Importance of MS Word in Education

Microsoft word is one of important tool to use in Education. Microsoft word can benefit teachers and students to create new innovative methods of learning and teaching.

Microsoft Word and Microsoft office suite for students help to transmit educational materials and practice systematically in school and university faster with higher quality.

Microsoft application is a teaching tool for tutors and teachers.

Tutors can use Microsoft word templates to teach complex fundamentals in simple methods. E.g. Write a letter for a school leaving certificate. In the traditional education method, students write and practice school leaving certificates on notebooks.

But in the future students need to print the letter or all the departments will be becoming digital. At that time you can’t imagine the applications are received by a handwritten letter on physical paper.

So, my point is why not teachers teach or give them the freedom to write a letter on Microsoft Word with traditional practice methods (handwritten)?  I explained the benefits above but another one is if they learn and use Microsoft word in school or practice various document writing methods then in future they don’t need to spend money on computer courses. While at the same time, the governments of India and other countries are branding IT education in schools for students.

That’s why I think about how Microsoft Word and MS Office etc. applications can be used and utilized by teachers and students to faster the process of receiving and giving information. And to achieve these purposes around the world school and colleges.

I believe Microsoft Word is an important application that can improve and maximize practical education practices in schools and colleges.

Microsoft word can help students to correct their mistakes in real-time and develop self-learning

I was teaching my Microsoft excel uses in daily life yesterday to my students. I asked during the conversation, what is intelligence? They told me different answers that it is about skills, education, knowledge, learning, problem-solving, etc. mostly they are near to doing the answer. Most of them completed bachelor’s degrees in India. But they are not confident in their answer to what intelligence is.

I told them that according to me intelligence means the example that intelligence chairman of skill, knowledge, learning, habits, thoughts, creativity, critical thinking, and focus. I think you’re agreeing. Google translating or explaining intelligence in his ways means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

That is ok. But I am saying, intelligence is the ability that is used to make a decision in critical situations by using acquired knowledge and skill.

So, how intelligence is connected with Microsoft Word, Teachers, and Students?

Simple examples of the importance of Microsoft Word in Education:-

1. When you type wrong spelling on Microsoft Word it highlights your mistake in the red line in real-time. Then you right-click and correct it. Similarly, students observe spelling mistakes in real-time. It means they will try to make the decision based on suggestions after a click on the word underlined red. Now they can observe, judge, and think about which spelling is correct.

That is going to self-learning practices and freedom (leadership) to take the decision. It will improve their brainpower, and thinking patterns. And if students are able to do that small work, teachers can maximize their topic broadly. I think you’re agreeing. That’s why I think Microsoft word can help students to correct mistakes and improve their self-analysis ability.

2. Students and teachers can insert and use diagrams, tables, charts, smart art, etc. visual explanation tools. They can use it to teach, define, and explain complex lessons in simple methods. That’s ok. But how it is benefiting them. Charts, tables, smart art and shapes, and various other visual objects can benefit students to understand more about the topic practically.

If teachers can teach them how to convert 1000-word chapters into one diagram, then in this case students have the tool, but tools are useless if you don’t know what their uses are and how to use when to use them. Computer teachers have to teach such skills to students about various computer applications.

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But when students try and practice converting 1000 words it will challenge their thinking, it will increase their creativity level, will explore imagination in their brain and when they complete the assignment, it’s the greatest gift for a teacher from their students by using Microsoft Word in the classroom.

While 1000 words in one simple diagram, enhance students’ ability to solve daily life problems by using technology. In the future, I hope such students will create innovative solutions for environmental problems, and corruption and help to reduce unemployment problems.

The world is facing so many problems. We need people in our Govt. Departments, parliament, business, workforce, etc. who have intelligence. Intelligence is not about you having a degree. Intelligence means you have the capacity and algorithm inside the brain to solve the problem at a low cost in less time.

This algorithm is already in their brain but it will develop with time. But using technologies in the classroom to improve critical thinking and creativity in students’ minds will be the key.

3. Microsoft word application is not only accessible to school and college computers. But you can access this application at home. The benefit will generate for students and teachers that teachers can connect with students.

They can collaborate on the same documents. I mean Microsoft word is now a cloud-based application that you can use anywhere and work with your team. As you know there are various uses of Microsoft Word in our daily life. The important point here, teachers and tutors have to make a list of tools and functions that are beneficial to improve human (students’) natural intelligence and instinct.

Here I tried: Microsoft word uses and features. I covered and explained 70% of the menus or functions of Microsoft Word. It’s better if you can check it.

That’s it! I have more to say but I think you can understand how effective it is to use the Microsoft word application in education.

In conclusion, I want to say that the use of technology in the classroom should be directed to enhance intelligence in students’ minds and not to make them lazy and less critical. No matter whether it’s Microsoft Word or AI, Robotics, Google analytics, BI tools, or cloud applications.

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