Why managing your time is important to concentrate on studies

Time management is important for you to do the study with focus. Time management is important for every student to get high marks. Student’s success in studies depends much on managing time efficiently. The habits and morals they acquire during school time and at home will stick with them throughout the future.

Time management will shape your mind into the direction of discipline and a sense of duty. Discipline is extremely important for you especially in school life to become a smart student. Time management is a skill that enables you to use your time productively and efficiently.

Time management is not taught as an academic subject in schools. You have to utilize your 24 hours to become the best student and expert in the subject. The focus of learning time management skills is just to develop the habits of spending time wisely.

Why is time management an important skill for you and students?

1. You get a minimum of one year’s time to pass one class. One whole year’s time students spend on completing the syllabus, doing homework, giving exams. Some students only start studying seriously when the exam dates are near. If you manage your time for studying as early as they begin a new class and study regularly by the following timetable then it helps you to accomplish more in the class than other students.

2. Today businessmen, leaders, and freelancers need to take control of their time. All of us are not productive in our 9 to 5 working schedule. Today we’re are fighting with time to control it. It’s not that easy while there are hundreds of commands being given to us. We are busy but not busy with things that generate values. Today managers try to make their employees productive at the office. Employees are also learning to manage time effectively. That’s very important to achieve success at work with less effort. That’s why you need to follow the to-do list and need to set a time table for every activity. If your priorities the task based on the importance then it will very helpful for you later in a career.

3. During exams, you need to complete the attempted question paper. During exams the time is limited. Within that time they have to prove what they learned in the whole year. Some students have great knowledge and know almost everything about the subject but they failed to attempt the question paper in 2-3 hours fixed time. That is why managing time for all questions is really important. All questions are important to get maximum marks. You need to understand what question requires more time. How can all 10 or 5 questions be answered in 3 hours’ time?

I saw and analyzed three things that are very helpful for students to attempt the question paper within time:

First of all, if you learned regularly about the subjects and questions then you don’t have to worry about the time because you know the answer immediately without too much thought.

Secondly, if you learned well from the teachers how to attempt the question paper in a fixed time then you will do well.

The third is your own creativity. For instance, few students do most difficult questions first, which takes more time, and then go for the other questions. These kinds of time management skills are really great.

In the future when you face time management questions in an interview you perform well. Time-conscious students who are great at managing time during their studies are able to do more work later in a job than others. They don’t get stressed because of project deadlines. They become more productive than others. Due to the time management skills and habits, they are following from school and college time.

As you may be knowing, how to become more productive at work is a trending search on Google. Today when you can see that many governments and private sector service providers waste precious time of citizens and customers, that’s poor time management.

Our students are the future of our country and if they waste time and have poor time management skills, then how will they become great doctors, engineers, businessmen, team members, etc. Such people today live in stress and anxiety because of competitions and deadlines. Poor time management skills are another reason for stress. Stress leads such people to follow bad habits. That’s why I think if students are great in time management then we can hope they will definitely contribute to the development of our nation.

Teachers, schools, and colleges try their best. But parents also need to understand to teach good habits to their kids. In that way, the teacher’s time will not be wasted on teaching about time management skills. But it’s also true that if parents are not punctual about their own time how can their kids be. That’s how I think. I can be wrong but this is my opinion.

The goal of time management for students is to reduce stress and increase confidence for the exams. We often heard of the term “exam fever” from students. Which is nothing but the anxiousness due to lack of time needed for studying? Students often say they don’t have enough time to study. So where is the student’s time going? Why do some students excel while others keep complaining about the lack of time? Not all students know about time management skills. Even some students perform better than others without knowing or thinking about time management. Students have more time than any other person. The aim of students is to perform better in the exam and implement the lessons of teachers in real life.

Today student’s time is consumed by various things. Such as a heavy load of homework, the family gets together, gadgets, the Internet, games, and TV. Everything looks interesting and important when we’re students. But when the exam comes students and parents start getting stress. Competition to get more marks increases stress in students and parents. But some students are still happy and confident to perform best and parents don’t even feel any stress. That’s how good habits play their role. Generally, it’s all about having good time management skills that separate good students from average ones. So let’s try to understand where this time goes? How students can get their time back for using it on beneficial activities.

Usually, a student’s time allocation is prefixed by the school and universities as per their schedule and timetable. There is a fixed time for each class, lunch, and physical activities. Teachers and authorities try to make sure that students stay focused on the tasks at hand. They try to utilize every minute by avoiding wastage of time on unnecessary activities. Schools and teachers do their best in managing the time of students in schools. But what about the time of students after leaving school. Do all students know how to manage time effectively? Unfortunately not!

Many students think that since school or college time is over they can spend their time as they wish. That’s great! Students need freedom. They are right! They have the freedom to use social media. They have the freedom to play games. They have the freedom to choose whatever they like to do. But hours and hours spent browsing the Internet, posting selfies on social media, playing games, and chatting on WhatsApp never come again. Without following the proper time table for entertainment and studies, students will waste their precious time on such activities.

All those activities which do not add anything to the students’ knowledge and development are a waste of time. Students lose focus from what was taught at school. At the end of the day, students fall behind on their homework and the time needed for exam preparation.

So, let’s take a look at a few tips on how students can maximize their time. What are the ways that students can follow for utilization of time to achieve better results?

Time management goals:

A student’s time management strategy should be created by considering the specific end goals. Following are the examples of time management goals that help students to create a timetable that they can follow along with enjoying.

Your 1st goal: – Time to study what is taught by teachers in schools or in college.

Your 2nd goal – Time for class homework

Your 3rd goal – Preparation for upcoming exams

Your 4th goal – Time for Family & Friends

Your 5th goal – Time for playing games, watching TV & social media

Your 6th Goal – Time for physical activities/Exercise/Yoga

So let’s create a time table sheet based on the end goals of students. Following is an example of Timetable created by including 5 subjects and considering the above goals. This timetable is not including school time. In this timesheet example, we’re including only time spend at home.

Below time table is just an example that students can follow by customizing according to their suitability. You can create a Timetable or schedule in Microsoft Excel sheet or in your notebook.

Time – Table, School Time – 10 am to 4 PMMorning Time Schedule
4 AM to 5 AM Studying about English Subject 1-2 question / Chapter
10 Minutes Break
5:10 AM to 6:10 AM Studying about Math 1-2 question /Chapter
6:20 AM to 7:20 AM Studying about Social Science 1-2 question/Chapter
10 Minutes Break
7:30 AM to 8 AM Yoga, Exercise
8:10 AM to 9 AM Bathing, Praying, Breakfast Healthy diet
10 Minutes Break
9:00 AM Ready to go to school
Evening Time Schedule
5 PM to 6 PM Evening snacks/ Sleeping or rest
6 PM to 7 PM Playing outdoors/indoor games with friends
7 PM to 9 PM Home Work
9 PM to 10 PM Dinner/Watching TV / Spending time with family
10 PM to 11 PM Remaining Homework if any else studying particular subjects
11:00 PM Sleeping

I know that the above-given timetable or schedule looks very tough to follow but it’s great if anyone will follow this kind of routine during your study time. It will make you punctual, disciplined, intelligent, and sharp-minded. Studying daily and making it a habit not only reduces stress in schools and college but also make you happy and healthy.

Goal setting is important to manage time effectively:

Settings goals are important in our life. Not all the time we need to set goals. We can also achieve bigger things without setting goals. We need to set goals when we’re not focused when our time is wasted on unproductive things. When there is a tough situation in business and life. Or we’re facing competitions or fighting for good things. Then we need to set goals.

Goal setting for students is also important but It’s not necessary to teach small kids very early in life about time management. It can be too stressful for them to understand and grasp at such a young age. Instead, we can try to build good habits without giving the weight of goals. If students follow good habits and utilize their presence of mind for the greater things no other external advice is required. But this kind of case not comes in our life all the time.

You can set time management goals by considering the following things:-

  1. Set goals for the subject in which you are not performing well or getting low marks.
  2. You can set goals for good health. You can set to become smarter and healthier.
  3. You can set goals that they will include in the Timesheet specific time for study, time for personal development, time for family, and time for friends.

If you set goals by considering the things you’re not good at then definitely it will help! Setting goals for study, creating a to-do list, and enjoying life without the stress of study will be helpful. When you set goals and priorities the task you will achieve more grades than others. Why because you managed and lived a life not only for entertainment but for a cause.

If someone’s parents want their kids to become doctors, engineer or something else then they have to be like that from starts to finish. Setting goals and using a to-do list helps students to prioritize their time on specific things they want to improve.

If someone’s goal is to improve English they can set and get time to study daily about English. Such as they will learn each day 5 new English words in the morning. So this is why goal setting is important for time management.

Prioritizing tasks based on their importance at a particular time is the key to effective time management. The most effective time management for students is the prioritizing of tasks. Not all tasks are important. But students need to find out which task is more important than others? When they have to be done and within what period? Which is the right time for a particular task? For instance, during a break during the preparation of exams playing computer games are not important, but if they do yoga during that break it will calm their mind and help with the exam preparation.

So, if you’re a student then think about what is possible to do that helps you to become a good student. What are the things you have at your disposal that can help you to manage time? Take help from parents, ask them how you can utilize time. How they can support you etc. Time management is just the presence of the mind. In this case, you have to decide what is right for you in this time and situation.