Word features that help them in their job and also creating resume professionally in Microsoft Word.

Because of the robust uses of Microsoft word it is essential to learn Microsoft Word. There are various tutorials that you can use to learn Microsoft Word for free on the Internet. The best way to learn Microsoft word is that you can practice your skills by creating different kinds of admission forms, reports, tables, and advertisements in Microsoft Word.

You can also use Google Docs for Word Processing. Google Docs is available on Google Drive. You can also use MS word online by creating a Microsoft account in or with an outlook account in SkyDrive. The little advance but very beneficial if want to upgrade your MS office skills.

So, friends, I hope this article about features and uses of Microsoft Word helps you to learn and understand the various uses of Microsoft word. And its features important in our daily official life and career.