Things to note when starting a blog as an Online Business


A blog can be an online business. If you’re looking to start a business with minimum cost part-time or full-time from home blogging is one of the best online businesses to start. Blogging is a profession. You can start one or 10 blogs and build your blogging business.

But you do not need it to start your own self-hosted blog just because thousands of others are earning from the blog. Without any doubt, you can earn money from a blog when you learn and run it professionally or as a business. But only start a blog if you want to make a positive impact and difference in someone’s life, business, and profession.

When you start a blog you don’t start a race with other blogs for traffic and money. Instead, you focus on your own target audience. If your blog is for students then your focus always should be on students’ development in a particular area of your expertise.
When you keep doing it and when people start trusting you and getting results from your blog posts then you will be able to increase traffic and revenue automatically.

People are looking for solutions, tips, and tutorials on the Internet. You can target a specific group of people, technology, keywords, industry, and solution to start a blog.  Each blog post can be like a product and each visitor/reader can be a customer. Learn more here: Importance of Blogging in our daily life

Examples, Lead generation tips for Travel agencies, Web Development Tips for small businesses, personal development tips for writers, health tips for programmers, business development tips for YouTubers, and many others.

Profitable technology niche to start a blog in 2022-23: 

Some of the popular and profitable industries or blog categories or niches for 2022-23 are software development, Blockchain, SEO, Cloud Computing, Investment, Financial, and Personal development.

Expertise to start a blog: 

You need the technical expertise and knowledge of online marketing and internet users’ behavior to start a blog professionally and as a business. Blog creation is easy with WordPress. You can start a blog within a few minutes.

While starting a blog is easy, making it successfully required creative and technical expertise such as communication skills, SEO, UX, and Sales skills. Learn more: Learn these Top 5 skills to get success in blogging

Or you can hire a blog writer. And manage the business side of your blog which is SEO, Marketing, and Monetization. You can earn money through monetization of the content. You can use make money through ads, a commission from recommended affiliate products, and Sponsored posts.

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 Vlogging (YouTube Channel) vs Blog (WordPress Blog Website): 

While Vlogging or video blogging (YouTube channels) is more in trend and popular.  But that doesn’t mean blogging is dead or you can’t start a blog in 2022 – 2023 or later years.

Videos provide a different experience than blog posts. Still, to get data and information more quickly you have to search on Google. And most of the search results are blog websites. Blogs are the fastest way to communicate data and information quickly. While videos are good for explanations and understanding the concept in the native language.

So, both are good in their own way. Those running YouTube channels also need to set up a blog website to reach a larger audience and businesses. And those running a blog website can also start publishing video content.

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Blog Post Format:  

Both text or video or images or audio podcasts are the formats used to publish data and information on the internet. If you’re publishing good quality content, data and information then it will get into the search results no matter even if it’s a blog post or video.

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How long you can maintain a blog as a business?

Until you don’t enjoy blogging or do not have any good purpose you can’t do it for a long time.

I am blogging for the last 9 years and I just like to do it each day more. Blogging can be dead for thousands of people, but not for me and thousands of others.

Everyone does things based on their own interest, knowledge, and skills. Some things work or some do not. No one can guarantee which one will be more successful. The success and failures all are in our hands.

Increase organic traffic to your WordPress blog with these 15 ways

Role of Search Engine in the success of Blog:

The search engines such as google and bing display those posts on top search results, which are focused 1st on the users and then on business. It just means that create helpful and useful content for users that should be unique and that you have a good background experience in that topic.

If we decide to blog and make it successful then google and bing will help you to do that.  While they are not the only source of traffic or reaching more people. You can use social media, forums, and strategies.  But yes, having traffic from search engines is almost essential. So, we can’t ignore search engines and search engine optimization in the success of blogs and businesses.

Learning to run and make a blog successful:

It’s good to start a blog with basic knowledge of blogging and WordPress. And when you start doing it you will learn more and improve along the way.

Blogging is easy to start and has the lowest cost in the beginning. But if you want to earn money from a blog and want to generate leads for your business then you have to use various blogging strategies, SEO tools, and monetization strategies.

Time management for blogging and SEO tasks:

You have to dedicate yourself 2 to 3 hours daily for 6 months to 1 year to writing and publishing high-quality blog posts regularly and optimizing the blog for search engine traffic.  Then you will start seeing a good amount of traffic and revenue.

And along with that you also have to compete with various other blog websites. Writing and publishing blog posts are not enough. You also have to promote them on social media and local networks.

Getting traffic is not easy these days to blog websites from a single search engine. So, you have to utilize and optimize your blog website for Google as well as Bing and other search engines such as Yandex.

How to take the decision to start a blog or not?

Do not start a blog only because it will provide 1000 benefits or various money-making options.

Start a blog if you think it’s the best way to educate millions of people worldwide who need your type of expertise. Or start a blog if you can write and publish helpful content regularly. Start a blog if you can commit yourself to serve the people for many months without excepting getting anything back.

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Cons of starting a blog as a full-time business or income source:

The income or revenue you generate through a blog is uncertain and unstable. Some days or months you make more than expected such as $50 to $70 and sometimes less than expected less than $5.

Blogging is the same as any other business. Success and failure depend on readers, skills, strategies, thinking, and market trend.

If you publish to help people then no one can stop you from becoming successful in blogging.

Like any other skills and strategies. You have to learn the creative and technical side of blogging. The more you learn and execute your ideas the faster you will get success. The most important thing is the stay focused on the readers, their problems, their plans, and their income growth.

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