Importance of computer laboratory in school


A computer laboratory is important in every private and government school to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students.

I don’t mean computer lab to pass on the formalities and just to showcase that in papers. I mean the good and practical computer lab that makes students interested and enthusiastic about technology and science.

If there is a computer lab then students can invest their free time in learning programming, and automation and improving basic computer skills. That will help them later to define their career goals, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities. For skills development, students need to practice.

And to do that effectively they need a computer lab. To practice what teachers have taught in the class, they need a computer lab.

The following are the top things that students can do if they have a computer lab:

  • Students can code and can build new educational apps.
  • They can use document writing and editing application to create notes and write books.
  • They can build their own websites and blogs.
  • They can practice math equations in Microsoft Excel.
  • Students can learn to use the internet in which they can pay fees online, they can join online classes, can participate in online student communities on projects and assignments.
  • If students have access, they can learn, practice, and improve their Hindi, and English typing skills.
  • Students can practice video conferencing with teachers, online education, and many other educational activities through online computer applications.
  • And the most important thing for all students can learn the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, cloud computing, the Internet of things, and many others.

RelatedImportance of Computer Education in Schools for Students

I know that many parents can afford a computer these days. But the problem is that they can’t inspire their kids to innovate and research unless students are not inspired by their teachers and social leaders. And teachers can’t do it without a proper lab, teaching facilities and pieces of equipment.

I think the goal of any teacher has to be on future challenges when they teach and guide any student. It’s not only about the exam.

But there are students and parents who are not able to afford a computer and private instructor. They depend on the government to facilitate computer education. I know there are many organizations that are involved in this campaign. But the quality and results are not as much as expected.

The government did lots of things for students’ skills development. But still, students have to visit a cyber cafe to pay college fees, notes, and job applications. Many students have a computer at home, but they don’t know what are its uses and what they can do online and offline with computer skills. Even they are not able to help their parent’s businesses through computers and the Internet.

Not only that, our students after spending lakhs of rupees doing a degree in computer science, application are still not able to find jobs and platforms.

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If the majority of students around the country are able to do the following things then I think the goal of computer education is achieved in schools and colleges:

  • Students are able to do online degrees and courses. Learn more: Benefits of online learning for students & Online Education
  • Students are able to access all government portals and schemes.
  • Students are able to capture career development opportunities.
  • Students are able to get jobs based on their interests and skills.
  • Students are able to innovate their family business through computers and the internet.
  • They are able and confident to start their own online businesses.
  • They are able to set career and financial development goals.
  • They don’t just waste time on the internet, they get the benefits of the internet. Related: What benefits students will get from creating their own website?
  • And students are rated and hired based on talent, interest, and practical skills instead of degrees.
  • Students are not doing degrees to become successful in a career instead they are just using a laptop computer to learn and build skills, they are doing online degrees and along with that, they are running their own online businesses.

Do you think all the above goals can be achieved without a computer lab in schools?

No never.

It’s because basic computer education is the root of the success of a student in IT and many other fields.

For example, if students only know that social media is just all about gossip and chats then it means they don’t know the basics of computer education.

Trees can be planted in pots. But the trees give fruits when planted in the actual field.

Computer degrees and diplomas are like pots. They can give you the identification of a plant. But if your roots are not stronger and healthy then it will become challenging for the plant to grow even with proper facilities.

That’s why basic computer skills and education are the roots that are born and expanded in schools or during basic computer courses. And if it’s not good, then you can’t expect students to become entrepreneurs and successful in their careers on their own, and without paying money as a bribe to the officials. That’s why a good computer lab is important in schools and all the places in which basic computer education is provided.

There are many YouTube Channels, blogs, and experts teaching all those skills. But still, there is a lack of employment and entrepreneurship.  I don’t know why this is happening. I am not negative. I am just expecting more from the organization, teachers, and students to do.

While in many countries students are involved in robots, research, artificial intelligence, and other things. You know that billions of people use the Internet and computer. And nothing can be operated with speed and accuracy without a computer and paying money to IT experts, freelancers or IT companies.

Then why our organizations, teachers, class topics, and syllabus are not related to IT Innovation, IT entrepreneurship, IT career Development, IT leadership Development, and IT-related scientific research and development?

When there are so many opportunities for development in the IT field or through IT in many sectors then why all of us are not taking advantage?

But forget about us? And think about students and their future jobs, entrepreneurship, and environmental challenges.

And then think to train and guide students. Not only that, invite companies, experts, freelancers, bloggers, and YouTubers to share their experiences as guest lectures with students.

When students attend such guest lectures from working professionals then they get thousands of questions in their minds. And these are questions that force students from inside to practice, think, ask and innovate. Now when teachers answer these questions later in the class, they will learn.

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And I have a simple theory about training. If your lessons are not creating questions in my mind then it means I am not learning or understanding. It means if students are not asking the questions, they are not learning and they are not interested.

There are many techniques of teaching in which students become capable to ask questions without fear. So, what the majority of students and computer teachers want is a Good computer lab and training to teach.

Equipment and facilities that are important in basic computer education lab:

  • A separate computer and access to the internet, application software and printer for each student per day for 2 hours.
  • The latest operating system, Linux, windows and Mac OS have to be installed so that teachers can teach as per the class topic.
  • Applications related to document writing, financial management, graphics designing, programming, and digital marketing have to be installed.
  • Schools have their own servers to deploy students’ programs or codes.
  • Schools should have all computer-related books available to take home for students.
  • Schools must have a subscription to 3-4 computer and career-related magazines for students in the lab. So that students have access to and awareness about the various Information technology trends and so that they can ask questions from teachers.
  • Camera and video editing software has to be available in the lab.
  • Printer, scanner, and fax machine.
  • In the lab video conferencing and communication tools have to be available.
  • A projector or big screen has to be available for presentations and events.

Microsoft, Google, and many others provide educational plans and programs for students. Even schools can use their own or third-party cloud computing infrastructure for the computer lab. And they can use cloud storage for students’ data so that the students can access the same file at home and can do the work as school homework that is totally digital.

Lab activities or exercises for schools students

  • Practical exercises for students daily such as creating an admission form in Microsoft Word. Learn more: List of Microsoft Word Exercises for Students
  • Monthly competition and prizes for the students on innovative ideas such as best drawing created in the paint, best graphics, best-coded web page, and many other things.
  • Explanation of the theories practically in front of other students.
  • Mathematical calculations in MS Excel. Learn more: Importance of Microsoft Excel for Students
  • Use of government education and other public facilities portals such as adhar card update and electricity bill payment.
  • Write a letter in Microsoft Word then send that to the class teachers and principal such as an application for upcoming occasions in the home.
  • Create a sample of advertisements from the newspaper and magazines.
  • Use of online collaboration tools and cloud computing-enabled applications.
  • online collaboration with other countries or state students.
  • Access to live streaming from the various data centers and computer labs to experience the actual work such as how a computer works, and how computers are involved in the creation of and management of robots.

There are many things that are remained to write. But I think you will get a basic idea of why computer lab is important in schools and colleges.

In conclusion, a computer lab is a place for students to learn, think, create, explore, and enhance their learning and scientific abilities and that’s why the computer lab is important.

If we can contribute to the awareness and facilities of basic computer education in developing countries as per our possibilities as a teacher, principals, board members, or authorities then it’s a great contribution to the development of education and students.

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