Top 3 Most Powerful Benefits of Cloud Storage for Students


Google Drive and Onedrive are the best Cloud Storage options for students. In one drive they can use the Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel PowerPoint, and many other apps)  that is used by most of the students. And similar to Google Drive students can find docs, sheets, slices, and similar tools like One Drive.

In the latest version of MS Office, students can directly save/share documents to the cloud.

Both have responsiveness and great user experiences on mobile devices. And both have free plans along with premium packages. It will save time, money, and resources and both are easy to use. So that’s why OneDrive and Google Drive I think is the best cloud storage platform or option for students to try.

Cloud storage is an important technology for students. There are Amazon, box, Dropbox iCloud, and many other good cloud storage providers. But it’s more confusing to read 5 to 10 cloud storage providers than to select one.

I just suggest to you the best 2 out of 10 cloud storage services as per the work that students have to do most. And you can use them both.  So, in the post, I am explaining the reasons why & how Google Drive and One Drive are the best cloud storage for students.

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Let’s first understand:

Why do students need Cloud Storage? 

Students are one of the most excited internet users. They do various things on the web for learning, earning, online courses, and degrees to entertainment. In all these activities they have generated data and information such as notes about the business management degree. Now they need to save and access this data that is images, eBooks, document files, excel files, presentations, code files, pdf files, and videos in colleges and libraries. And they want to access it easily, anytime and anywhere. Not only for self but also to share it with others is also the demand.

How it was possible before?

It was the process in which we all meant to use CD, DVD, Flash Drive/Pen Drive, External Hard Disk, and definitely through laptop and computer.

While students can buy a laptop with a 1 TB drive and many are using it. But what if they don’t have a laptop or are not able to use laptops? But they need data to learn and use. Then what they will use? and how?

That was the problem once and for all.

But cloud storage is the solution. Learn More: What kind of data can be stored in cloud storage? And that’s why students need to use Cloud Storage. Now through cloud storage, they can access data on their mobile, laptop, or computer anytime and anywhere on any device or computer in schools/colleges. Now they can read, print, send, and share.

The 2nd reason behind the use of Cloud storage is to back up the data. Each class’s notes are important. And they need to be saved and stored effectively. And for that computer backup/DVD/Flash Drive is not enough for the long term. That’s why Cloud Storage services are important for students.

The 3rd reason is to get the benefits of integrated document writing, editing, and management applications.  It means that you create notes in Microsoft Word on your computer. Now you can directly save them to one drive. Not only that you can share them with other classmates. And you can use the same file on mobile, computer, and tablet.

The 4th reason for using cloud storage for students is the Information Technology Trend. In the future students will be doctors, engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. But how they will compete without the use and knowledge of Information Technology with other people? Today it’s a basic education in that students know about cloud storage and use it. So, they not only become smart in their studies but also become familiar with the technologies.

Now I am dividing this into 2 Parts:

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Students:

1) Personal Data:

Photos: Students need to save mobile photos, now they need to upload them to cloud storage. So that they can free up space on the mobile for new data.

Videos: They have personal videos and they want to save them safely.

Certificates: Students have to use various personal identities, academic cards, and certification copies in schools, colleges, and government offices for admissions, job applications, and project submissions. They don’t want or can’t carry printouts all the time with them. That’s why they can store them on Cloud storage. And when they need them, they can print or share web copies with the authorities.

2) Academic / Educational Data:

Notes: To create, manage, print, and share notes, students have to use an integrated word processor, data calculation, and presentation applications.

Project Files: Project files can be related to essays, theses, web applications, presentations, and research. And all can be saved in the cloud storage.

Photos: Diagrams, flow charts, and charts are important objects in learning various concepts. Now when students find any of them, they can save them, learn from them, and keep the backup. Not only that the stored data will be beneficial for their bro and sister as well if they come up to this class.

Videos: Today’s class lectures are digital. Schools and colleges have to share that with students so that the students can watch them at home and observe the lessons. And this can be saved on cloud storage. Teachers/support staff can share those notes through links or can give access to the use of Cloud Storage for students.

3. Sharing and collaboration with teachers and classmates:

Notes creation: Students need to create notes so now they need integrated word processing applications.

Project Files Sharing: Students have to share the files safely.

Collaborative Project: Students have to collaborate with other students and teachers on various class projects.

Now if students have to do all the above works, then which cloud storage they will choose? The answer is not which one is best. But the best one is, how it makes it possible to use cloud storage and integrated applications easily and effectively. And for me, I will suggest Google Drive and One Drive for students.

Learn more: Uses of Cloud Storage in our daily life: Online Data Storage

Why? Google Drive is the best cloud storage solution for students:

  • Students will get 15GB of free space for email ID and you can easily expand it for more.
  • There are no big complaints where Google has compromised the saved data of people.
  • Students will get an integrated storage space in Android phones. if you’re using an iPhone iCloud is also an option.
  • Students will get integrated Google apps such as docs, forms, slides, sheets, and many others.
  • Students use various Google applications such as Gmail, which means you can save files or open them directly in Google Drive through Google document writing and editing applications.
  • Students can create two Email IDs one for professional and 2nd for personal use. In both IDs, they will get 30 GB of space for free. And 30 GB is a big space to store educational and personal materials. And it’s good that if students want to expand the storage space then they can do it.

Why? One Drive is the Best Cloud Storage Service for students:

  • When students create notes, create spreadsheets, presentations, and do various creation and management-related work on Windows 10 computers then they can directly save that to One Drive. That is integrated into Office 365. That’s why One Drive is the most effective and best cloud storage for students to reduce the time investment in technical management.
  • Students can create, share, and edit files online.
  • They can also use 5 GB of free space for personal and educational use.

The world is using lots of Google and Microsoft Products for various things. It’s all about all in one place.

Students especially beginners are not familiar with using, integrating, and managing cloud storage effectively. And if they use 10 cloud storage services then it will consume lots of time and technical efficiency.

That’s why I suggested Google Drive and OneDrive. That is easy to use and comes by default with a Windows laptop. While it’s possible there can be arguments against both. But it’s very valuable for students to test and use. And if they don’t like something. Then they can move to another cloud storage. That’s why Google Drive and One Drive provide 5 GB to 15 GB space for everyone.

So I don’t think you have any other doubt left about which cloud storage services are best for you during your studies, project work, collaboration, and even in your online business.

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