Top 3 Online Service based business ideas for beginners


If you have completed digital marketing courses or if you know how to develop apps if you have completed a financial or business development course then you can try the following ideas to start your business.

These business ideas are focused to help small business owners, shopkeepers, and teachers. If you think you can help and you can provide services to these people, then you will be successful in these businesses.

These ideas and business services will be in more demand after COVID-19 or lockdown and after June. These business ideas are already working in the market. And most of them are successful. But you can make these ideas unique just by using your skills and creativity.

So, let’s get started:

1. Start providing online selling services for small business owners and shopkeepers:

This time and in the future more and more people will want to sell their products online. Online selling cost less and help to generate more business revenue. There are many benefits of selling products online for business owners as well as for customers.

You can provide the following services for small business owners:

  • Help shopkeepers in your area to sell products on Amazon, Flipkart.
  • Provide services to create their online store on Shopify or in WordPress.
  • Help them to promote and deliver the products to customers in their local area.

To do the above things you just need basic computer skills, basic digital marketing skills, and a willingness to help.

What will be the goal?

The goal is to help small business owners to sell products online. It’s not about just creating a website and creating a listing. You have to make sure that the client is now getting customers online, they are selling, they are getting revenue. Once it’s done then your project is complete.

But 70% of business owners want to keep doing business with you after success. It’s because you helped them to sell. You helped them to grow and expand the business. Now they will offer you more money and responsibilities.

But make sure that you provide services for different businesses not all services to 1 type of business.  It means if you have a sanitary items store client, then don’t make another client who is also selling sanitary items. Instead, your 2nd client can be flower sellers.

In this business, you will be able to earn 10000 to 20000 monthly very easily only by providing online selling services. But make sure that you provide services as a freelancer or agency or business not as an employee. You can also deal as a %.

How you will get clients?

  • Contact shopkeepers in your area.
  • Create a website and advertise your services on social media and through search engine ads.

Following posts can help you create unique services and proposals:

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2. Build a video conferencing app for students and teachers:

Only build android or ios apps for students and teachers. Add teaching and learning activities in this app. During the corona lockdown, almost all the teachers, students, and educational institutions faced this problem. But one thing that people know now that it’s possible to teach and learn online.

There are only a few video conferencing apps and the competition is very low. So, it’s time to invest in the business ideas that will grow and in which already have customers.

The unique thing you can do in these video conferencing apps is add teaching and learning tools as an addon. After that, you can launch it with the SaaS business model.

And to market, you can target educational institutions, teachers, and business coaches. It’s highly possible that if you only charge $5 monthly then you will get 50000 to 100000 people and they will you monthly and you will be able to earn a minimum of $250000+ per month.

But the idea is not enough, you have to plan it.

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3. Create a paid social media network, in which each user gets paid for their content:

It can be open source or free social media platforms. The goal is to connect people and share their content. It’s similar to other social media networks. But on these social networking websites, all the users who share their personal photos, media, the content will get paid based on the popularity of the advertisers automatically. And you will get the revenue from the commission that users earn.

No one is doing it yet. It’s because when users loading their own content on social media why users not get paid. Why only social media websites get paid by advertisers? While people and their content are actually the revenue generators.

Why not you can connect people and advertisers? In this, each person is a promoter and earns money based on shares and likes.

You can make certain changes in this idea and business model but it’s highly possible that it will work and content creators get paid.

So, friends, I know that some of the above ideas are practical and some are very unique. But ideas are not enough, you also need strategy, team, and money to make any business ideas successful.

Learn moreHow to hire the best employees online for your small business

If you want to know more let me know.

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