Top 10 Basic and Advanced Microsoft Word skills

Microsoft word application contains various word processing, design, page layout, mailings, views, and text/image formatting tools and functions. The knowledge of these functions helps to create professional-looking documents for web, print media and officials.

But to use these functions and to create professional-looking official documents you need to have the basic and advanced word skills.

The use of basic or advanced word skills depends on the output that you want or it depends on what you want to create.

For example, through basic word skills, you can create a resume. For this, you have to use fonts, size, table, bold, bullets & numbers, etc. But to create a business card or brochure in Microsoft Word you need to have advanced word skills.

So, in this article, I am sharing with you the word skills that you need to learn so that you can do any kind of writing/editing, word processing, documents work in Word application. I hope it will be helpful.

Let’s start:

1. Home Menu: In Microsoft Word, the home menu contains various basic document writing and editing tools. Such as font, paragraph, styles, editing and clipboard. These are essential to know for every word user. It’s because you can’t do anything advanced or you can’t create professional-looking documents if you don’t have the knowledge of the home menu’s sub-menu functions. The home menu or home screen is the starting point to learn Microsoft word.

So, having the skills to use bold, fonts, subscript, superscript, bullets, headings, find and replace, copy/paste, line spacing, and paragraph will help to create the basics text documents.

2. File Menu: In the latest version of Microsoft Word, the file menu is updated or totally changed that you saw in word 2003 or in the oldest version. Other than learning about save, open, print, now you have to learn about sharing, export the documents. And if you have purchased the word application then you can also explore the account option as well. And if you want to customize the menus and function in Microsoft Word then you can use the options function in the File menu.

Now other than sharing, print, save, new and open function all the others are advanced functions. And when you learn these and use then you will get advanced word skills.

3. Insert Menu: Insert menus are used to insert something pre-designed, pre-created layout, functions, features, objects in the document. For example, you can insert the image from a computer or cloud storage or directly from the web on your document.

If you’re creating a project report or 5 to 10 pages assignment or document then you can use header and footer for page numbers, title, date, author info etc. You can use smart art to explain your story or points through diagrams.

And if you have figures, or if you want to align or separate the document points such as comparison then you can use table function as well.

These are very basic word skills. But there are also some other functions such as cover pages, comments, signature lines, equations, and symbols, add-ins, bookmarks, media functions that if you learn to use them you will be able to use advanced functionality and features in your word file. Not only that through advanced word skills you will able to do create professional-looking documents with high speed and accuracy. And you will be able to explore your creativity and talent. That will be helpful in your career and profession.

4. Design Menu: The design menu and function are used for document formatting. The formatting is pre-defined through themes, colours, fonts and paragraph spacing. The only thing you have to do is to just hover the mouse over the style and then select the best and click. Now it will automatically be applied to your documents, headings, title and colours, fonts.

Some of the other features such as watermark, page colours, and page borders are also important to learn. So that whenever you need to use the border, colour, and watermark on a particular page then you can use that.

5. Layout Menu: The layout menu is very important to use. And it needs some advanced and basic skills. For example, to print the double side bolded brochure you need different page size and margin than the margin you have set for the newsletter documents.

Similarly, the use of page setup, orientation, columns, breaks, arrange, and indents are very important in eBooks writing, book writing, software documentation, and newsletter. At least the knowledge of page setup is really important.

6. Reference Menu: Reference menu contains the advanced functionality that not all the users use. Other than a footnote, table of contents in the reference menu there is some very effective functionality such as smart lookup, bibliography, index and mark citation is advanced functionality that needs to be used in high authority documents and official files.

7. Mail Merge: The most important and advanced function in word application is mail merge. If you want to have the advanced word skills then it’s very important that you learn the uses of mail merge. The process is simple you create a document and then send it to multiple people that you have created a database. Now in advanced functionality or as an exercise, you can send a marketing message to 10000+ people.

8. Review: Review menu and its sub-menu Such as proofing, language, commenting and accessibility contain basic features so that you control the spellings, words, translations, languages, and comments.

Through this menu, you can block the users and you can also restrict the users to edit the document.

9. The view: The view is another menu that you can use to control and manage the layout when viewing the files. Such as you can see the documents in web layout, print layout and booklet format. You can zoom, split windows. But there is an advanced function call macro. You can record the macro so that you can perform a particular task automatically.

10. Help: The help menu is the most powerful and feature-rich menu in the latest version of Word application. That you can use to learn Microsoft Word basic and advanced functionality and features instantly on the same screen on the right side. Whatever you want to learn or want to use Microsoft Word, you just have to search there and you will get text documentation and as well as short videos.

Not only that you can use it contact support.

So, to learn the basic and advanced word skills it’s important to learn the above-mentioned menus, functions, and features. But it’s not enough. You also have to do various exercises in Microsoft Word, so that you not only learn but also use it.

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