Microsoft 365: Scale Up Office Productivity to its Best


Microsoft Office is a personal and business workplace productivity software program that is developed and published by Microsoft Inc. Now the latest version is Microsoft 365 which is formerly known as Microsoft Office Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

But Microsoft 365 does not only contains Office apps but it’s a next-level SaaS-based solution that will increase your office productivity at its best.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based software as a service or subscription in which you will get office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive Cloud Storage, Access, OneNote, Outlook, and many other new and powerful features.

Microsoft 365 allows small businesses to run and manage business using cloud computing technologies and take your business communication and productivity to the next level.

If you want to start using the latest version of Microsoft Office or if you’re satisfied with the home basic version and now want to take your workplace or business operation with clouds and increase productivity to the next level then start using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is looking very promising to use in daily life and business. Microsoft Office is a very productive application for almost 3 decades.

The use of office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is unlimited in starting, managing, and growing businesses and careers.

Microsoft 365 business premium includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Team, Exchange, One Drive, share point, Intune, and Azure information protection.

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Microsoft 365 Office desktop or web or mobile apps increase productivity and improve business communication and collaboration which is very important to get desired results or achieve daily workplace goals.

You will also get cloud storage and sharing options. You can use Microsoft One Drive or cloud storage to directly store your Microsoft Office documents such as Word templates, customers database in Excel, reports, PowerPoint animation, and many other things. And that you can also access or share with anyone and collaborate with.

Microsoft 365 personal, family, home and business and enterprise, education are various subscription plans that you can choose as per your current as well as future personal and business needs.

How you can take advantage of Microsoft 365 or how you can choose the best plan for your business and personal productivity:

Microsoft 365 comes with 4 types of plans that are home, business, enterprise, and education.
In Microsoft Home 365 plan, you will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and 1TB of cloud storage space.
You can also use Microsoft 365 on Desktop, laptop, and mobile because it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

To choose the best Microsoft 365 plan you must analyze your current and future business requirements minimum of 1 year.
For example, if you only need Word, excel, power, and Outlook and also with cloud storage space then you can go with Microsoft 365 home plan.

But if you need a desktop version as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint then you can go with Microsoft 365 business-standard. And also consider how many laptops and computers you need to install or how many people currently or in the future will work for you remotely or from the workplace in Office applications.

While you can also buy each application according to the use, if you need only Microsoft Word, then you can also buy that.
But buying individual app other than the full package have limitations. If your most work is included in Microsoft and productivity services then it’s good to go with Microsoft 365 subscription plan or business plan. There are various plans that you can consider.

You can also use the wizard option, and you can also talk to customer support before you purchase Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 SaaS-based Microsoft Office apps.

Visit the following link to learn more, compare, buy, download, and install Microsoft 365:

How to learn Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office? 

The duration or time period of learning and use of Microsoft 365 really depends on the following things:
Your learning goals or intentions: You should have a clear goal on why you want to learn it and where you want to use it.
Learning Sources: If the source of learning is not professional or time-consuming and not creative then you will get bored while learning, so it’s very important to choose the right platform to learn Microsoft 365.

Practical Exercises: To learn Microsoft 365 effectively it’s very important that you focus on the exercises and learning those work that is important in your daily work. For example, if you have to collaborate with remote staff then it’s very important for you to learn how you can collaborate, share and work through Microsoft 365.
Other than that you have to focus on doing exercises as per your job role:
Following are the examples:

To learn more we have written a few guides on Microsoft Office, please visit the following links and learn from them:

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