What is online learning and how it can be effective

Online learning is an innovative way of distance education. And the world is becoming familiar with online degrees, online courses, and various online learning programs. When you learn about any subject and object through information technology tools and methods such as websites, videos, eBooks, blogs, chat, webinars, assignments, tests, surveys to achieve your academic, technical, and career goals is online learning.

Online learning is a creative and innovative way to acquire knowledge and practical skills. Online means using the Internet and learning mean using it to educate yourself. It can be anything. You can learn computer and internet skills, you can learn about commerce, business management and you can learn personal and career development skills online.

The main thing in teaching and learning is the effectiveness of the communication channel. It can be a blog, eBooks, online courses, social media, and degrees.

Online learning is possible by the following methods so far:

1) Online Certificate Courses

2) Online Undergraduate/Postgraduate and Ph.D. degree courses.

3) Learning from expert videos without any interaction.

4) Interaction with teachers through audio, video and text chat.

5) Learning from eBook (digital books).


But in the future, you will see that artificial intelligence or robots teaching you to become more like them. And just keep connected yourself to computers and the internet. And it’s because that will help producers to earn more. And you seeing or will see that education is just a product than service. But still, there are many teachers, organizations still effective and working for the development of students.

Ways to learn online:

But the latest trend is that you can do specialized short term, long term online courses and degrees. The cost of learning online is less and the speed of getting educated is fast.

  • Learning by reading blogs of experts and individuals.
  • Reading through the eBooks.
  • Learning after watching videos and infographics.
  • Learning through a degree course such as online computer science degree and business management degree.
  • Learning through online public forums.
  • Learning through social media.
  • Learning through specialized and specific online courses.
  • Learning through by listening to audio tutorials or podcasts.
  • Learning through webinars and online events.
  • Learning through mobile apps.

The common things included in all type of online learning methods are the following:

1) Video Tutorials

2)Online Test/Exam

3)Online Assignment

4)Collaboration with other students



7)Learning sources suggested by instructors


How online learning works:

1.) Teachers and experts create an independent syllabus, record the videos, create notes, create assignments and articles and then connect with the students through personal website or videos website and online course websites.

2.) Universities/colleges/institutes also do similar but their certificate and degrees are more valuable than independent certifications of experts.

3.) Online Courses are more effective, consume less time and less costly for students.

4.)Many online degrees and certification programs of universities charge high fees and it has to be less because they don’t have an extra cost.  

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Why online learning?

  • It’s an innovative way of education. It’s possible because of information technology tools and methods.
  • Universities, colleges, and teachers want more students and through online learning, it’s possible to get students enrolled in their degree programs and to educate.
  • It’s providing income and employment opportunities for independent teachers.
  • It’s helping universities to increase organizational income by launching online degrees and courses.
  • Students from all levels, religions, skills, knowledge, income can do the degrees and courses from home.
  • It’s flexible, freedom to schedule time, and cost less than traditional education. But it’s not good or dangerous to think about it as a product or replacement of traditional education.

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Who can learn online and how?

  • Kids, Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Housewives, Seniors or Retirees, and every human being can learn online. They can start learning by using the internet on a mobile phone and computer.

Who can get more benefits from online learning?

Education benefits everyone who takes it. But online degrees and courses are really helpful in the following ways:

  • Working professionals can continue their education by joining a bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
  • Students looking to get educated and certified from overseas universities, colleges, experts and institutes can join the online degree and course programs.
  • Students who are unable to pay higher college fees can find online degree programs much helpful.
  • Small village students unable to get higher, technical, academic education can join the online degree programs.
  • If someone wants to build career development and technical skills but unable to do it offline then online learning and online courses are the fastest methods to become skilled for the job and employment.
  • Housewives can continue their education while taking care of kids and it was difficult in offline learning.

So in conclusion, the goal of learning should be connected to employment and innovation. It also has to be for the development of students. Not only to charge higher fees and get income from students.  

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If you’re a learner then you will find ways to grow in your career. You can learn from the blog, eBooks if you’re not able to do even online courses. Learners don’t care about the method, they care about education.

So it’s important that online courses and online degree programs and all kinds of learning resources are effective, practical to increase the creativity and imagination powers of students.

Things that are important for online learning:

  • It’s important that you set a time for online learning.
  • It’s important that you learn daily.
  • It’s very important that learn less but implement more.
  • It’s important that you have a basic understanding of computers and the internet such as where and how to use credit, debit cards safely.
  • How to select the best online course and skills to learn.
  • And most importantly, what is important for you to learn to achieve your goals.

Difference between paid and free online learning methods:

When you pay someone online to educate you then it’s paid online learning. It can be that you pay for someone to guide you, you pay for online courses, you pay for online degrees, and when you pay for books and various other learning sources.

Free online learning is a method in which you don’t pay to the educator. For example, if you use YouTube and watch educational videos of companies, universities, teachers, and individuals on the internet, then you don’t pay for them. For example, you’re learning this guide for free.

Impact of online learning:

The impact of online learning is that education is in the reach of everyone. Now all can become educated. It’s an opportunity that was not before. Educated not only means degree and skills. It’s also about how to communicate effectively and many others.

Education inspires. And due to that people are getting educated fast. But yes, without teachers, guides, and mentors they are not able to execute the education faster and effectively.

So, learning online and becoming educated is the best method for those who are not able to visit college, don’t able to afford the higher fees and living in villages that can take advantage of online learning. And also, for those who want to become successful and need jobs. They can do any kind of short-term course or job oriented online courses from anywhere in the world.

Does it mean? Why pay when everything is free for learning online?

The people teaching on the internet are not taking money from you. But it doesn’t mean they are not earning. They are earning through advertising, views, affiliate, and clicks. While many are selling the online course and those are paid.

So, learning free is good but not that much effective. When you learn for free, then learning depends on you. You became your own teacher. But when you take an online course or hire someone to educate or mentor or guide you, then you become a student and follow the guidelines.

And also, free sources of learning are random. People will teach whenever they want, they teach whatever they want. But when you join online courses or degree programs you learn more and fast. And it’s because everything (syllabus) is designed for you.

So, if you want to learn fast and effectively then invest in your education online. Sign up and pay for online courses. Buy books. Subscribe to blogs and communicate with teachers.

But yes, many times free sources are more valuable than paid sources.

To learn any skills online effectively, it’s not the teachers who teach you well, it’s you as a student who learns effectively. Students learning power matter the most in any kind of education, it can be online and traditional. How you learn and what you learn will matter for your successful future.

Importance of online learning:

Online learning is not like universities and solutions. It’s different.

In the traditional education system, you have to learn from fixed teachers and syllabus. That’s good.

Online learning is not a replacement for traditional education. It’s extra and adds on to traditional education. It makes traditional education more powerful and challenging.

  • You can learn about any topic online.
  • You can learn from people, who are not teachers but successful in their life.
  • You can learn from professionals and experts.
  • You can learn anytime and anywhere.
  • Anyone can learn online and it’s not important to join a degree or course to learn online.

A small kid working in a restaurant or Dhaba can learn online how to start their own restaurants and how to become rich. Even he doesn’t have basic education.

Education makes you more successful. But even education is not the guarantee that you will become successful. It’s you who make you successful.

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