How to automate your business by using modern technologies

How to automate your business using modern technologies

The best method to automate the business is to combine the power of human and artificial intelligence technologies to achieve specific business goals with accuracy and high speed. To automate your business process, to grow profit and to expand business you must use the computers, internet, mobile, robots, artificial intelligence applications, cloud computing, and many … Read more

What is automation in business and how it works

What is automation in business and how it works

Automation is the use of a computer, internet applications, machines and communication tools in the business that enables product/service to run smoothly without constant monitoring, efforts of business owners and team. Everything that we’re using as a consumer is the part of the business process. Almost everything that we see, touch, use, and feel has … Read more

Advantages of Software As A Service (SAAS): Cloud Computing


SAAS means the software as a service in cloud computing. In which consumers have to pay each month or year for license and they don’t need to have a server and don’t need to install on the computer. Consumer (one or thousands) can access the software (with a unique username and password) and it’s all … Read more

How our minds are harvested by social networks

our minds are harvested by social networks

Have you noticed how popular certain mundane and even stupid ‘surveys’ on social media have become? Like “What is your Chinese name?” or “Who is your gossip friend?”. These quizzes, personality tests, games and friend comparisons appear harmless and even irresistible at first. Who doesn’t want to know what type of animal they were in … Read more

Why programming is important : Why learn to code

Why programming is important : Why learn to code

In this article, you will learn about why is programming or coding skills important, what are its uses in technology, and how it impacts business and career. The programming skill is important for learning to innovate, create eco-friendly solutions for global problems. Programming is important in our daily life to enhance and increase the power … Read more

See the World through Google Lens, coming soon on all Android phones

See the world through Google Lens

Alphabet’s Google unveiled its latest breakthrough in mobile phone technology by rolling out Google Lens for All android devices in a phased manner. All those science-fiction scenes in movies where you can see the world through a high tech device that identifies objects in real life is now a science-fact, a reality made possible by … Read more

How to Stop Being Addicted to Your Mobile Phone

How to Stop Being Addicted to Your Mobile Phone

Remedies for mobile phone addiction: Mobile Phone is a very productive technological communication tool. After the advent of Apps, Internet connectivity, and social media, mobile phones have become the go-to tool in our daily life. These advances in mobile phone technology created new kinds of habits, crises, uses, and operations that look impossible to stop. … Read more

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

uses of artificial intelligence in daily life

We are all using artificial intelligence in our daily life in one way or another. We are using it, managing it and responding to artificial intelligence every hour, a minute of the day directly and indirectly.   Due to the lack of a skilled workforce in the competitive and small city market, it’s a necessity … Read more

Powerful Uses of Cloud Computing

uses of cloud computing

Uses of Cloud Computing: For users, Cloud Computing is an operational technology in which computer/mobile/tablet users can store, calculate, arrange, manage, host, create, publish, delete, share, edit and manipulate remotely hosted system software and applications software’s,  Data & Information by using the Internet. For services provider, it’s a new stream of generating revenue from the … Read more

5 Powerful Uses of Technology in Business Today

use of technology

The use of Technology in business today helps to create less costly, environment, and customer-friendly solutions. Technology is used in business to study and solve daily life problems. Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, Machine learning, robots, the internet of things, blockchain, and Artificial intelligence all are part of this innovation and problem-solving methods. 1. Instant problem-solving … Read more