Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately


There are various ways to learn basic computer and internet skills quickly and accurately.

You can learn essential basic computer skills at home and also outside. But in this post, I am sharing with you the complete guide and best ways of learning basic computer skills.

Learning has certain goals. And to achieve those goals, it’s important to decide which way is best to follow to learn and become skilled.

1. You can learn computer skills on your own:

In this way, you just buy a computer and follow the instruction. And the computer/laptop will teach you everything from start to the beginning.

Things important:

  1. You should know how to turn it on and off.
  2. You have to follow the tooltip or instructions that the computer is telling you each time. You just need to guess or understand, what it’s about.
  3. You need to think creatively and use it.
  4. It can take a year to understand basic working.

So if you want to experiment and research an invention you can follow this path.

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2. Learn computer skills on YouTube:

Visit YouTube and search on mobile for “I want to learn computer from basic to advance” or “step by-step course to learn basic computer skills”.

Or how to turn on the computer. After that AI (artificially intelligent) responds to you with an option. Now select anyone and go with it.

It’s the best and most youtube video. Watch 2-3 youtube videos and follow the instructions. There are thousands of videos on the basics of computers.

If you want to learn basic skills or just want to play songs, and videos, copy/paste/draw/type/ application writing, and print out works, then video tutorials on basic computer skills on youtube are helpful for you.

You can also combine 1st+2nd (Learning on your own + learning on youtube).

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3. Do online Computer courses to learn basic as well as advanced skills:

The most popular and trending way to learn any computer skills or non-technical skills from home quickly and at a lower cost than it’s an online course. Yes, you can learn any kind of computer skill online. Just by doing an online course.

But for that if you have little computer knowledge such as you’re able to turn on the computer, you’re able to connect the computer to the internet, if you’re able to open a web browser then you can do an online computer course.

4. Do Offline Basic Computer Course:

The traditional and most effective way to learn a computer is by doing an offline basic computer course at your nearest place. Offline computer course is effective for anyone who wants to start learning computers. After learning typing, and the fundamental and basic settings of computers, you can do an online course.

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5. Hire someone to teach you basic computer skills:

You can hire an expert online and offline to teach you about your home. But for that, it’s important that you have contacted the right person. Else in this method, there are some privacy and security problems.

So now you have understood the top 5 ways to learn computers. But you can be confused about which one I will start with. So I will help you with that. I am showing you a clear path to learn basic as well as advanced computer, internet, and programming skills.

Here are some of the best courses that you can do learn basic computer skills: Online Basic Computer Courses & Learn Essential Computer Skills

Remember all the above 5 ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has their own choice and situation. But following is the fastest and great way to learn any kind of computer skill.

How to learn Computer Skills effectively? Following are the best tips:

The first thing: Set a time period for learning basic computer skills. 4 to 6 Months

1. Join an offline basic computer course for 2 hours daily. Learn from the instructor, practice in front of them, take a daily practical class and create as many exercises as you can. Ask and interact with the instructor. Always ask why something is happening. How does it matter after 5 years? Etc. Use the experience of the instructor and clear your doubts.

2. Learn books for 30 minutes or more: You will find books in the institute during computer class. If not you can buy various magazines related to computers and the internet. Consistently learn computer books for the next 4 or 6 months. Think and act like you’re technology-friendly.

3. After learning the basics from an offline course or even during the offline course. Watch a youtube video on the class topic, and search and learn on blogs on the same topic that you have learned in today’s class.

Understand the different perspectives on the same subject by various computer experts. Take the best point, follow them and execute them to create something new.

Spend 1 hour at home or on mobile only to learn about today’s computer class topic.

4. Join an Online course and become an expert: Now it’s time for real development. At this time, you have to join an online course to achieve certain goals. Such as if you want to develop apps, then join an online apps development course, if you want to start a blog then join a blogging course, and if you want to research more about information technology then start learning and communicating with an expert.

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You can also do it offline. But the reason to do it online is that there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Might be you’re good at document editing and writing, so it’s great if become an expert in it.

Might be you like photo editing or graphics design, Might be you’re thinking to create a new website, etc. So it means that do the online course to achieve a certain goal.

5. Practice and become a creator: if you want to become successful in anything in IT then you have to build the mindset of the creator, creative. It means you’re learning and creating. You’re creating a new resume, you’re creating a new process of web development, you’re creating new tools, you’re creating a new team, etc. it means you’re always creating.

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And when you think and try to create something, you learn more than management. Management happens after creation. So don’t try to manage anything earlier in your career. Instead, expand your talent and knowledge as much as possible.

And once you get experienced, then start focusing on a single path or expertise which is profitable and interesting for you.

I hope the tips are helpful to you. If have any questions regarding computer learning, skills, and IT-related career then ask me without hesitation.

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