New things you can try in 2022 to achieve your goals


Each new year brings new hopes and excitement to the people. Excitement and challenges help us to grow faster in our careers and business. But many times, even during the new year we don’t feel that much energy and enthusiasm in the work.

Getting bored in work and profession happens when you’re not able to enjoy the work. And you will not enjoy the work if you’re not getting the results you expected. But many times, instead of changing goals we can change strategy and work ethics. There is not only one way to achieve your goals. You have to try and need to think about all the possibilities.

So in this post, I am sharing with you those possibilities, opportunities that you can try in 2022. You can also use them as a resolution. This post is a part new year’s resolution series. In the last post, we shared 2022 new year resolutions ideas. In which the main focused resolution is to “try to do new things in 2022”.

If you are not able to find or think about new things even after reading the last post then in this post, we’re sharing the list of new things that you can try in 2022.

Let’s get started:

1. If you’re running one blog for the last 2 to 3 years and now it’s your main source or single source of income then this year you can try to build another blog website or new part-time business or income source so that at end of 2022 you will have another source of income.


2. If you are learned the basics of programming in 2021 then in 2022 try to build your own Web Application or Mobile apps.


3. If you’re doing non-technical offline jobs for many years but have the basic computer knowledge then in 2022 you can learn digital marketing or programming to build a part-time online business.


4. If you’re holding an idea for the last 12 months or more and waiting for the perfect time to execute then 2022 will be the perfect or best time for you. Then try to execute your idea by taking small steps whether it’s about learning, domain booking, hosting change, online course creation, or selling NFTs. 1st step towards your goals will guide you to take the next step.


5. If you tried almost all online money earning options so far but have not been able to succeed or are interested or find that difficult then in 2022 you can try to earn money by selling NFTs.


6. If running a blog for many years but you always think once a quarter to write and publish your book then stop holding your idea start writing a book in 2022 and also let me know about that when you complete or publish it.


7. If you worked hard in 2021 to increase your subscribers, published new content, and earned good money from Google AdSense ads but have not been satisfied so far but now want to learn something new or exciting then create your online course on the most viewed and liked videos. Once you created it try to sell it on your own website or through online courses platforms. And promote it on your YouTube channel.


8. If you learned Video Editing but now looking for a business idea or something exciting, creative, and challenging for 2022 when start creating or editing online advertising videos. You can sell advertisements and you can also work as a freelancer. Learn more: What is freelancing? Definitions and meaning with examples


9. If you’re not getting clients for your WordPress website design services or editing services, then in 2022 try to customize your service and also change the marketing methods. For example, instead of providing full website design service, you can provide website hosting migration services, website backup, and restoration services. The point is to try to provide those services that are more difficult for people to do on their own.


10. If you joined the offline basic computer course but were not satisfied or you were not able to get 2 hours daily for the classes then you can learn computer skills online free and also through online courses. Here you can find the list of best basic computer courses.


11. If you have the web application or website tool idea but do not have money to hire a web developer then try to learn HTML, CSS, tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Git. You can build and launch 1st MVP in 2022. You can invest only 2 hours in the evening after dinner or before. In process of learning, building, and monetization you will enjoy and learn lots of exciting things about technologies. It might be possible that it will become your full-time business or new startup. Learn moreHow to learn computer programming skills by yourself


12. If you want to start an online part-time business in 2022 at the lowest cost then start blogging. And run it like a business. You can monetize it with affiliate products and advertisements. Select the blog niche, your interest, target audience, and language, and start writing and publishing.


13. If you’re working as a freelance WordPress Developer for years and now want something exciting and interesting then build a WordPress plugin or plugin as a service for your existing clients.


14. If you think that eCommerce websites are decreasing the customers to your shop or business then try to promote your business online in 2022. And even if you’re getting customers the new thing you can try online is to build the presence of your business online. Learn more: Ways to let more people know about your local business online

15. If you’re in direct selling or selling your products door to door offline then in 2022 you can try to build your online eCommerce store and sell online.  Learn more: Self Hosted eCommerce Website Building ProcessOnline Courses to Build an eCommerce website with Squarespace

16. In 2021 if you invested your time, money, and effort in building your eCommerce website to sell products online, then in 2022, try to focus on marketing and promoting. You can use video content and blogging to increase traffic to your store. And you can also invest in online advertising.

17. If you’re looking for small services business to start in your city related to computers, then in 2022 you can start a computer hardware and laptop repairing business. But it’s good to get some education related to computer repairing business and skills. So that you can start it even while during the computer hardware course. Here I have written a small guide based on my personal experiences: How to learn computer hardware repairing skills

18. If you want to learn programming or coding skills in 2022, but are not able to find inspiration, project ideas, reasons to learn then please read this post to get an unlimited reason to learn coding skills.

To be continued….

Note: Note: If you’re looking for consultancy or want to discuss your idea or looking for personalized personal and business development support and help, please let me know through comments or contact form. I will try my best to help you with that.

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