Marketing strategies to get regular web design clients


In this guide, you will get marketing ideas and strategies to get new web design, web development, and digital marketing clients online, locally, and internationally. These tips will take your web design services to the next level and help you to get new clients. And you never be free from clients as freelancers or agencies.

And If just completed the web design or web development course or learned the basics of WordPress or web design but now want to start working as a WordPress designer or developer then this guide will be very beneficial for you.

But if you’re already working as a web developer or running a web design or digital marketing agency but not getting enough clients or conversion then this is the most useful guide on the web as per current trends.

But for this, you have to read this post till the end.

So, let’s get started:

Marketing of web design services in very much evolved over the last 10 years. Most local and overseas business owners are almost fully aware of the benefits of online marketing, websites, and eCommerce. Many of them running their websites or business online now.

So, promoting and selling web design and web development services needs a smarter and more effective approach. It’s not the same as it was 10 years ago.

Before you create a marketing plan or strategy to get new web design clients, you have to observe and understand the current demands of businesses, companies, and existing trends. Without understanding current demands and trends, I don’t think it’s good to invest time and money in promoting web design services.

Understand and observe the current web design and development trends and demands of clients:

Your observation and thinking can be different from mine, but I observed the following web design or web development trends and demands of clients and companies locally and on online freelance platforms.

Current Website Development Trends that will also impact the website development industry in 2023:

  • Most small business owners or home-based businesses use CMS, Website Builder, and online marketplaces such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. to build business websites, eCommerce or to run a business online. It’s because website builders are easy to use and manage.


  • Actually, most business owners now know that having a website for the business is not enough or has no use if it’s not getting traffic and not it’s generating any leads for product inquiries.


  • But still many business owners are interested to build a business website and run their business online, but they need a surety of minimum return and plan to invest $500 to $2000 initially.


  • Many business owners even basics of computer and internet. Even after that, they understand business websites. Actually, they don’t care what you will do or what technology you will use to build their business website. They focus mainly on how much it cost them to get a customer online or after the website or after ads.


  • Just sharing your website design or web development ideas is not enough until you don’t show something that they can trust.


  • Web design, web development, and digital marketing companies sell yearly and monthly packages through their web portals. Even many web design companies charge higher prices from business owners. Still, after that, they don’t provide services in which businesses will get customers.


  • Many business owners are creating their own websites after learning the basics of WordPress, programming, and many other web skills. Most of them are able to build their business website on their own, but they need help or web design services in more advanced concepts or technical works such as website migration, custom plugin development, branding or banner design, new marketing campaign strategy, and consultancy.


  • Most of the new web design clients think and expect that if you build a website for them, you will increase their website traffic, write their content, and generate leads and they will pay minimum money. Even many clients will say that create and run their own portal or multi-vendor store for $500.


  • Many of the business owners are watching free YouTube tutorials and many are doing online website design and digital marketing courses to learn about digital marketing and eCommerce.


  • Today’s customer is educated and aware of various things through the web and mobile internet. You can’t sell or promote a crappy web design plan.


  • Businesses, companies and people are interested to invest in digital marketing, web development, and eCommerce, but they don’t get good plans, services, freelancers or agencies, and consultants.


  • Freelance websites are full of fake or spam jobs and website projects. Many are posting fake jobs only to get new marketing and development ideas from a new freelancer.


  • On Freelance websites, most of the agencies are hiring new web designers or experts in which agencies are generating 5% to 20% or more commission between client and freelancer.

These are things that I observed mostly in the last 5 years. I can be wrong but you can analyze or research it on changes on your own.

You have to do or need to think similarly about the current trends. So that you will find the problem in the market and build a solution and market your web design campaign.

If you want to research on your own then see the freelance website, see the most searched web design keywords, see the most shared web development posts, see the conversations of the web and client’s group, and talk to business owners and their website experiences, watch the web design advertisements, and many other things.

So, what you need to do the get more clients for your web design business and services as per the current trends or above observations.

Ideas and marketing strategies to get web design clients for your business:

1. Combined package (Development + Marketing):

Not just promote web design or website development services instead promote complete marketing or lead generation package. This strategy is very effective to get local clients or local web design projects. You have to create a web design/development package along with marketing. Business owners don’t want to hire another person for marketing or SEO. Even your goal is not just to build a website, but to help the business owner to get clients. For this, you not only have to provide design and development services but also marketing services. For this, you can do it on your own or hire someone to work with you. If you send a proposal with a marketing plan for a local client you will get the project.


2. Custom or personalized Website development services:

If you are more interested in getting a web development project online then instead of combining too many services in a single package, you have to focus on promoting only 1 service in 1 development package. Such as you can promote only development or coding services such as HTML, CSS, and Java Script services and expertise.

Even you can promote home page design services and landing page design services.

Even if you are more familiar with website builders and CMS then you can also create such a package. Such as you can provide Squarespace website design expert services, Squarespace eCommerce website design services, and WordPress Blog design services.

So instead of focusing on the whole web development or website development project just focus on one thing or single work. And promote that confidently as an expert.

3. Provide niche-specific website support and Maintenance Services:

Many business owners are tech savvy they have created their own blogs, business, and eCommerce website on their own. Even they get stuck in various works related to websites. And when they find it difficult they look for developers on freelance platforms or through search engines.

So you can identify those problems and then promote your services through keyword optimization or social media and on your freelance profile.

You can provide the following web design and development services as a niche expert such as:

  • WordPress eCommerce website backup and restoration services.
  • Website speed optimization services.
  • Website redesigning and customization services.
  • Squarespace landing page design service.
  • Wix to Squarespace migration services.
  • Blog content migration to another website.


You can also focus on providing web development or design services for specific clients or businesses such as:

  • Web development services real estate clients.
  • Website design services for hotels
  • Website design services for educational insinuations.


Industry-specific web development or design services will help you to understand the exact needs and demands and requirements of the clients. If you’re successful in that you will be able to make good business and financial deals.

I hope you got the idea.

So, the point is you have to be specific and focused on one thing related to website design and development. Especially if you’re new. Think of a website or web application web development like a building. If someone wants only to build only 2 room set then he/she will not hire the expert those know to build hotels and big buildings. Instead, he will look for a local and small builder. You can know to build a building but as a new or fresher or even an agency it’s highly possible you will not get the project.

You have to target clients based on their goals. Those goals can be small or big. You need to know how to make a big deal. Businessmen are ready to invest thousands of dollars, but they also need a deal or good proposal or plan to invest.

So, you learned about the most basic things that will help you to create good personalized and targeted web development service packages for clients and business owners. Most of the new web designers don’t think like this. So that becomes tough for them to get clients.


How to promote?

I am sure that you know about online marketing and promotion methods, and platforms. You can use your own website, freelance website, or social media for marketing, or you can advertise your website design services online. I think you know more than I do about how to promote that or where to promote that.

But the thing that I can help you with is the marketing strategy.

And the most beautiful, evergreen, high-return marketing strategy that worked for me so far in my various initiatives is “Communication”. Not only just for me but most successful companies are using it very well.

Connection and communication with customers about their problems and demands is the best way to get new web design or development clients.

For this, you can build or use your social media network or local friends and family network.

In that network, you always have to communicate about your services, solutions, and beliefs. Do you have to tell people online or offline how you can help them in their business growth?

It’s possible that many will get in contact with you after years or months. But it’s the 1st thing of the day you have to think about how you can help business owners the business growth through the website or online marketing? Think about the client. Think about their business problem. Think about the feeling when they get problems with their website etc.

Promote your services creatively and with a variety of styles and methods.

And you have to tell this to a minimum of 8 to 10 people each day. It can be through videos, social media, blog posts, and local meetings.

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