Best methods to select the best online computer courses


Learn how to decide, how to select the online course, online courses website to learn new skills or to update your existed skill. What are the key things that will help you to select the best online computer course and platforms?

I was teaching basic computer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and computer repairing skills to students in offline classes. After getting access to good internet speed, I started learning and sharing the experiences online on this website. Personally, I learned and still learning computer, marketing, and business skills online for the last 10 years. It’s a continuous and never-ending process for career development.  I have chosen various online learning and skill development platforms and websites as per the requirement, budget, and goals. And I will share everything that I think will be helpful for you.

I also created a list of basic and advanced computer courses that you can do online, and I also have written a guide on learning any type of IT skills online. And especially on computer skills here you can find that: Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

This post and guide are based on my 15+ years of Computer or IT field experience, and I will try my best to help you to plan the right computer course to join an online or online course website or platform.

Before you  join any type of online course website and even degree course online ask the following questions: 

I have personally asked similar questions to more than 1500 students offline before I enrolled them in my own computer courses and in the institute. And I will try to answer them as well today in this post and why these answers and how the clarity in students’ minds is important before doing an online course website, course or before joining any training institute, college or online live computer training classes.

What are you trying to achieve by doing an online computer course?

To pick the best online courses platform you have to define yourself, why you’re doing this course. For example, you decided to do a programming course. Before this, you don’t have any programming language or online learning experiences. But now you’re wondering where to do a programming course online?

For example, your computer course goals can be the following: 

If your goal is to get a job as a software developer after a course or you want to work as a web or app or software developer in a small or multinational company. And if your goal is to build your own web or mobile application then your course selection process or online learning platform can be different.

Now if want a job after the completion of computer course: 

  • Search exact terms on Google, Best Computer Programming Courses for jobs.
  • Read course reviews and find if there is any person who got the job after doing that particular course?
  • Note down the course modules and compare them with other online courses sites. Also, compare the prices.
  • Research and make a list of the skills that are required in software development works and jobs. Find the courses based on those skills.
  • Also, research on the freelance website. Research the project or job skills requirement.

The point is simple if you’re learning for a reason and the goals of the course matched to your goals then you can do that online course. And it can be then any online course website or free methods.

But if your goal is to get a certificate from and the website or online course platform mentioned the certification in on course completion then you can do that course. But you also have to make sure that the certificate is also valid.

What about the course instructor?

Is the course teacher being identifiable on the web and is he/she have proof of expertise or experience?

For example, if a blogging teacher teaches about blogging and SEO? Is there any proof that his own blog or website is getting the traffic?

Also, if someone teaching about web development then check his/her built websites or apps or portfolio or check if he/she has worked or working in a Web development company?

It’s important to research that, it’s because anyone can create and sell online courses just for money by following another course or another online course website. There are also many blog and YouTube channels that copy the content of others and present that on YouTube and on their own blog.

So, it’s important to consider the course instructor profile while selecting the course and also the platform.

 Do you want a course certificate or not?

There are various types of online course websites. Some provide the certificate and some not. And many also provide a course completion certificate. In normal conditions, a course completion certificate is enough to get a job.

In many interviews or jobs, your level of certification is most important. For example, your computer science degree course certificate is not just a course completion certificate. It’s proof of your expertise.

But practically, I think in the future, practical skills are important. For jobs certificate or proof of expertise will not be a certificate anymore, but your achievements or assignment or past projects will matter, especially in the IT field.

Many online course websites charge more only for certifications. It’s because most of the students think a certificate is most important when selecting the course. That’s why many online course websites, institutes, colleges, and universities charge too much fees or prices for the course.

Personally, it’s not good to pay anyone for the overpriced course just for a degree or certificate. It’s because your knowledge, skills, and practical proof of your expertise are more important than a certificate.

But if you don’t want a certificate then you can also learn the same skills in another course that can be in $10 or $100. So why pay $10000. Certificates or degrees will never prevent you to become successful in life. They are just adding or add-on strengths in your career.

This method or strategy is not fit for all students. It’s only for those who don’t want to pay too much, who don’t have more budget and those who don’t afford it.

It also means you don’t have to take a loan just to join an online or offline degree course. Many students are unable to pay that loan after completing the course. Due to lack of jobs or lack of the demands for learned skills.

So be clear about the goals and then choose the online course and platform.

Can you pay for the course one time, monthly?

The selection of the best online course website is mostly depending on the course pricing.

For example, you see that many online courses charge only for the 1 course 1 time. It can be $5 to $100 or more.

But there are also many other platforms, they provide you full access to all the courses is $20 per month.

And many online course websites or online course sellers give you 4 to 5 courses in a bundle at a single price. For example, in web development, you have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or many other languages. Now instead of selling you one course for $5, the course provider sells you all the web development courses for $35.

So, the point is simple. How do you want to pay and what is the best method to pay?

Personally, as a beginner, it’s good to pay just for 1 small course or the main course 1st. For example, you pay $10 for a python programming course.

But if you’re a professional and continues learning is important for you, then you can take a monthly subscription to access all the online courses on that platform. This is best for teachers, bloggers and leaders.

So, if you can afford and if you’re professional then go with a monthly subscription. But if you want to remain flexible and lower cost than just pay for 1 course 1 time. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages.

But for example, if you’re not sure what to course to do to become a web developer then you can join a complete web development course that is combined with all the skills required for web development.

Do you just want to learn one skill or want to learn new skills each month?

When selecting the online course platform then also think about do you just want to do one course or want some other courses in the future. If you think you want to build add-on skills from only one online course website then you can go with a monthly subscription.

But if you’re learning or just want to do one course, then don’t pay for a monthly subscription.

Do you want a free or cheapest method to learn new skills or a Premium or high-quality platform?

High quality or premium courses websites charge more. But if you’re a good student then you can also learn and improve your skills just by doing the cheapest course.

For example, one student can learn more from a free YouTube tutorial than another student who is doing a premium course or paying too much money for the learning.

The learning capacities of each student is different. One can learn from a book and the other can’t learn even from the world’s best teacher.

The point is simple. It’s not a surety that you will become an expert or skilled just because you’re doing an online course, degree or learning at a reputed college and by paying money. You have to learn it, build it and have to do everything that is important to become an expert. If you’re a good learner you will also learn and research that skills on YouTube, blogs, social media and various other channels. It’s because you want to learn.

But if you think, just one online course is enough to become an expert in something then you’re thinking wrong. You have to keep learning.

For example, once you did the course on one online course’s website, then try to learn the same or new things about the same subject on another course platform.

Do you want to take live classes or you want to watch the pre-recorded course?

You can also join online live classes and you can also buy pre-recorded course video or video course. You can select the method as per your need and choice. For example, if you completed the basic course just by watching pre-recorded video tutorials, now you can take the live classes. So that you can ask good questions. And live classes or one to one learning and teaching is very effective.

How faster you want to learn new skills?

In live classes, you have to learn as per the online course instructor schedule. But if you want to learn something faster than you have to bought an online course so that you can follow and watch the materials in 3 to 4 hours and done. This is good for a crash course or refreshment of your knowledge. But as a beginner, you have to learn stepwise and in detail as per the course instructors’ guidelines.

So, in conclusion, the best method to select the best online courses website and online course you have to define your career goals, situation, budget, habits, schedule and learning capacity.  After that select the course and platform that help you to achieve your goals as per your conditions or goals. That’s it and I hope this guide can help to you plan plan the best computer course for career and business.

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