What is an input device? Creative explanation of Input in computer


In a computer, the device that we use to give instruction to the computer is called an input device such as a keyboard, mouse, touchpad, scanner, joystick, light pen, and many others.

Input is instruction and order to computer. Every machine in this world has an input device or input function. But it’s not important that computer or any other machine only gets input from humans or user. Instead, an analog computer gets input on its own when in use.

Input to computer goes through various steps from users mind to keyboard, software, memory, storage device, and graphics.

Software that we use in computers is also a part of input and output methods. Learn about output devices.

For example, you can create a logo on a computer if you have a graphical user interface and graphic design or logo design software.

You can listen to songs on the computer when you see them or when they exist. You can click on mp3 or mp4 files. That click is an input. And when it start playing and you will start listening to the song, then it’s the output of your input.

Software is also a part of input and output in a computer. The benefit of the software is that you can give multiple instructions through it. And you will get the output at the same time.

Operating system (Windows 10, macOS, Linux)plays a big role in running or maintaining input and output process (interface) in computer.

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Programming language or group of the program (functions, classes, objects, methods) is also coded progressively or step by step or as per logic and objectively so that computer can receive input from computer users and provide output.

The output of a computer is an input for computer users. When a computer user gets output then he/she react to that output. It means it’s input. And our reaction or output is an input for the computer while we’re working on the computer.

When you search keywords on a search engine, it’s input to the search engine to process the input. The search engine then provides results based on queries.

But in today’s time through Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics most of the software/web applications are under creation to automate business, medical, scientific, research, reporting, and daily life work.

Learning about input and output devices, differences, programs, and operations are very important for basic computer course students.

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Today, computers are instructing or informing it’s users. It’s also part of their output. But the output is created (programmed) based on the input from a third party. For example, when you receive a message on social media, you will be notified automatically by the software.

So whatever we (computer users) do on the computer is input. And the method or device is used to do that is an input device or program.

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