5 learning techniques to be successful in online classes


Online classes and learning methods are different than traditional and face-to-face classes. While online classes provide freedom, and flexibility in learning for students but at the same time, this creates more challenges.

Many students find it difficult to focus, understand and study online and due to many are unable to complete online certifications or degree courses. And this is not good for students’ confidence and career interest. That’s why it’s important for students to use effective online learning strategies so that they can be successful with online learning.

Challenges in online classes and learning:

  • Selection of the online courses based on the other suggestions while compromising their own interests.
  • Online courses and degree programs are created and promoted as educational product.
  • Interruption in learning due to lack of affordability of high speed or online learning infrastructure.
  • Home is home, not a school or college. That’s why building a learning environment at home equal to college or school is difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • It’s uncomfortable for other family members to manage the attitude of learners at home.
  • If there are too many or more than 5 students in online classes, personally I don’t think it’s a class. It becomes video conference or online chat. It’s because you can’t attend and not get the focus of more than 5 students in real-time as well as visibility on the screen.
  • Online courses are pre-recorded many times a month or years ago. All of the students are joining those courses. And these courses become obsolete in the current situation when a new student joins that.
  • You can’t elaborate on the topic too much in videos it becomes boring and less interesting for students to continue. That’s why short or less time-consuming videos are created but then those videos become informational videos, not educational videos. Information is meaningful data but not knowledge or education. It needs to be with questions, discussion, debate, answers, and examples. And you can’t do it well with online classes.
  • Lack of discipline is another biggest challenge. And it’s difficult to even for teachers at home to stay and build a teaching mindset. Teachers are teachers at school and college, but at home, they have a family. And everyone has family responsibilities.

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So due to so many challenges, it’s very difficult for students as well as for teachers to be successful with online classes.

Those who are good at learning and have a strong learning attitude can learn from anything, anywhere, and anytime. You don’t need much effort to teach students who are already interested in learning anytime or any way. But the real test of a teacher is with those who are not interested in learning still you have to teach them. And that’s why it’s important to make online classes interesting.

Online classes and online learning are not the alternative to offline or face to face to classes. It’s just adding that increases self-study skills and elaborates distance education.

Now let’s talk about solutions. How you can take online classes, and learn effectively despite challenges.

1. Think it’s a self-study, not a class:

If you try to make or feel online class like a traditional class or face-to-face then it’s not a good practice. Your mind always can be busy comparing the classes. An online class is a self-study and distance education.

You have to focus on gaining and understanding the topic as best as possible. And stop comparing and do not focus on the distractive things.

And remember, after college or course, you have to become good at self-study. No one will teach you later that in your professional life. You will become self-learners, observers, guides, and teachers of your own. Why not try it from today?

I know it’s a challenge, but it’s an opportunity for you to become a lifetime learner and become good at self-study.

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2. Discipline yourself:

Discipline is leadership, life, and business management skill. It’s as important for the prime minister and CM as it’s important for students and entrepreneurs. You have never seen a person successful without following a discipline so far. Many people are disciplined in their life knowingly and unknowingly.

I expect you have seen people who never visited a school but are greatly disciplined in their life, career, and business. Even you can notice the discipline in animals, trees, and nature.

Discipline is our controlled, continuous, or repeatable behavior or nature towards the change or goals.

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How we can make ourselves disciplined in online classes?

  • 1st thing that makes us disciplined is our confidence in the goal we’re trying to accomplish.

To become confident in learning – You have to progress each day. It means you have to take the classes each day. You have to learn and struggle. Life is full of struggle. And to enjoy success and achieve bigger things in life, you have to prepare your mind and body to struggle. There is nothing in this world, that you can’t achieve. But say yes to challenges and struggles.


  • The 2nd thing that makes us disciplined is the boundary. These can be based on rituals, religion, economics, geography, humanity, and the voice of the soul.

A canal is very important to drive water into a particular field. A canal is a boundary that makes it possible for water to flow continuously without getting distracted. If the canal is not strong then it will drive the flow of the water unsolicited direction. And due to that, the roots of crops become dry and dead.

That’s why to succeed in online classes you have to discipline yourself whether you like it or not. There is no other option. I have tested.

To build discipline you have to be interested to achieve your goals. You can use time table, you can get up early, you can set small goals, and you can change the environment. You can do many things to build the canal or discipline.


  • The 3rd thing that makes us disciplined is the end goal that can be impossible but we hope we will achieve it.

Your parents and teachers are like the farmer or field owner. You’re in the field and your family, friends, village, state, and country have many expectations of you. You also expect success for yourself as well.

So I know you don’t want to stay dry. That’s why you have to prepare yourself to become skilled and literate. And you know that it’s important to make the field productive or fertile. Education and online classes are the fertilizer for you.

New knowledge and information will make you uncomfortable and fearful in the beginning. You will scare to learn and going deep into it.

This also happened with a 1st class kid who just joined the schooling recently. But day by day that kid starts enjoying the process. Remember the days of your 1st, 2nd or earlier schooling time.

What do you feel?

Everyone can give up on you and your goals. Believe me, you will not fail. It’s because you will try again and again.

Just keep imagining your end goal daily in the morning or whenever you feel distracted or demotivated.

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  • The 4th thing that makes us disciplined is our philosophy and integrity.

If something is important for you and your family, career, and business then you have to do it.

Why you?

It’s because only you can think about it. It comes only to your mind. Not because of you. Because of nature. We’re all part of nature. Everyone has their own duties. A tree has its own duty, the sun has its own duty, animals have their own duty, birds have their own duty and everyone is contributing as per their roles.

The duty is defined by nature. It’s not in our hands. We’re the only performers on this earth. And our happiness relies on performance. Performance is not just actions but also lack of it.

If you’re not learning then it’s your performance. If you’re learning it’s your performance. You will get success in life based on your performance. Success and failure are part of the performance. Sometimes you will perform well but still, you will fail. It’s because there is something missing. And you will find it only in failing. Else, you will not understand its importance in success.

If the course is not good don’t worry. If it’s not good it will find you what is good. If it’s good it will teach you what is not good.

So, I hope you got some points to become disciplined. I can teach you this subject for a month. But what is more important is to implement and practice the things you got and understand before you learn new.

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3. Set timing for learning and practice:

It’s not mandatory. But it’s unnatural to learn and practice or take classes based on mood. Creativity, imagination, and ideas can spark at any time of the day. Sometimes you can be lazy in the morning but motivated in the evening. Actually, it’s becoming your learning pattern. When you’re not feeling motivated in your usual routine change it.

Freedom and flexibility in online classes or learning do not mean you can take it whenever you have time.

Instead, it means setting your own time and committing to that. When you do it learning and practice become natural to you. It becomes a habit. And later it becomes one of the biggest reasons behind our success.

Build stamina for learning and practice. Day by day you will be able to build the muscle to digest and perform based on the knowledge and learnings. But only when you do it within a time.

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4. Avoid the network of friends who don’t like to study and learn:

Network with those who have dreams, goals, and bigger plans and they must have values that you also support. I don’t mean you ignore your close friends or neighbors. You just have to balance your network to succeed in your career and business.

You need focus, dedication, inspiration, energy, positivity, and good habits for learning. If you think something can impact your growth then stop doing that.

Might be your professional network cannot be the same as your personal network or friends. But friends in professional networks play a big role in success as well as failure.

While we’re more emotional with our close friends. But you can communicate with them and communicate with everyone that you think around you about your learning goals or commitments.

And ask them to help you in your study instead of just ignoring them directly.

5. Be your own mentor and coach:

You might feel lonely during online learning. You can feel tired and lost after learning and adapting the new knowledge and skills. This happens with almost everyone learning online or self-study.

Many learners switch to social media for fun and relaxation. But that’s not good practice to relax your mind. There might be something on social media or in the video that can make you negative. So avoid that.

That’s why during online learning and self-study or while working from your home you will get thousands of challenges. But you have to guide yourself. Your own guidance and own ideas matter the most than the rest of the world. But that doesn’t mean you will not listen to others or do not learn from others.

You have to learn from everything but when making the decision, always trust your own judgment. Don’t think if something is impossible for others it will be for you as well. You’re different and you have to remain that and save that.

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So, I think these tips will be very helpful for you to complete your online course and studies.

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