Top 10 Productive Uses of Social Media in our daily life


If you want to the advantages of social media websites and apps in your daily life then you first need to understand clearly the productive uses of social media.

When people congregate and interact on a social platform, the productive uses of social media can be seen when they share and exchange content that has common values and goals. It means people build strong communities and units that enable them in the future to get together and fight for a cause.

For example, anyone runs a “start Clean India group” on social media to build a community that inspires the whole country to keep the environment clean by sharing photos and videos in the group. It will help others to get inspiration and motivation. This will further strengthen social development and productivity.

So social productivity is about meaningful things that create a relationship with the community as a means of achieving national and social goals that benefit everyone.

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1. Use of social media for students:-

The most addicted and attractive people or targeted people by social media websites and apps are students. It’s because they spend more time online, they share a variety of content and they do chatting and social things more than others. Reportedly, most teens spend an average of 8 hours per day online on social media.

More than half of the population is addicted to social media. In my circle, I have seen that more than 50+ times people are active on social media in a single day. And it’s very beneficial for social media companies and also good for users in some cases.

The rising stories of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and now Vero are similar. It was meant to increase social development. But the problem arises when people forget about their own personal development, and spend that part of their time on social media.

Another alarming issue that parents are reporting with their children is cyberbullying. A young student with a tender mind often comes across a language that is strictly adult on social media. This can lead to confrontational arguments and the fallout of this is often low self-esteem and even depression.

Now the use of social media for students should be for personal development and learning. Maybe something fun once in a while, but spending 8 hours every day looking at funny cat photos is definitely not productive for a student.

Students can build communities and groups with a variety of educational concepts. Such as GK groups, IAS preparation groups, study groups, creative groups, anti-cyberbullying groups, sharing your art, etc. But the problem is that these things are done by companies and businesses instead of students. But if students participate in such groups that will be also helpful.

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2. Use of social media for small businesses:-

One of the more prominent users of social media is small businesses and small business owners. It’s because small business owners are the customers of social media websites.

Social Media websites are used by small business owners to market their business to the targeted demographic by type of audience, location, age group, etc.

Today, social media websites are in existence due to the advertising potential and higher conversion rate offered by them for business owners. Almost all kinds of businesses can be promoted and you will see how these products and services are being hawked by social media platforms.

Some social media websites such as Facebook are even providing an option to blog, promote and boost sales. Everything that is important for a business to grow their business, is the business of Facebook now.

Now the use of social media for marketing is increasing the income of social media websites and apps and that will enable them to innovate. And their innovation means that they will be able to attract more users when they will be able to provide options and features so that users keep connected to social media channels.

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3. Use of social media for digital marketing companies:-

The use of social media for digital marketing companies is similar to small businesses. Even digital marketing companies provide social media marketing services for small business owners. In this process, digital media marketing companies create viral content.

Viral content on current causes engages the entire community and people. Sometimes they create funny content, another day they create inspirational content, and so on. And in the middle of all this content bombardment, they promote the business content to them.

Many digital marketers and companies create spam groups and communities to collect users’ information to target cold calling. It’s just another way for them to exploit the large number of gullible social media users who don’t mind giving out their phone number and email address for a free pen drive ‘lucky draw’ contest.

4. Use of social media for teachers:-

Teachers and educators can be the most impactful users of social media websites, They can use it to explore educational content, create multimedia presentations, 3D animations etc to explain concepts of science and mathematics in a better way. They can create and write meaningful posts that able people to think and act generously.

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5. Use of social media for drivers:-

Drivers visit thousands of locations in a year repetitively. They visit holy places, mountains, and the most dangerous roads. They also want to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social apps.

They spend their remaining time on social media sharing locations and the beauty of nature with the people. And they can create communities and groups around their passion. Later they can turn it into a passive income source.

6. Use of social media for data analysis experts:-

Social media is a top platform for market research and the decision-making process. Billions of people use social media for learning, marketing, shopping, and decision-making. Now when they use social media, they create and generate data that enables data analysts to do the analysis on the related subject.

Such as data about the latest marketing campaigns and shared content. When this data is processed along with certain parameters it gives birth to valuable information that helps companies and corporations take key decisions regarding their business interests for the future.

7. Use of social media for government:-

There are thousands of government departments in any country such as the forest department, income tax and sales tax department, EPF department, transportation department, consumers, RTI, and many others. These units of Government can use social media to make users aware and educated about their own rights and the facilities provided by these units.

For example, if the central government is running corruption-free India campaigns on TV, they can do the same on social media, they can create and build groups, and can do it within the budget. They have staff and they can train them to use Facebook, google+, and Whatsapp to share the latest development and features of the citizen services. I believe that it’s a great practice for the unity of the country and public development.

The use of social networking or social media apps is nothing if it’s not helping people or not enabling social development. I believe that if we want to become the world’s most powerful country we each have to use the available sources as much as possible with top quality and creativity. Then it will create new options for new tools and technology.

8. Use of social media politicians:-

Everyone knows that politicians use social media to test the waters of public opinion on certain topics and causes. They use it to connect with people. They use to make people aware and educated about the services and importance of the campaign.

They hire digital marketing companies and marketers or ghost bloggers. While many used to troll the opposition party. One way or another, social media has become the nerve center around which election and poll-related strategies are formed and executed.

9. Use of social media for news media

The role of news media in the development of the country is bigger than others. News media gets almost 70% of users’ attention on social media. There are 1000 news websites you can see on social media and everyone is trying to get attention. Everyone is trying to educate and drive traffic to their websites on even cheap and lowest-quality posts. But that’s how they do it and this is how this business works. We should aim for honest and meaningful content that is meant to educate the masses not divide them.
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10. Use of social media by social media companies:

Social Media platforms and companies who starting social media companies are making billions of dollars through advertising. Connecting businesses and consumers on a single platform and providing various options for trade and business. The revenue from advertising is repetitive and that increases the economic activity where it is legalized.

While many popular social media companies sponsor and advertise using adult or vulgar content on their platform. And you can’t report those posts because options are disabled or just a simple message, “We are unable to receive your request” or “we’re working to resolve this problem”. And most of the users think it’s technical problem.

But It’s actually not a technical problem, it’s intentionally done by these companies to earn more money and also to destroy the youth, community or society of any country or make them poor. I expect that my doubts are wrong. But actually, it’s happening and all kinds of people, and age groups, characters are using these platforms. So it’s important for the government to monitor and ban the particular content on such social media websites.

In conclusion, we can say that if we create more uses of social media for learning, research, and personal, social and environmental development then it will play a great role in the development of the country and world.

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