How to build a learning environment for your kids at home


The learning environment in school and home plays a big role in students’ development. But due to #covid-19, parents, and teachers facing many difficulties to build a learning environment for kids at home.

So, friends, in this article I am sharing a few tips so that you can build an inspiring, encouraging, healthy and creative learning environment for students at home in this lockdown period. So that kids, students time will be utilized and they will remain competitive even in this lockdown.

You can try these tips and you will see the results.

1. Don’t try to become Teachers:

You have to play the role of the guide or mentor and parent. And you have to avoid behaving like a teacher. It’s because at home kids know you as a parent.

That’s why your role is to communicate with them effectively about the studies and time table.

I am not saying you can’t teach. You must teach. But like a parent. It will help you to build the learning environment for kids at home during this lockdown.

2. Set Time-Table for Learning if possible:

Ask kids when they want to study and when not. It’s good for both. It’s because you telling them all the time that study, read, etc. then it will negatively impact their inspiration. It’s because it creates panic in their mind or stress that they are missing something.

So, sit with them and explain the situation and doubts. It can be morning, afternoon and evening. A fixed time helps them to build discipline. And discipline is the most important factor. Here you can learn more:

3. Be Creative with kids:

Kids/Students are creative by nature. Honestly, we all are creative. But we don’t follow that. It’s because we think it looks odd. But these days it will work. It will work if you’re teaching something creatively. You don’t have to follow the same example those are in the books if they are looking boring. Instead, you can create your own examples.

You can inspire or explain them through plants, water, stones, and almost all kind of natural things. All the examples are in nature.

4. Don’t watch the news all the time especially in front of kids:

I saying this because watching news creates a stressful environment at home. If you’re all the time in front of the TV, Social Media at home then your kids will not feel creative. And they will follow you.

I am not saying don’t watch the news. Watch it once or twice a while in a day.

The point is that when there is less news but more learning sources then it will impact students positively. Else they will keep asking and debating with you related to the news. That’s not good.

So, avoid watching news especially in the time of learning.

5. Discipline yourself first:

You have to get up early in the morning before your kids. You have to start exercising and mediation. When kids see that their parents are happy, trying to stay healthy, taking positive steps then it will inspire them to follow you. And it will build the discipline.

After that, you can study their books or read your own books. When you read, they will read.

When everyone in the home is doing a positive activity in this lockdown then it will automatically build a learning environment at home.

6. Don’t’ force them to do other work:

Forcing doesn’t work all the time. Especially when it’s about education, learning, work. You have to be tactical in handling them. Let them do what they like to work on. It can be cooking, agriculture, study.

Kids and students are also facing difficult times. They are also in stress. So instead of forcing them to do something, it’s better that you communicate effectively.

The role of effective communication in the crises is very important such as in this time  COVID-19 and lockdown. You have to communicate effectively not only with kids but also with elders in the family.

Learn more: Importance of communication skills in life

7. Don’t argument:

Don’t’ argument on political topics or any kind of topic. Instead, explain your points effectively. If you arguing each day with kids or parents then it’s tough to build the learning environment. You can share with them creative learning sources. or you can help them to learn new techniques and skills.

Such as following courses or post are very helpful for students:

Online computer courses for high school students

Online Basic Computer Courses: Learn Essential Computer Skills

I think these tips will be very helpful. If you follow these it will be helpful to build a great learning environment at home but also build great habits in students for the future. And these tips will also work after lockdown as well.


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