How can teachers motivate students


I think teachers can motivate students to learn, read and write by using scientific, spiritual, practical and creative teaching methods.  I am sharing the techniques and tips I have learned from my parents, school teachers, 12 years of computer teaching experiences. And after the small survey on the following options:

Classroom Management: Following are the ways you can use to motivate Student 

1. Show and explain the topic in real life and real time Examples:-

I believe that instruction, lessons, and theory should lead to an example. An example is an output. I got great responses from students when I taught them with examples. If you saw or read my previous articles you will find I used to “for example” word very often in the article. Why?

Now here again is the example:

For example, you are teaching students cloud computing. You define the definition. And students expressions are positive. But it does not end it’s a start. Now you need to explain where it is? How is it used? Why cloud computing? Is it a new concept or old? How it will impact on current uses of the computer etc.

If I am in your place, I will use the easiest example that used by students in daily life. As a user Cloud computing increase your mobile experience. Now you can watch movies, live videos, live cricket score on your mobile phone. It’s because of cloud computing. And one application is running on multiple servers, so no ‘server not found error’ etc.


As a business, it’s reducing the cost of managing on-site servers. Applications and results are served based on user geolocation. Easy to manage, automatic scaling based on the users, automatic updates.

You can show them images on Google, you can show them videos if you don’t have the physical infrastructure. You can also show them comparison by running two different application one from the cloud and other from the physical server.


Another example, if you’re teaching about the importance of hard work for students then you need to showcase them an example. Why it is important and who they’re in history does the great hard work in the career. So you can use APJ Abdul Kalam as a role model. You can also use the latest Bollywood and Hollywood actors their hard work.

The example needs to be real and has to be connected directly or indirectly with students. Such as how parents working hard for your studies etc.

2. Explore the creativity and imagination in students mind:-

To explore creativity in students it’s important that you use them as an example. See how I am using it for you.

Now you’re learning about how to motivate students. But before motivating students you should have to be motivated enough to teach the subject and topic of the class for students. You should do know about the pros/cons of the subject, you should know about the uses of the subject.

when you know the uses of any subject or topic it’s very easy for you to motivate students. You’re teaching in school, institute or in the college or in the home, it’s important that you’re motivated from inside and know the importance of the subject.

In this way, you will become confident to teach, write, speak and able to educate others. But first, you need to educate yourself on the topic.

And the best way is to start from the output.

That’s it.

Now what I did in the above paragraph. I have used the believes those are already in your mind, but you’re unable to think on those. I know you’re a great teacher, but great teachers have daily learning and analysis habits. And when you learn and connect the learning with real-life examples, it’s very easy to teach the subject.

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3. Provide examples of Current Affairs / GK:-

Most students are aware of current incidents due to social media facebook, youtube, and TV. Now it’s a great opportunity for teachers to connect the classroom topic or lesson with their existed information.

For example, if the lesson is about data privacy then use current data privacy incidents. Show the news, explain its impacts on people and company. and define what companies are doing to protect it. And why it’s important.

Similarly, if it’s about earthquake then take an example of the earthquake from any country. Show it’s data, news, videos, measurements methods, and techniques. These practices attract students to learn, read, write and research more about the earthquake, data privacy. subjects and objects. It’s because they are mentally prepared from the news and personal experience on the cause.

4. Show self-experience on the cause, subject, and classroom topic you’re teaching:-

Uses of the subject in the personal and professional life of teachers also impact positively and negatively on students.

For example, if an English lecturer communicates in Hindi in the college environment then it’s a normal thing. But if he/she communicate in English in every communication method then it will inspire students, and other faculties, staff to be what they are known to be in the school/college or institution. And the practice is similar to Math, IT, Science, Sanskrit, and Hindi faculties. I just mean to explore the subject vocabulary and subject experiences in the learning environment, expressions and behave.


For example, if an economics teacher is not showing how he/she manage own daily life economics as an example, how we can expect student will do.

If I am expecting from my students to become skilled, I need to show them how those skills helping me to achieve my own and country dreams. It should reflect on my personality and expression. And in this way, I will guarantee you, that you will not only able to motivate students to learn, read and write but also help them become great and developed human being.

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5. Creative Teaching Methods:

This is my evergreen method. Every teacher in itself is different. And we have to be. I believe that all students are intelligent and no one is less talented than others. But not all students receive your inputs in the same way. It’s because each of us has some limitations and strengths.

For example, students are like mobile phones and computer. If you’re installing debit and credit in their mind, it’s important that they have basic requirement before they learn credit and debt. I mean you can’t install MS-Office on the computer if there is no window (operating system) on the computer.

Similarly, some phones have 16 Megapixel high resolutions HD camera and you get the top quality images.  But you can’t expect from the low 2px megapixel camera to provide you the same images as you’re getting from 16 Megapixel camera.


So that’s why you have to be creative in teaching methods so that students of all level can understand your lessons. It’s not your fault that they are not understanding. And it’s not their fault too. Might be they are not properly configured from home (parents) and early teachers for advanced topics or might be they are unique.


But it’s not that you can’t re-configure them again for the subject.

The students are like a raw pitcher and now it is up to you to make them what you want, what your subject want, what your teaching methods want them to become.  

And if you see that in your country there are corrupt politicians, lazy bureaucrats, and anti-environment policymakers exists it’s because of teaching methods of old teachers and parents.

And today it’s in your hands, you’re making antivirus, you’re making great teachers, you’re making great planners, you’re making great thinker, you’re making professional bureaucrats, you’re making skilled workforce, you’re making good human being, you’re making nature lovers and the choice is yours. They are ready and they are in your class. Just believe in God, Believe in yourself, Believe in your principles and be what you want to be.


Your creative teaching methods should be on the target. You can use videos, Internet, computers, the external and internal infrastructure of the school, college or institution. All are built for students, why not you can use this.


For example, here are 2 creative teaching method as a sample for you.

If you’re teaching about the benefits of trees, then make sure that you’re taking this class tree or flower garden or around trees.

If you’re teaching about advertisement designing then make sure that you show students how advertising agencies are designing an advertisement for companies in real time.

I know it’s tough for school, college, and institution to allow creative teaching methods. Might be they don’t have a budget, might be they don’t have permission, might be they don’t have such faculties, might be they are not interested in the student’s development.

But don’t worry, even small creative things can make a big difference. And I believe that 90% of students will learn, read and understand the concept better practically and from real-life examples. And this will make them motivated to keep learning the subject. Once you generated interests for the subject, after that they will become an automatic learner, writer, teachers, skilled and knowledgeable. So that later in their career they can make good decisions.

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6. Appreciate, thanks to students for the answer:

Most of the teacher face the problem to teach when students don’t provide feedback. Not all students feel confident to answer. They feel they can be right or wrong. And they think other students, the teacher will laugh at them. And it’s the biggest problem. But to solve this problem, there are few ways you can implement so that students can engage in the classroom.

  1. Be funny and serious same time when you ask the question. Ask it once seriously and then ask 2nd time like a joke. And if they don’t respond till the 2nd time, then ask 3rd time emotionally.
  2. Whenever someone gives an answer, don’t get angry if it’s wrong. Instead, try to debate on the answer, so that students understand all aspect of the subject and question. Even you can allow debate for the same answer between 2 students.
  3. Be funny and like a friend with students when you’re looking for feedback. So that they feel safe to answer in front of 10-20 or 60 students class.
  4. Ask a question from 3 types of students to engage all the class in the subject. 1st ask from students who performed well in the class, then ask from one funny student, then ask from one who is hidden behind the front row student. And appreciate and thanks all for their types of answer.
  5. Provide conclusion and clear guidelines for tomorrow before you end your class.


That’s it for today.

Now you can research and experiment with your knowledge and teaching style to motivate students to learn, engage students in the class, in writing and study.

Here is the survey report, We have conducted on this website, while at the same time I was writing this article. Students and teachers around the world participated in this survey from the last 12 hours. Now I am sharing it with you in the form of images.

responses on a map

other comments on the survey

views and hits


Thanks, I hope this article will be helpful to motivate students and teachers.

quote to motivate teachers and students

A great teacher is a great student. And a great teacher is built by students, not by school, college and board authorities or degrees.- Vijay Sharma


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